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It will happen over the next five years, and it will start with professional women from their mid 20s to their late 30s and gradually filter downwards. The conditions are absolutely right. Look around you at any party. On one side you find animated women, diversely dressed, marking their personalities with their appearance. The hair – some bright red and short, some long and natural, some curled, some ironed, some bobbed, some coiffed; the clothing – their bodies are enlivened with colour, or shrouded in black, accessorized by gold, sequins or bright plastic.

And on the other side, bonjour to the men! They lean against walls or stand mutely next to the booze, hair universally cropped short, bodies clad in bland t-shirts, legs bathed in jeans, jeans, jeans or jeans, and jeans universally faded and universally straight.

The men’s t-shirts distinguish them only as acolytes of Nike or Puma, and this evening’s Puma acolytes are as likely to turn up as Nike fans at the next occasion; it’s as interesting as their allegiance to different football clubs, all essentially the same, and no longer even unequal – I’ll have Arsenal, you can have Chelsea, he’ll take AC Milan. Their faces say “don’t talk to me, I don’t really have anything to say”; their bodies say “I have been going to the gym a bit lately”.

The confidence of Serbian men with brains is at an all time low, and the others are only able to carry on because they can’t see the impending threat. And how could it be otherwise? Hundreds of years of exploitation and domination has toughened these women, given them essential survival skills that allowed them to realise something of their ambitions and hopes within the narrow confines the men allowed them. This situation persisted because they were brainwashed, conditioned to keep their ambitions small, to believe this was all they were capable of, because this was natural law. It was natural for women to want nothing but to have their drinks bought and their flowers brought and then get pumped with child and to cook for a while. In the same way, it was natural for homosexuals not to exist, and yet somehow they transgressed this law, and did.

It is economic transition with its harsh judgments and get-what-you-give nature that has provided the fertile soil for this revolution. In this climate women are adapting faster because they have less to lose. They are getting the jobs and excelling in them; and when they are not excelling they can see this is only because they are being blocked. They are realising that anybody can read a map if you bother to try, just as anybody can iron a shirt, clean a flat or cook a meal if the motivation is there. And because they have less to lose they will take the jobs, and will work at them, and if the employer is open enough to realise the assets they have within their buildings they will rise and rise.

And what hope is left for men in this climate? What woman, looking round that same party, is going to fail to be more attracted to those vivacious, optimistic, colourful creatures of her own gender, rather than these dour muscular lumps just waiting to lie upon their bellies and fill them with cock? Mass lesbianism is the eventual inevitable outcome, and who can blame women for that? Too many mistakes over too many generations, guys; the chickens have come home to roost.

However, this emancipation is not a fair exchange – territory has been taken from the men and no territory has been relinquished in return. Here a woman can still expect to go out with no cash in her pocket and come home drunk. Can you imagine a situation in Serbia where a man can be supported by a hard-working wife, free to write some poetry or do a bit of political campaigning? He would be castigated as selfish and weak, by men and women alike. Women still expect a man to be somehow better, stronger, more confident, to know more, even to earn more. They have been conditioned to expect this. But the more women know and the stronger they become the fewer men they will find who actually meet these criteria, and so again the inevitable move to lesbianism, and – albeit unfairly – they will not expect other women to have this innate superiority, only equality.

It’s possible it will be merely a phase. At some stage in the future women may realise that everyone is actually in the same boat, that life is hard and work is usually boring and shit; that men also suffer from weakness, doubt and fear and they need to be able to express these emotions, and that’s why they’ve been boozing and beating all these years; women have discovered that their belief that men are superior in worldly matters was a con, a con lasting maybe even millennia, and that men are at best their equals in a society where moving heavy things is not the main criteria for survival; so they may give men another chance.

The alternative is that we will all end up gay (all the men too because even the straight ones will have no choice, just like in prison). I don’t know what to do to prevent it, so I’ll just suggest that the men out there do their best to keep the women they’ve got, and those without start laying in stocks of lubricant gel. Buy shares in KY Jelly or Vaseline now, or invest in porn, made in happier lands far away, and be content to become a nation of wankers.

