Belgrade it is!!!

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My first visit to Belgrade was in 2002. And I just can't get enough of it ever since! Every month I go back and every time I do, I find myself overwhelmed with ... well everything! The city... people... food... So today I made my final decision! I am moving to Belgrade! Permanently! And it's final!

Hmmm... there is just one little problem... jobs in Belgrade? What's up with that? I'm an Aussie(living in Europe) and I have never found it so difficult to find a job -well a job ad at least! I have had it with searching for jobs over internet... Where are all the job posts? All the search engines turn up nothing... And the ads that I do find are more or less for babysitters or cleaners... or is my serb so bad that I don't understand? What about IT? Are all positions in all the IT firms already taken? What, do you people work till you are 150? Dont you retire? Dont you move? Where are all the IT firms anyway?
I'm looking for positions in IT or in IT middle management, but the funny thing is that there are no jobs for my profile in the whole region. Do you import your work force? If so, where can I sign up?
I know this is just another »serb thing«, and I'll find a way arround, but it makes me think - is it true that all things in Serbia are done in »kafanas«? Can't you get a job if you don't know the right people? Where are the right people? I'd like to get to know them!

OK, the other thing is real estate... 500.000 euros for a flat in Belgrade... 500.000? Yeah it's a big city but still! Well it's not that much if you work and have a steady job, but as I heard, the avg pay in Serbia is 300 eur... 300 eur? That's like 139 years *300 euro per month = cca 500.000 euro! 139 years? Oh, so that's why you work till you are 150?

What about your helth plan, dentist, pension?
Well acctually now when I started thinking about all these things, now I found out why I like Belgrade so much! It's the diversity that I like! :)

Well in the end it doesn't metter. I'm going to BG one way or the other!

pozz :)

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