2010-08-23 07:38:57
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Chris Farmer RSS / 23.08.2010. u 08:38

I have been waiting a whole year to find out I was wrong about the gym.

But now, after trying to go virtually every day (and managing three or four times in reality) since the beginning of this month, I find that I am not going to be disproven. My original hypothesis, which I have been propounding for as many years as I remember, seems to withstand the experimentation phase.

I do not like the gym.

2011-03-23 08:18:04
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Severe Putin Watch

Chris Farmer RSS / 23.03.2011. u 09:18

The weather in Belgrade today: sunny skies, highs in the mid to upper teens, and a high chance of Vladimir Putin, clearing by evening or overnight.

2013-09-19 14:24:29
Politika| Satira

Economical Excerpts

Chris Farmer RSS / 19.09.2013. u 15:24

The following is a loose translation, based more on intent and intuition than actual lingustic accuracy, of Economic Adviser to the Government of Serbia Dominque Strauss-Kahn for the media at a governement press conference. 

While committed to helping develop the economic capacities of Serbia, the Adviser leaves most of these key messages as implied, focusing instead on his main areas of expertise and topics of specific interest to him in his new role.

2010-08-30 14:57:48
Društvo| Satira

"Did you hear....?"

Chris Farmer RSS / 30.08.2010. u 15:57

This is going to be tricky.

The thing is about rumors: all you need is the vaguest and most oblique insinuation of something for it to begin passing along great unseen chains of whispers and embellishments until everyone directly interested and indirectly uninterested - and some people quite frankly exasperated - suddenly knows. It passes into common knowledge. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the best rumors are then apotheosized into the greatest of all possible forms of human knowledge.

They become the TRUTH.


ow, a long time ago, in beginning of the Age of Information, there lived a boy named Vook. He had a nice shiny suit of clothes, always brushed his teeth before bed, and was very proud of the things that he could say.

Everyone across the land would smile and beam when they heard him speak. He could say "no" when most folk would have said "yes." He would not just play with anyone - and he would tell them the reasons. Vook was the apple of his Papa B.'s eye. Papa B. would send him out into the world and ask him what he saw. And Vook, proud and pleased, would come back and tell him all about it.

2011-04-26 06:17:41

The Hunger II: Endgame

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.04.2011. u 07:17

When hunger does not do the trick, let's eat then.

After a week of undue media attention - and, yes, ok, I am part of it regrettably - Toma has come back to the dinner table, seeing that no one else was going to show up at the negotiating table. The spin seems to be that he has called attention to the need for Serbia to move forward. On to the main course, as it were...


BELGRADE – Despite the best efforts of his readers, Chris Farmer’s new book “Grumpy in Belgrade” is hitting the bookshelves even as we speak. With respect to the owners of these bookshops, we will not mention their names here. They know who they are.

“Grumpy in Belgrade” brings together the blogs, essays, and increasingly obscure thoughts of one American in Belgrade, struggling to make sense of the nonsensical. And making nonsense of the rest.


BELGRADE - In a popular movement which started up as a general protest to political content on Facebook, the Protest Hedgehog (written in capital letters by adherents) has become a pre-election phenomenon in Belgrade.

2014-03-04 11:44:09
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The Wages of Apathy

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.03.2014. u 12:44

Why do I bother to fight?

I feel the need, the urge, to say something, but I know full well that my words will drift in the breeze like so much background noise - not even remotely disturbing to the people who should hear them, people who should be deeply disturbed by them.

The saddest part about trying to explain the deplorable, stressful, and completely unacceptable experience


Chris Farmer

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