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Freddy Friday

Chris Farmer RSS / 13.03.2009. u 19:39

Friday the 13th...

As it happens, I was born on a Monday the 13th, at seven ante meridiem no less. As if I was born ready for school (or work).

Each time I brush with traditional bad luck omens, like black cats or walking under ladders or my unlucky watch (of which etc cetera), I am constantly confronting my conditioned reactions to them an assessing what they make me feel and sometimes do.


I have had just about enough.

We have now drifted into the third year of GFC (that is the Global Financial Crisis and specifically NOT Going For Coffee) and everyone is STILL nay-saying the economy and waxing gloomy about the prospects for this year.

What do you think for this year? Do you see any signs of improvement? Do you think we are out of it? Do you think it will continue? In the questions we should see the answers. The point is that nobody really knows, and everyone seems to be turning to friend, neighbor, family member, and random guy on the street waiting for the light to change to see if the light will really be changing or not.

2011-06-05 09:54:23
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Cows Around Town

Chris Farmer RSS / 05.06.2011. u 10:54

We've all seen them. We pass by. We do not speak to them.

The cows around town, on Trg Republike, on Knez Mihajlova, generally mind their own business. They accost no one for theatre subscriptions, tissues, or wilted flowers. They do not ask the time or directions to Delta City. They look straight ahead into their forward progression or innocuously feed on the weeds growing from cracks in the paving.

2010-09-28 13:36:41

Advance Planning

Chris Farmer RSS / 28.09.2010. u 14:36


This is an actual photo (which you can judge from its poor quality) taken last Friday in a café in Novi Sad.

2015-09-01 12:53:17
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Brand: Serbia

Chris Farmer RSS / 01.09.2015. u 13:53

What are the vital elements of a country's brand?

The branding of Serbia has been going through a very long series of false starts and misfires for as long as I have known about it. I was involved in an early post-transition project in 2004 and 2005, but the branding initiative was ultimately shelved because no one could address the elephant in the conference room:

What is Serbia's brand?

2016-01-08 10:27:41
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Your Brand in 2016

Chris Farmer RSS / 08.01.2016. u 11:27

New Year’s Resolutions are often times for radical shifts in what we like to think of as our personal brands. Maybe it is a diet. Maybe it is smoking. Maybe it is reading more. Maybe it is watching less television… Whatever the resolution, be aware that it affects your personal brand – both from inside and out.

The Resolution

Not everyone makes a New Year’s resolution – except maybe as a joke. The Resolution is a promise made to yourself, the universe, and anyone standing near enough to hear and bored enough to listen, about something you would like to do differently in the year to come.


PRACTICAL TIP: In a yes or no question, the answer is almost never "it's not my ice cream."

Had I known that, I probably would not have experienced this afternoon's cerebral implosion. As it happens, I walked up to the kiosk and asked my question, anticipating a no, hoping for a yes. And that is what I got.

2013-12-30 13:41:47
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Reverse Backsliding

Chris Farmer RSS / 30.12.2013. u 14:41

Time for a change. Again.

At the moment of the transition from one year into the next one, I am always confronted by a Troubling Paradox. The Christmas and New Year's (or New Year's and Christmas in orthodox juxtaposition) holidays always urge me to Observe Tradition and Incite Revolution.


A Play in One Act

The following is a true story...

"I want to change from Telenor to VIP."
"Can I have your licna karta?"
I give my ID card.
"Wait just a moment," he said, and he went to the back of the shop.

15 minutes later.

2015-10-19 11:52:58
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Serbs and Superstitions

Chris Farmer RSS / 19.10.2015. u 12:52

Having slept quite well, I woke up one fine morning refreshed and in an excellent mood. People who know me will note that this is exceptional behavior and perhaps even cause for alarm.


My routine had all the usual morning hiccups associated with my as yet decaffeinated state: I dropped the spoon while making my coffee; I found a dark thread on my white bathrobe, which it seemed I had inadvertently put on inside out; the butter knife slipped from my hand mid-toast; reaching for it, I hit the bread and overturned it; I took a new piece of bread (and new knife) and re-booted. Thus reconfigured, I proceeded to my breakfast.


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