2010-03-11 14:09:14
Društvo| Zdravlje

Appeal for Blueberries

Chris Farmer RSS / 11.03.2010. u 15:09

Blueberry pie. Blueberry juice. Blueberry jam. Blueberry tarts. Blueberry preserves. Fresh blueberries. Frozen blueberries. Wild blueberries. Dried blueberries. Blueberry yoghurt. Blueberry barbeque sauce. 

There are times when we accumulate so much information a subject that it must needs burst forth and splat onto the page like squashed blueberry. The following is not a public service announcement or message. It is just overspill.


Did you read the Book?

The Book is not available yet. It is the subject of conjecture and wild surmise. The Book began eight years ago. The words are written. The pages, however, are as yet unassembled, unordered, and unbound. What is the Book? Who has the Book?

And will it cure my bunions?

2013-09-04 13:21:41
Društvo| Politika

Foreign Minister

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.09.2013. u 14:21

There is probably something wrong with my phone.

As soon as the announcement came last month that foreigners were wanted in the new flip-flopped Serbian government, I was on alert. Surely the call would come from Aleksandar Vučić asking me to take over a few portfolios. Not too many, enough to keep me occupied a couple days a week.

But the call never came. I should get my phone serviced.

2013-06-22 21:45:20

Through New Eyes

Chris Farmer RSS / 22.06.2013. u 22:45

When they come, how will they look upon us?

Interestingly, after over a decade's presence here in Serbia, I begin to take things for granted which might jar the senses of a visitor to this strange planet. Now that my family from America is coming to visit, I begin to look at things through their eyes. And I wonder at the sight.

2010-08-01 13:47:39

Summer Flea Marketing

Chris Farmer RSS / 01.08.2010. u 14:47

If it is nowhere to be found, conventional wisdom tells us, then it may not exist. Conventional wisdom used to tell us that if it is nowhere to be found it might be at the flea market. I think this is no longer true.

I just spent three days and nights billeted at Buvljak, the flea market next to Vero in New Belgrade, and I have come away with the following inventory:  One t-shirt, a plastic box with no apparent function, one cd of dubious and unnamable origin, a bread box, four unassorted pillows, a toilet seat, and a hub cap. None of these items, of course are on my list. And none of the items on my list are checked as being obtained.

2013-03-14 18:20:51
Društvo| Nauka| Religija


Chris Farmer RSS / 14.03.2013. u 19:20

The new pope was white-smoked in record time. The new pope comes from the new world. The new pope is a Jesuit. The new pope is a scientist.

[Moment of silent contemplation]

A scientist, chosen by the same gang that strong-armed Galileo into backsies, that poo-pooed Copernicus, and that burned Giordano Bruno for heresy in the middle of Campo dei Fiori. As a class, these are people who do not get along very well with scientists. But now...


2011-07-12 06:55:38
Društvo| Moj grad

A Quiet War

Chris Farmer RSS / 12.07.2011. u 07:55

Shhh.... Belgrade has gone to sleep.

There was a time, though, when the White City on the Danube woke up at midnight. It was perfectly normal for people to make arrangements to meet at and around midnight when the movable feast of clubbing and cafes and bars and even restaurants would bestir itself, singing and playing into the wee small hours of the morning.

2011-09-20 07:38:57
Društvo| Eksperimenti u blogovanju

Popping Twinkies

Chris Farmer RSS / 20.09.2011. u 08:38

It is insidious. It is erosive. It is pervasive.

I find myself thinking in quips and quotes and bons mots. I am unable to sustain a thought for more than about three seconds before looking for new sensory inputs. I am deathly afraid that I may lose my train of thought and not even be able to finish this blog post. I might substitute a YouTube video instead. I might just encapsulate the whole thing in a three word sentence.

Facebook is slowly robbing me of my already challenged attention span.

2011-11-26 09:55:19
Društvo| Ekonomija

Going Mediaeval

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.11.2011. u 10:55

When the loan officer at the bank offers you a load of carrots instead of cash, you will know that this is a Crisis.

Business is booming for the Prognosticators of Doom these days. All I am hearing from all sides is that the End is Near, speeches about the Demise of Consumerism abound, and that we are sliding into a time of feudal lords, manor houses, indentured servitude and mediaeval bartering.

2010-08-23 07:38:57
Društvo| Hobi| Sport


Chris Farmer RSS / 23.08.2010. u 08:38

I have been waiting a whole year to find out I was wrong about the gym.

But now, after trying to go virtually every day (and managing three or four times in reality) since the beginning of this month, I find that I am not going to be disproven. My original hypothesis, which I have been propounding for as many years as I remember, seems to withstand the experimentation phase.

I do not like the gym.


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