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Sex, lies and apparitions

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"Millions travel to Medjugorje each year but, says Simon Caldwell, the world-famous pilgrimage site may soon be exposed as a fraud

The Medjugorje story begins early in 1976 when a Franciscan monk in the former Yugoslavia, Father Tomislav Vlasic, starts an affair with a nun who becomes pregnant. Frightened he will be exposed as the child's father, Father Vlasic persuades her to move away to Germany. She hopes he will honour his promise to leave the ministry and marry her. She writes a sequence of increasingly anxious letters when this does not happen, telling her former


" Let's wind back to 1993 and Roberta Achtenberg's arrival on the Washington political scene. Achtenberg had made her name in San Francisco as a civil rights lawyer and activist, campaigning to keep open the city's gay bathhouses, and (I promise I'm not making this up) pressing for an increase in the number of gay Scoutmasters. Bill Clinton offered her a job in his new administration, and Roberta Achtenberg became the first openly lesbian nominee ever to receive a Senate confirmation. She duly took up her post as Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity at the Department of

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Pinčuk i Frančuk kupili Herstovo Zlatno tele

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pinchuk_soros_franchuk.jpgS leva na desno: Pinčuk - najbogatiji čovek Ukraine, Soros - naš stari znanac,i Jelena Frančuk

ćerka Leonida Kučme - bivšeg predsednika Ukraine i Pinčukova žena.

Pinčukova fondacija: http://pinchukfund.org/en/

Frančukina fondacija: http://www.antiaids.org/en


2008-09-29 20:54:28

Causes and Solution

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Jerome a Paris: "the main reason European banks are also touched today is that finance is global, and the push for deregulation has not been any weaker in Europe than in the US - indeed, it could be argued that the EU was a convenient Trojan horse for the City to force other European markets to open up to the (mostly American) financial behemoths based in London and to push local banks to react by adopting, as much as they could, the same posture of short term profit seeking (only with less experience, and less access to international clients); in effect, Europe has imported the Anglo Disease"

2008-09-29 17:19:17

Crni vikend

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Nacionalizovana najveća islandska banka.

Najveća britanska banka za stambene kredite Bradford & Bingley delom prodata Špancima delom nacionalizovana.

Benelux zemlje pomažu najveću belgijsku banks Fortis da preživi.

Američka banka WaMu (Washington Mutual) prodata.

Američka banka Wachovia pred propadom.

Al Jazera sinoć objavila čudnu vest: Pakistan pred nestašicom novca.

2008-09-23 14:41:55

A systemic crisis demands systemic solutions

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 A systemic crisis demands systemic solutions

By Dominique Strauss-Kahn

Published: September 22 2008 19:32 | Last updated: September 22 2008 19:32

These are exceptional times. Exceptional for what has happened to financial markets and for what has not





S.A.D postale najveći stambeni vlasnik na svetu.

Republikanci izvršili najveću nacionalizaciju u skorašnjoj istoriji.

Bliskost Kine i SAD sve veća u političkom sistemu.

Premijer Britanije u današnjem intervjuu (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/politics/7627800.stm) smatra

da smo prešli Rubikon i da se de facto nalazimo u novom dobu globalnog finanskijskog sistema.

Ako sve stvori

2008-09-18 13:37:38

Anglo-Dutch Art Tradition

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slaughtered-ox.jpgGore Rembrant. Dole: Trenutno se odrzava velika Francis Bacon retrospektiva u Londonu.




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