R.I.P. Claude Nobbs

Maja Schreiner RSS / 11.01.2013. u 09:55

This morning news that Claude Nobbs died reminded me of a time I first visited Montreux Jazz Festival and how excited I was to be there. Montreux Jazz Festival was one of the few brands from Switzerland I knew besides cheese and chocolate. Later I learned that the festival was so successful and well known thanks to its boss during the almost 50 years and groundbreaking entrepreneur, Claude Nobbs.

Here's the Deep Purple's "Smoke on the water" live video from 2006 in Montreux. Funky Claude was running in and out pulling kids out the ground...



and the one even better :-)  from 1996.


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blue92 blue92 11:08 11.01.2013

Smoke on the Water


this winter
Spiridon Spiridon 09:54 12.01.2013


Montreux Jazz Festival always be the best example how one festival should be organised and this man was behind this project since its beginning.

Spiridon Spiridon 10:06 12.01.2013




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