Recreating the World After the Big Bang

Jasmina Tesanovic RSS / 11.02.2008. u 21:20

Bila sam u CERN-u Zenevi u okviru konferencije LIFT 08

da Vam ne bi laicki prepricavala (sto mozda i nije lose za laike kao sto sam ja sama, ali o tom potom) evo Vam jedan zanimljiv tekst. Saradnju na tom projektu , u to vreme Jugoslavije,(danas stoji ime i Srbije) potpisao je Pavle Savic. Ovaj tekst je bio predvidjen za srpski casopis "Evropa" koji se nece pojaviti na kioscima ove nedelje jer je vlasnik resio da ga zatvori.

The Last Atomic Dinosaur

Bruce Sterling The Second World War ended with the detonation of two atomicbombs in Asia, built in America. Keenly aware that atomic bombs

might end the world, conscience-stricken European scientists sought
to make physics into a force for European integration. In the 1950s
they created a giant laboratory where the secrets of the atom would
be mapped and the nationality of the investigators would not matter.
That place was CERN in Geneva. Today it is the largest
scientific instrument on Earth, and the most advanced and powerful
atom-smasher in the world. This mighty dinosaur is also the last of
her breed. CERN had an American sister, the Superconducting Super
Collider, but unlike CERN, whose progress is slow and whose budget is
modest, the Superconducting Super Collider chewed through 12 billion
American dollars and collapsed in complete failure without achieving
any scientific results whatsoever.

Most American collider physicists then quietly relocated to
CERN, where they work today. CERN did manage to transcend
nationalism -- its sponsors include both China and Taiwan, Russian
and the USA, as well as Serbia.

In May 2008, if all goes well, CERN will launch a sustained
assault on the last great unknown atomic particle -- the Higgs
Boson. The Higgs Boson is a keystone of the Standard Theory of
quantum physics, but no scientist has ever seen one. The world's
atom-smashing machinery was simply too weak to create a Higgs Boson
and confirm the theory. But CERN's new machinery, the "Large Hadron
Collider", is almost completely installed. It should have the force
to manage this feat.

I was in one of the last groups to tour the CERN facility
before it is turned on and closed to the public.

Our group ventured through elaborate radiation safety
doors and down an industrial elevator, deep into a huge subterranean
cavern that is crammed by a vast arcane device. This is the Atlas
particle detector. This detector is a rendezvous for flying
subatomic particles, which crash together and radiate cosmic energies
into a brain-confounded maze of pipes, cables, conduits, bolts,
brackets, perforated barriers, ringing metal staircases and cramped,
tiny crawlspaces, all in vivid shades of bright industrial blue,
green, orange and chrome. Safety signs, duct-tape and frazzled
plastic cable-ties abound; the human beings creeping through this
colossus, their heads in yellow hard-hats, look like lost hamsters.

Everything about CERN is colossal; the torrent of
electricity it uses, the size of the tunnels and ultra-powerful
magnets, the cosmic chill of the liquid helium, and, especially, the
data generated by the super-sensitive instruments. That is why, as
the decades passed at CERN in their sober, European fashion,
computers counted for more and more, while the atom-smashing meant less.

Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web at CERN. The
World Wide Web, "www," was invented for the convenience of European
physicists. CERN still has the first computer ever to run part of
the World Wide Web. It's in a glass case, a museum piece now.

CERN is still using the web for its own purposes -- it has
become the host of an initiative called "Citizen Cyberscience," where
anyone on Earth can download science data off the Web and help the
atomic scientists to analyze it, anywhere in the world. So CERN is
still strugglng to unite investigators across national boundaries,
hoping, in their stout way, that the advancement of human knowledge
will prove to be a force for our enlightenment rather than a swift
path to our own annihilation.

CERN is a cathedral of physics. Its the only place on Earth
that can place the final keystone into the Standard Theory -- a
bittersweet conclusion to centuries of scientific effort to discover
the nature of matter.

And that cathedral is in Europe. The Americans overspent and
lost patience, the Chinese and Indians are too busy to be bothered.
Decades after Trinity, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Bikini Atoll, Three
Mile Island and Chernobyl, atomic physics has become European
heritage culture.


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gordanac gordanac 21:56 11.02.2008


bolid1 bolid1 23:09 11.02.2008

Re: ---

Da je tacno jeste, bar nas tako uce na fakultetu

Inace, CERN je nesto potpuno fenomenalno...pricao nam je profa koji je bio tamo da se najvece ideje razmenjuju na rucku. Ima tu logike
Gonzo Gonzo 23:14 11.02.2008

Re: ---

pricao nam je profa koji je bio tamo da se najvece ideje razmenjuju na rucku. Ima tu logike

Sta ce im onda colider, dovoljno je da se samo jede, i eto najvecih ideja.
gordanac gordanac 23:42 11.02.2008


nsarski nsarski 04:02 12.02.2008

Re: ---

bobo bobo 06:21 12.02.2008

Re: ---

Nsarski, da li znas sta se desilo posle eksperimenta 26. novembra 2007.
Rekonstrukcija Big Banga?
Do kog su zakljucka dosli?
Ja sam video o tome videla na youtube...znam da su bila razna lupetanja da ce da stvore Black Hole i ostalo lol
Da nije mozda neko cuo sta se desilo sa tim projektom?

