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Response and Responsibility: A Dialogue

Chris Farmer RSS / 29.06.2011. u 14:35

Announcer: We are now arriving at Paris Gare de Lyon. Please make sure you have forgotten NOTHING on the train....
Passenger: Wait!

What is it?
    - I have forgotten the capital of Botswana.
Are you sure you knew it when you boarded the train?
    - I think so...
The SNCF cannot be held accountable for what you forgot BEFORE you got on the train.
    - But I knew it. It was on the tip of my tongue.
Are there any passengers who can attest to it?
     - I talked with the lady next to me about it.
About the capital of Botswana?
    - Yes. She had lived a long time in Zimbabwe.
Do you know the capital of Zimbabwe?
     - Of course! What a question!
What was the lady's name?
    - I don't remember. She told me, but I forget.
If you learned it on the train, it is not our responsibility if you forgot it.
     - She told me before you came asking for the tickets. Then I forgot.
So you think it is MY fault?
     - Do you work for the SNCF?
Yes, but...
    - Did you warn me not to forget anything on the train?
It was not me personally.
    - You made me forget. You are responsible.
What about Botswana?
    - Where?
What about the capital of Botswana?
    - It is not Harrare, I know that...
Do you still think you forgot it on the train?
    - What if I had? What could you do?
If you forgot it on the train, the SNCF would make restitution of your memory.
    - What about my fare?
Did you forget that too?
    - I want restitution of my fare. You could make up any African city.
We cannot be responsible for anything you lose if we do not know you had it originally.
    - How could know THAT?
We will need proof you knew it. Can the lady help you?
    - I forgot her name.
That's not our fault, madame.
    - You know what?
    - Forget it.


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srdjazlopogledja srdjazlopogledja 15:09 29.06.2011

Lacking Responsibility

Lacking of a responsibility makes a dialogue pointless?
fantomatsicna fantomatsicna 03:14 30.06.2011


So you have good sence of humor.
pertula pertula 09:57 30.06.2011


Nice one!



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