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surabya johnny surabya johnny 01:41 21.11.2007

women R - evolution

Mir- what a spacey and manly nick name :)

your future scenario is pretty funny: but i don't really understand why is Serbia especially on the brink of the lesbian revolution? your arguments about visual appeareance of serbian women and men are not that deciding: i mean, we are dealing here with Sein und Schein - to be and to seem of serbian reality.
still, i very much agree and put my hope in A Serbian lesbian revolution just like you do- because men are not thinking, and that is very thinkfull after all- not only serbian; but still Serbia has its weak points: i think that schizoprenia is also a crucial critical point for serbian "State"?

what do you think, Mir?
Mir Mir 13:07 21.11.2007

Re: women R - evolution

in short:

the women have emancipated themselves, and they are tougher and more determined creatures through the generations of slavery

the men have not been emancipated in turn

the men have nothing to offer the women


inevitable lesbian revolution
surabya johnny surabya johnny 14:23 21.11.2007

Re: women R - evolution

i see you standing with hands on your hips, elegant and gently swinging , every time you say "inevitable lesbian revolution".
i don't think that men elude slavery and don't have nothing to offer: they just can not live up to women's expectations: this doesn't mean that women should scale their prospects down: maybe instead women should ask men helping out by lifting them up /men of course/?
see, all human creature - men and women equal, avoid to think propotional to their probabilities, and so don't use the only privilege that a human race has on this earth: to think ; but, there is still a chance for them to start: someone strongminded will have to remind them: and that should be a Woman, after all.

Smorock Smorock 01:52 26.11.2007

Re: women R - evolution

in short:
the men have nothing to offer the women

That is your opinion, that is not a fact.

I don't agree with that.

If you think that I wish you all the best with the girls then.
You don't deserve a man.
More man then for the rest of us :)

Actually, thank you!

Smorock Smorock 02:14 26.11.2007

Re: women R - evolution

in short:
the women have emancipated themselves, and they are tougher and more determined creatures through the generations of slavery

Does that make black people more obedient than usual guys?
Oh, I'm sorry, I guess the slavery I'm thinking of wasn't significantly long.

Girls are tougher and more determined?
Since when?
How do we measure this anyway?
Determination is unisexual. It is a matter of character not a sex.

I don't think that "slavery" is a good term here.
Like, woman, being so smart and determined would have killed the oppressors while they sleep long time ago or ran from them. I don't think women ever were so stupid to be slaves!
There are bad examples of bad marriages, of bad men , but there are also a very good examples too, don't forget that.
A cult of the Mother is still present, especially in rural regions. Mother as a Saint.

Today, we have a strength and ability to educate those evil man and to show them that we are all humans. That we are equal.

Don't we as daughters, sisters and mothers have a big heart that can forgive?
Or we are going to be ignorant and no better that they were?
What's next, we're going to make them confess the crimes their ancestors did to us, and make them pay.. Like Germans have to pay Jews for the genocide.

Today's man don't have to carry a burden of their fathers. They and the WHOLE SOCIETY need to be educated and they have to learn how to understand us, so they will be better, and we could all have a better world.

If that doesn't work, me must have laws against violence and injustice. Society must be aware.


the men have not been emancipated in turn

the men have nothing to offer the women


inevitable lesbian revolution

Death is inevitable.
We can all still create and affect our future.
DejanOz DejanOz 08:04 29.11.2007

Re: women R - evolution

the men have nothing to offer the women

What an utter load of crap. Everybody and their dog is a VIP blogger these days.
ugly ugly 09:14 21.11.2007

Oh, no...!

Of all the revolutions in Serbia I missed, the lesbian one I miss most :(
asterix asterix 15:09 21.11.2007

Re: Oh, no...!

