Chuck Norris tells America how it’s gonna’ be.

Lucy Moore RSS / 19.11.2007. u 18:19


We have almost a full year to go before the 2008 elections in the US, but already our potential presidential candidates are in full campaign mode.

I’m not much of a political junky, but this campaign spot, scheduled to hit the Iowan airwaves today, was just too amazing to not pass on.

It comes from oddball Republican Mike Huckabee...

...and it was all made possible by the "prayers and sacrificial givings" of his dedicated supporters (see his official blog).

What's not to love about American politics?

 (I'm not sure the youtube linked worked...but the video can also be viewed here.)

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Brooklyn Brooklyn 18:31 19.11.2007

i like mike,

because he used to be fat and now he's thin and fit and because he supports free trade, like me (trade, not the fat thing).
Solomon Solomon 18:40 19.11.2007


If Arnold can be the Gouverner of California, Regan the most reveared Republican President in the past century, why can't Chuck Norris (aka Walker Texas Ranger) be a political animal as well ?
There is however a very shot list of Hollywood actors that will support anything Republican. Chuck might be a default.
s56a s56a 18:49 19.11.2007


Lucy, USA might get female President some 35 years after bigest democracy India did and 30 years after UK! Indians also had all religions represented while only JFK was Catholic. Probably too early for Black President. Dull it isn't...

Jan. 20th, 2009 - the end of an error

BTW last week we selected professional diplomat and international law expert for Slovenian President.

Solomon Solomon 19:02 19.11.2007

Re: Hilary

You really arent comparing properly. India, the UK and many other countries don't elect the presidents dirrectly.
They elect the political party to parliment, which in turn votes for the president. The labor party was Elected in the UK, not female Margaret Thacher. Same goes for Indira Ghandi and more recently Benazir Bhuto in Pakistan.

That bein said - a non-white, non-male US president is Long overdue.
s56a s56a 23:35 19.11.2007

Re: Hilary

I know very well that USA still has an Imperial Presidental system. Almost like Putin
ugly ugly 10:37 20.11.2007

Re: Hilary

That bein said - a non-white, non-male US president is Long overdue.

Screw Hillary da bitch... Halle Berry for President!!!
Emir Halilovic Emir Halilovic 17:42 20.11.2007

Re: Hilary

Thatcher was conservative, not labour, and she was a leader of Conservative Party for four years before she was elected prime minister, so yes, people knew they were voting for a woman to hold the top position in the country.

BTW, non-male is female, or am I missing something :)?
asterix asterix 18:49 19.11.2007

I like Chuck

He is a cool dude. God bless us if he is to point out our future. It would be cool if he comes as ambassador to Sarajevo or Belgrade so he can go to pay his respects to Bruce Lee's monument as a friend and American official with all that proper parade of soldiers and flowers like they usually do on real monuments. He would be the most loved American ambassador in "ex-yu" ever, and we would simply call him "dlakavi"(hairy).
Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 19:53 19.11.2007

Re: I like Chuck

Bad actor can become a bad politician. Bed politician is always a bad actor. We, the people are one sick and tiered audience.
Nietzsches Aprentice Nietzsches Aprentice 18:51 19.11.2007


I'd vote for him if I had voting rights. Chucktatorship is way better than democracy in which president can sign a document and then append "fine, I'll sign this, but that doesn't mean I'll uphold this". Those who've seen Chaney's law know what it's all about.
macaca macaca 19:05 19.11.2007


Ron Paul is waay better.

d j o l e d j o l e 20:51 19.11.2007

Who are

the strongest presidential candidates for the Democrats (is it Al Gore, or Hilary C, or non of the above)?
Cika Miloje Cika Miloje 21:30 19.11.2007

Re: Who are

castorp castorp 00:02 25.11.2007


Nobody should forget about Chuck's best line: "I step wherever I please. And that includes your face, you freakin' idiot."
Željka Buturović Željka Buturović 00:35 25.11.2007

ron paul revolution

I’m not much of a political junky, but this campaign spot, scheduled to hit the Iowan airwaves today, was just too amazing to not pass on.

what exactly is amazing about it?

What's not to love about American politics?

perhaps its boundless superficiality?

and despite the appearance of a jolly moron, huckabee is basically a fascist.
Lucy Moore Lucy Moore 18:07 30.11.2007

Re: ron paul revolution

sarcasm, so often lost in the blogosphere...
Macak Macak 09:01 01.12.2007


I just can't figure out Huckabee's target audience.
Pretty scary....



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