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Briga je molitva za neuspeh

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Ako naša percepcija oblikuje naš svet ili naša individualna tumačenja osnovne realnosti koja se odvija u ovoj biosferi stvaraju našu subjektivnu sliku o svetu, moramo da shvatimo da smo kulturno i društveno uslovljeni da stereotipno klasifikujemo ostale grupe Zemljana. Ukoliko prihvatimo da je planeta na kojoj živimo jedan živi organizam i da smo mi istinske ćelije u tom organizmu, bićemo u stanju da se prema svim živim bićima na ovoj planeti odnosimo sa empatijom.

Ne želim da sugerišem da razni grupni načini razmišljanja i sistemi verovanja nisu bez osnova i da su u


If our perception shapes our world, or our own individual interpretations of the base reality unfolding in this biosphere create our subjective image of the world, we must understand that we are conditioned culturally and socially to pigeonhole other groups of Earthlings and brand things, events, processes and individuals in certain ways. And if we accept that the planet we inhabit is a single living organism and we are veritable cells within that organism, we can extend our empathy to every living being on the planet.

I would not suggest that the various group-think mind sets, organizational


Metaphors and symbols are absolutely fundamental to, and ever present in, our collective reality and we must be mindful of them.

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The Great Shift continued

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continued from part 1:

According to physicist Tom Campbell's interesting Big TOE (Theory Of Everything), "We are individuated units of consciousness in a greater consciousness system and we evolve individually over many incarnations in this and other virtual reality sub-systems by lowering our entropy through love (manifested through empathy and collaboration). The opposite of love is fear (manifested through selfishness, a sense of ownership and competition), which increases our entropy and causes us to de-evolve".

As Yoda, the great Jedi Master, said "Fear leads to anger, anger to hate, hate to suffering."

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The Great Shift

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Take an hour out of your busy schedule and change your world.

The great shift

"I awoke, only to see the rest of the world was still asleep" - Leonardo Da Vinci

Many suggest that the people of planet Earth are in the midst of a major paradigm shift, but what is a paradigm and how is the current dominant paradigm actually shifting?


I have been accused of being a bit single-minded of late, of ignoring my family, neglecting my sport and obsessing over what I believe to be an outdated system. I'm sorry if that's the perception I've been giving, but I continue to lose sleep over the lack of balance on this planet. I just can't help myself.

I dream of self-sufficient circular housing for everybody that produces its own energy through nano-carbon windows, solar panels and wind turbines; housing that collects and processes its own water, which travels from drinking taps, to hydroponics systems for growing organic fruit


established [ -st b l sh d]: brought about, set up or accepted; especially long established; "the established social order"; "an established precedent"; "the established Church"; accepted, traditional, conventional, historic, customary, time-honoured
Ustanovljeno: uveden, postavljen ili prihvacen; dugo uvrezen, zvanicno prihvacen; "uspostavljeni drustveni poredak"; "ustanovljen presedan"; "zvanicna crkva"; prihvacen, tradicionalan, konvencionalan, istorijski, obicajni, vremenski potvrdjen

emergent [ɪˈmɜːdʒənt]: coming into being or notice "an emergent political structure";


Sit back, relax, swallow the red pill and let go of your frequency of fear. Can't relax? Well that's because you don't know this. (Sorry, no Serbian - but we all know it's not required for this one.

I was never a fan of the system. Job, mortgage, 2.4 kids, big car. No thanks. I could never quite believe that that was what life was about. I wanted to travel, explore, enjoy a good time with friends. I never really felt like I wanted "more", but rather that I wanted "life". I avoided joining the rat race from the start - rebelling at school, dropping out of college, backpacking and exploring,


I think it was in the spring of 2002 that I made my decision to prepare to abandon the UK. It was around that time that I entered my regular bank branch in the city centre, which had just reopened after renovation, to find that it lacked a single human being. The entire staff had been replaced by machines.
Mislim da je to bilo u proleće 2002 kada sam doneo odluku da se pripremim da napustim Veliku Britaniju . Negde u to vreme sam ušao u moju regularnu bankarsku filijalu u centru grada , koja je upravo ponovo otvorena posle renoviranja, da bi saznao da unutra nema ni jednog ljudskog bića.


Serbs beware! Be careful what you wish for!

Srbi, čuvajte se! Pazite šta želite!

The system you are in the process of integrating with, in the opinion of many, is flawed.
Sistem u koji trenutno pokušavate da se integrišete je pogrešan po mišljenju mnogih.

What will happen if you choose to fully integrate into a system led by principles of profit and scarcity, a system that encourages you, as individuals and as a nation, to live above your means and tie yourself to more debt obligations... (some of this has already happened)?
Šta će se desiti ako izaberete da potpuno uđete u sistem koji se vodi principima profita i oskudice, sistem koji vas, i kao osobu i kao naciju, ohrabruje da živite iznad svojih mogućnosti i tonete u sve veće dugove... (nešto od ovoga se već dogodilo)?


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