Nikola Tesla, Google wish you Happy 153rd birthday !

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10th of July 2009 - Nikola Tesla's birthday mania across the Internet started with Google logo ( ) on this day. This was interpreted as 'Google's Way Of Saying Happy Birthday' and re-posted many times (say, googol times) throughout social networking sites and various other places across the Internet. 

According to Google's search results this was the text that brought the viral madness and got most of the hits with the story :

Today's trend reminded me on the recent 'Michael Jackson died at 50' information madness (when the Internet went crazy from 'RIP' messages ) so I made a kind of tribute myself, by finding an old Serbian bank note from 1993 (10mlrd Serbian dinars banknote that was worthless soon after it was printed at the time due to high inflation in Serbia ) and by putting word 'G0000000000gle' on it, thus making a 'thank you note' from genius Tesla to genius Google. :) Google's 'Happy Birthday' note was and still is performed across the globe, after 24 hours.

Locally in Serbia, even the Serbian national broadcaster put the highlight at the same viral story of 'Google & Nikola Tesla' on their site (



By commenting other people's posts about Tesla's birthday (re-posts mostly) trough Friendfeed's search engine ( '@Google & Nikola Tesla: Google tributes Tesla, Tesla tributes @Google!' ), I tried to spread this comment on the recent history in Serbia, the country's relation to this genius who was of Serbian background. The most repeated message of all today was the one of Google's gesture, and not of the actual legacy of Nikola Tesla. As if the trend was perfectly orchestrated! This is also a comment on the way the contemporary information society works, and how what Google does actually becomes more important than the news of the genius's birthday, thanks to whom we today have the privilege even to spread the information in this way. 

About Tesla:
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