Ah, we got radical lesbian blog! Fantastic. Poetical Gay version of Clara Zetkin is about to light our future with something that comes wiv her from the bright new world. Thank you.
Igor_Jaramaz Igor_Jaramaz 16:54 21.11.2007

my perspective

From my perspective the majority of women in Serbia are just as bad as the men, in fact one might say they deserve each other. Unfortunately, the typical Serbian woman tends to go for those incapable associable guys at the party leaving us smart and capable ones to ponder whether we might be too good or if we should leave out the fact that we can cook and do look upon wife-beating as our weekly cardio...
Evropejac Evropejac 19:14 21.11.2007


Мушкарац који није осетио жену је исто што и кад жена не осети мушкарца. Фрустриране жене, и не издресирани феминизирани мушкарци недовољне мушкости ће тешко било шта добити у Србији. Нека нас заобиђе та болест. Коме смета има запад.
ugly ugly 10:07 22.11.2007

Re: Antigeism

Нека нас заобиђе та болест.

Etiologija je sekundarna. Problem za Srbiju je manje kulturoloski, a vise reproduktivne prirode. Nereproduktivna seksualna gratifikacija nece mnogo pomoci da se resi problem bele kuge. S druge strane, koji normalan svet ce da radja decu u onakvoj zemlji? Catch-22...
Smorock Smorock 01:47 26.11.2007

The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

I'm afraid I've missed all those gorgeous women you talk about and most of those man-looking creatures you see on the parties.

I agree, it is much more difficult to find a "real" man not a wuss or Mum's little sunny-boy today... That does not mean they are confronting an exctintion...

It is hard to find a good person (man or woman).
That means that our society has become more cheap, more valuless, more visual than mind culture.

The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Girls are beautiful, that is their nature, their mission to bring life and beauty to this world.
But if you look more carefully, you see the strength, the quiet power of a sleeping lion. Gorgeous and beautiful...I see that lion in may man I know... Some lions are sleeping some not...

Girls will wake up the lions.
Or at least most of them.

I do not think that man is just an attachment to penis. I like being "filled with cock", and I don't see what's wrong with that. Do I have to apologize for being bisexual or heterosexual? Is that something bad - having sex with a man, something dirty, the way babies are naturally made???

People are all different, not all the man are the same.

Women still expect a man to be somehow better, stronger, more confident, to know more, even to earn more. They have been conditioned to expect this.

I have always had bigger salary than my partner, I have my own flat and stuff. So had my Mom when she married Dad. She always had more money than he. I don't think that should be a problem. Partnership is a community of two EQUAL individuals, so if one has more money or is more capeable for business it is not the reason for another to be inferior. That counts as well for the standard or gay marriage.
You talk about our expectations like that?
Where is freedom there? Freedom of choice? Of choice to be equal with your partner?
If I have a girlfriend and I earn more than she, I am the provider then. Then she is happy, I am not. Hypothetically speaking.

Men are stronger, and more stable than us girls - they don't bleed and don't have PMS, they can be very supportive during those periods.

I think you are very wrong and that you see only the path you want to see... Like if you are talking about Middle-age woman who still sits in the castle waiting for Prince Charming...

If we are talking about breaking the conventions , (like legally having a freedom to choose a partner of the same sex) why do you insist and base all this on conventional thinking and acting in "regular" (hetero) relationship ???

If you are breaking the conventions, why do you still insisit on them?

I find your text very insulting.

This is modern age right?
We girls fought and are still fighting for the equality. I don't need the man who will pay my dues, feed me, dress me and be my provider. I have all that, thank you. I need a man - a partner who will love me and respect me and who will share his life with mine. Money and power doesn't matter.

Being a lesbian , gay or heterosexual is a matter of choice of a heart. Or at least it should be like that.

I' very lucky I must say.
In the places I go, among the people I know there are many gorgeous man. And girls as well.

Maybe you should try to change places where you go.
Mir Mir 22:29 27.11.2007

Re: The beauty is in the eyes of the behol

I need a man - a partner who will love me and respect me and who will share his life with mine.

I totally agree with you Smorock, and I hope you see in I was also criticising the women who demand equality but then don't want it (e.g. still expecting to go out and not pay for a single drink). Thanks a lot for your comments.
Trifun Trifun 14:24 03.12.2007


... irony and satire still seem to be lost on a lot of people in Serbia. I really quite dislike it when people can't laugh at themselves, always makes me a bit suspicious.

Good eye for detail -- I can exactly visualise the people you wrote about (as well as the gloves in your other post!).



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