2009-06-18 04:26:59

Another video from Tehran

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his is a video that show the aftermath of security forces breaking into a residential parking. the camera man keeps asking the women who did this, and she explains that it was the special security forces. he asks "so it wasn't the protesters?" she explains why would our kids break our cars? she says at least 3 or 4 times that it was the security force that broke in and smashed all the windows.



This video shows graphic details. Not suitable for minors!!!!!!!!!

Snimak pokazuje smrt mladog iranskog studenta. Ne preporucuje se deci i ljudima koji to ne mogu da podnesu. Za ostale, apel da sire snimak dalje kako bi se svet upoznao sa situacijom u Iranu!!!

2009-06-17 01:29:36


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A prominent reformist and former vice-president Mohammad Ali Abtahi was arrested today be security guards!!!!

This just in BBC: 7 Students has been killed tonight... Tehran and Shiraz... They threw students out of the windows from second floor...

2009-06-16 00:21:28

New videos from Tehran (2)

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2009-06-16 00:20:23

New videos from Tehran (1)

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2009-06-15 23:06:55

Girl gets shot in Tehran

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2009-06-15 22:33:36

A popular song of demonstrators in Iran

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2009-06-15 22:31:09

Open letter to the world

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2009-06-15 22:28:04


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Situation in Iran is not calming down. As in this very minute, smell of tear gas and pepper gas can be smellled in the city. Yesterday, Tehran witnessed huge demonstrations and the recent news is that people wont new elections and not re-counting of existing votes which are probably destroyed so far. Also, there are roumors that Ahmedinejad might go to short visit to Russia tomorrow to ask for Russian support. For more photos from yesterday's demonstrations, click here:








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