2008-11-05 21:32:44

America's new reality

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Obama. From flickr user Tonx
Obama. From flickr user Tonx
Coming off the high of yesterday momentous election, I’m still processing America’s new reality.

Last year I had no answer when Serb friends of mine asked which I thought more likely, a woman or a black man as America’s next president. I simply couldn’t believe that America’s politics

2008-03-01 14:27:51

In on this?

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About a month ago I started blogging for Foreign Policy magazine.

Just recently the blog opened up for comments. And what regional coverage has elicited the most heated comment debate so far? The Balkans… One mention of FYROM’s name issue and off they went. Day one of the debate and “Damn Turks!” has already been dropped. (It’s always their fault isn’t it.)

Now, I know many of you on here enjoy contributing your two cents, so if you want to get in on this, check it out:



2008-02-17 14:42:18

Let the Blame game begin

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The situation in Kosovo is "a car wreck about to happen,” it has caused a steady decline in U.N. legitimacy, and, in the end, it’s all Europe’s fault -- at least according to John Bolton.

Bolton, the U.S. representative to the U.N. in 2005 and 2006, spoke on Friday in Washington at an event entitled, “The Implications of Kosovo’s Independence for U.S. Foreign Policy.” And what are those implications, according to him? Little more than a chance for the U.S. to get back at Europe for its criticism of America’s post-9/11 international blunders.

Calling Kosovo’s

2007-12-06 17:08:21

Washington, DC: Beyond the White House

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It’s official. I am a DC resident.  

True, I do carry a North Carolina driver’s license, and I will still vote in the Tar Heel state come next November, but in the wee hours of one Sunday morning a few weeks back, I was initiated into the reality of life in Washington, DC – I was mugged.  

I had been out at a party not too far from my neighborhood,



We have almost a full year to go before the 2008 elections in the US, but already our potential presidential candidates are in full campaign mode.

I’m not much of a political junky, but this campaign spot, scheduled to hit the Iowan airwaves today, was just too amazing to not pass on.

It comes from oddball Republican Mike Huckabee...

...and it was all made possible by the "prayers and sacrificial givings" of his dedicated supporters (see his official blog).



Fit neatly between Columbus Day and Halloween, this past week was unofficially declared Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week – a week of “national efforts to oppose the lies [of the academic left] and to rally American students to defend their

2007-10-18 20:34:28

"Bloggers now threatened as much as journalists"

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Reporters without borders released its annual Worldwide Press Freedom Index, with only Ukraine and Belarus ranking lower than Serbia among European states.  I was surprised to see just how far down the US ranked. Last year it actually came in below Serbia.

This year's report also concludes that bloggers are now threatened as much as journalists in traditional media -- a good sign for the power, though not comforting for the blogger.

An explanation of

2007-10-08 14:44:53

Hollywood goes to Bosnia, again.

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Two months ago I packed my bags and left Belgrade to take a job in Washington, DC Đ not in anyway an answer to the BIA vs. CIA question, I should point out.

At the moment I am working for The Atlantic, a slightly left of center, general interest publication with a long and respected history.

Recently, in an introductory conversation with a blogger for the magazine’s newly expanded website, I mentioned my year in Serbia and my interest in South Eastern Europe. His response: “Oh, the Balkans Đ that’s so esoteric. Aren’t you about ten years too late on that?”


2007-07-14 12:11:36

The ICTY: Justice in a box

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“As I was passing by, I saw that there were dead bodies, corpses, lying on the grass in front of the school bathroom… There may have been a dozen corpses,” said a small, female voice with a British accent over the loud speaker. The voice gave sound to the man’s face that appeared on the television screen overhead.

The broad shouldered owner of the muted face and the translated

2007-06-14 08:36:58

The Balkans of the Balkans

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The Montenegrin shore.
The Montenegrin shore.

In the context of Europe, the Balkan Peninsula has traditionally been reputed as a land of beautifully mysterious landscapes, poor transportation and dangerously passionate people, all of which contribute to the centuries-old perception of the region as the backward, uncivilized corner of Europe. But even the Balkans has its


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