Gonzo Gonzo 18:36 12.02.2008

Re: ---

da se najvece ideje razmenjuju na ruckuMedju fizicarima se uvek najvece ideje razmenjuju na rucku. Zato je i izmisljen "lunchbag seminar":))Na primer: Fermi's Famous question, now central to debates about the prevalence of extraterrestrial civilizations, arose during a luncheon conversation with Emil Konopinski, Edward Teller, and Herbert York in the summer of 1950. Fermi's companions on that day have provided accounts of the incident.Pogledati Cirkovicev blog za detalje.

A prethodno je Fermi pao sa marsa, to jest nije mu nikad nista slicno palo na pamet dok u tanjiru nije ugledao Spageti Bologneze.
gordanac gordanac 18:46 12.02.2008

Re: ---

Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 20:39 12.02.2008

to sa ruckovima

i teorijama vazi i za muziku knjizevnost
znate da je rossini komponovao dok su u drugoj sobi prijatelji imali gozbu
ja licno sam oduvek sanjala da imam takozvani salon gde se jede pije razgovara svira itd
ponekad mi se ideja i ostvari
Dawngreeter Dawngreeter 08:54 12.02.2008


Ah, Bruce Sterling... bas sam bio rastuzen kada sam saznao da ga vise nema u Beogradu. Nisam stigao cak ni da ga proganjam po gradu, kao sto mi je bio plan ("Jedan od dva najbitnija Cyberpunk uma u MOM rodnom gradu? No way!" :)

U svakom slucaju, zanimljiv tekst. Jedan od onih koji coveka nagnaju da pomisli kako ce mozda sutrasnjica biti bolja nego sto bi smeli da se nadamo. A ne skodi ni sto daje jednu od retkih prilika da se ponosimo ucescem nase zemlje u necemu sto, za promenu, nisu pokusaji povratka u devetnesti vek.

Deepest of respects for Chairman Bruce.
jama jama 14:35 12.02.2008


da li mislis da svi znaju egleski ili oni koji ne znaju ne treba ni da citaju
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 15:50 12.02.2008

da li mislis

da treba da prevodim blogujem pisem objasnjavam odgovaram
raznim jamama
jama jama 16:19 12.02.2008

Re: da li mislis

mozes samo da prevodis
a sta ti znaci ovo ,,raznim jamama,,?
jama jama 16:21 12.02.2008

Re: da li mislis

probaj ,,jama,, da procitas drugacije
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 16:25 12.02.2008

ne mogu

probaj da naucis engleski
necu da pricam samo srpski da me ceo svet razume pod jedan
mislis da prevodim a ti da blogujes i komandujes
ovo nije servis ovo je blog
mozes sama svoj da otvoris i da prevodis i pises do mile volje
jama jama 17:11 12.02.2008

Re: ne mogu

NIsam imao nameru da te naljutim,
hvala na savetu,
toliko o toleranciji
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 17:20 12.02.2008

nisam imala ni ja

nameru da se naljutim
moj prag tolerancije je izuzetno visok
ali poviseni tonovi razbijaju cak i case
toliko o vaspitanju
bindu bindu 18:52 12.02.2008

Re: nisam imala ni ja

Jasmina Tesanovic

nameru da se naljutim
moj prag tolerancije je izuzetno visok
ali poviseni tonovi razbijaju cak i case
toliko o vaspitanju

oooopaaa; nasty....
mozda su u pitanju klimaktericne krize???????
ili pak nesto drugo!?
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 20:33 12.02.2008

bindu baby

koliko imas godina
kazi mami sta sve znas o menstruaciji
bojim se da ne ostanes trudan

bindu bindu 22:17 12.02.2008

Re: bindu baby

Jasmina Tesanovic

koliko imas godina
kazi mami sta sve znas o menstruaciji
bojim se da ne ostanes trudan

ocu teta jaco..nemas brines... nego
jopet mislim da bi mogla da budes uvidjanija (kulturnija) prema ljudima koji te pitaju vrlo jednostavna pitanja....
skoro svi znamo da si super obrazovana zena ali ti ponekad nedostaje......kako da kazem.....nesto sto mozda nedostaje celoj srbiji....malo vise svega sto cini podnosljivo zivot u jednoj zajednici...zato sam se pitala to gore
nemo se ljutis jaco al si me podsetila tu na neku ekipu ..
a znas i sama, sta da ti pricam vise.....
yours truly

jama jama 14:47 12.02.2008


da li mislis da svi znaju egleski ili oni koji ne znaju ne treba ni da citaju
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 20:36 12.02.2008

ozbiljno deco

big mama jasmina da vam kaze
ucite jezike
blog je super mesto za to
moj blog je inace za sada dvojezican
a bice i trojezican
zato sto ne blogujem samo za nase ljude vec i za one koji ne znaju srpski
zatim postoji google translating machine
sasvim solidna
koristim je cesto
a postoji i ljudi koji imaju vise vremena od mene da prevode



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