2009-06-26 08:52:09

The Sun Never Shone So Brightly

the_little_one RSS / 26.06.2009. u 09:52


  The other day I was in a hurry. Going to an exam. It's a long walk, from my house to the campus, but it calms me. So, I was walking with my earphones, listening to some lovely music he gave me. Lovely, it's a cute word and it seems to describe it best. Sensual, emotional, cheerful, lovable...lovely. So, walking with my mind...I'm not quite sure where my mind was at that point, but it certainly wasn't on the exam, in the crowd of faceless passersby I spotted a smile. A wrinkled face, a straw hat, a wide smile and a pair of brown eyes looking at me. Straight at me. Feeling the



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