In on this?

Lucy Moore RSS / 01.03.2008. u 15:27

About a month ago I started blogging for Foreign Policy magazine.

Just recently the blog opened up for comments. And what regional coverage has elicited the most heated comment debate so far? The Balkans… One mention of FYROM’s name issue and off they went. Day one of the debate and “Damn Turks!” has already been dropped. (It’s always their fault isn’t it.)

Now, I know many of you on here enjoy contributing your two cents, so if you want to get in on this, check it out:



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dragonKa dragonKa 17:11 01.03.2008

a gde ste vi ?

nuje bilo puno ljudi, broj povecali obrazovci i ini takvi, moji prijatelji se pravdali na karte za fest,neko imao virus i sl.
kad nas pochnu mlatiti i ubijati, svi cete se redom zgrazhavati i chuditi!
a gde ste bili danas u 15h?
i dokle vishe ovo palamudjenje po blogovima?
i zashto?

sad cu ovaj post da pejstiram po svim danashnjim blogovoma (po "doktorkinom" receptu).
Shumar Shumar 18:32 02.03.2008

In on this?

If you think the Serbian rioters who torched the U.S. embassy in Belgrade to protest Kosovo's independence are cause for concern, consider this:

In 1981, as Leebaert reminds us, anti-American elements in West Germany car-bombed Ramstein Air Base and launched rocket attacks against Americans in Heidelberg. By 1984-85, they were carrying out a full-blown "terrorist offensive" against American facilities, bombing a U.S. air base in Frankfurt and attacking U.S. troops in Wiesbaden.

tnosugar tnosugar 17:36 12.03.2008

Re: In on this?

ma to je bila vojna vežba

Shumar Shumar 11:27 25.03.2008

89 children were killed in the NATO attac


The Pilot’s Testament

I seek no glory.

I bear no anger.

I hate no man.

I do the unspeakable

on behalf of the ungrateful.

I bomb targets chosen by others.

I have surrendered my will

to a higher authority.

I trust the cause to be right

and the methods appropriate.

There is no place for questioning.

There can be no other way.

I do my duty.

You can rely on me.

I will not let you down.

Though my task may be dangerous,

neither fear nor doubt

will prevent me.

Consider me.

Physically and mentally

my ability is exceptional.

My judgement and reflexes

are trained to perfection.

I am chosen from the elite,

the very best.

Many accord me

great respect.

I possess power beyond imagination.

Like a god I roar through the heavens,





the earth beneath me,

the whole of creation

available to me,

awaiting my quick shot

of death and destruction.

My victims are unaware of me.

I am unaware of my victims.

They go about their lives

not knowing only a few seconds remain.

We are arriving

at the appointed time and place.

At a touch I fix their fate.

Moments later,

in mid conversation,

a flash,

and they are gone.

I cannot pretend it was difficult.

Their will was done,

and I, merely an instrument of death.

I did my duty,

but I accept no guilt.

I come down to earth

as a man among men,

unmarked, unrecognized,

unremarkable, unnoticed:

I easily blend.

I am not available for comment.

I am not an item of news. The story is elsewhere.

I return to my family

as if nothing has happened.

David Roberts

15- 22 December 1999

89 children were killed in the NATO attacks on Serbia 1999

(January 9, 1996 — April 17, 1999)
max rosen max rosen 23:46 14.04.2008

In on this

We are not pilots. Some of americans read about history of Balkan.
Please visit "The American Conservative" web site.
Wiliam S. Lind, author, is director of the Center for Cultural Conservatism Free Congres fundation!



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