2015-04-07 10:19:44
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Mixing Messages

Chris Farmer RSS / 07.04.2015. u 11:19

While trying to do a little work, drinking my coffee slowly, Jesus walked by.

Ah! Ok, it's the Easter season after all. Easter being all about resurrection, I was not overly surprised to see him (Him?) walking by the window of the café where I had established myself on this Tuesday morning. In fact he was not walking at all. It was a portrait.


The leaf blower was invented in by Dom Quinto in the late 1950s by combining a chain-saw with Boeing 747 jet engine and attaching a convenient shoulder strap.

The effect is meant to demonstrate the machine's power by generating enough noise to drown out any other urban man-made sound within 10 kilometers of the blower.

It also

2011-11-15 18:57:43
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Dunbar's Number

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.11.2011. u 19:57

According to what I could discover (and I am sure there is some overly-befriended Facebooker out there who may correct me) the maximum amount of friends you can have on Facebook is five thousand. Five thousand fellow humans whom we call our friends.

5,000? Really?

2010-01-22 22:22:03

Intercultural Parking

Chris Farmer RSS / 22.01.2010. u 23:22


 Man walks up to pay station at Sava Centar to pay for his parking. He puts in a folded 100 dinar note.

"Currency not accepted"

The notice says in English. Man unfolds the bill and smoothes it on his hand. Drops it. Damn. Picks it up, smoothes it out, and tries again.

2015-01-15 09:07:05
Društvo| Satira

Coffee and Art of Hidden Luxury

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.01.2015. u 10:07

As usual, it all started at the airport.

Many of you who have experienced the Great Airports of the World - Heathrow, JFK, Dubai, and Belgrade's own Nikola Tesla - will know already what I am talking about. This is a subject, in fact, which is so well known to frequent fliers as to be superfluous to set to pixels. It is a level of luxury which we have come to expect, but it is not for the uninitiated...

2008-01-15 09:57:46

Border Dashing

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.01.2008. u 10:57

My babysitter has her bags packed.

One fine day, a couple of weeks ago, I heard the announcement that if the Radicals should win the upcoming presidential elections – i.e., Smiling Tommy Nik – that she was ready to pack up and leave the country.

Hm, I told her.

2010-01-31 09:09:36
Društvo| Moj grad

Suspension and Bridges

Chris Farmer RSS / 31.01.2010. u 10:09

What we need in Belgrade, really, is a suspension bridge.

We need a bridge that will suspend our doubts about ever having enough viable bridges. We need a bridge that will suspend our disbelief about the dangers of travelling over the Gazela Bridge.

2011-11-04 10:04:16
Politika| Satira

Empathy Pains

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.11.2011. u 11:04

"If I weren't the president of the republic, maybe I would be dissatisfied and embittered too."

So said Boris Tadic this week, reminding us of our obligation to vote and thereby give voice to our dissatisfaction and bitterness that we all feel because we are not president of the republic.


2014-03-29 15:11:14
Društvo| Životni stil

Too Hip, Gotta Go

Chris Farmer RSS / 29.03.2014. u 16:11

I just found out I am too old to be a hipster. I am just old-fashioned. If I were under 30, then old-fashioned would qualify as hipster. Thus spake the Urban Dictionary.

The hipster has become ubiquitous. They sport my old clothes. They wear my old glasses. They listen to music which either predates me or hasn't yet been invented. In fact, every time that I sorted through my old things and gave them away, I was helping to forge the Hipster.

2013-11-28 11:22:16
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The Second Thanksgiving

Chris Farmer RSS / 28.11.2013. u 12:22

The Pilgrims, at Thanksgiving 1.0, were outnumbered almost two to one.

After washing up on Plymouth Rock in December of 1620, the 102 passengers of the Mayflower set about the task of conquering North America in the name of Puritanism. Religious fanaticism not being sufficient protection against Cold and Hunger, 46 of the original sinners died in the first winter.


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