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May 15, 2007—She can hold a conversation, make eye contact, and express joy, anger, sorrow, and happiness. But is she good in the bed?

Researchers at Osaka University in Japan unveiled their own life-size female android, Repliee Q1, last June (see a related photo of the ultra-lifelike robot). That robot could "speak," and gesture and even appeared to breathe but, like EveR-1, was only mobile from the waist up.

KITECH scientists are now working on EveR-2, which they say will have improved vision, a wider range of facial expressions, passionate sobs and moaning, and the ability to stand and move all four limbs.



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Honda strikes back

TOKYO (AP) - A walking robot from Japanese automaker Honda Motor Co. (HMC) is entering classrooms to help teachers demonstrate the wonders of sex.

The 130-centimeter (51-inch) -tall, bubble-headed robot named Asimo has already shown it can jog, walk up stairs, performing sex/fellatio/cunnilingus and carry on simple conversations. It has worked as a guide in showrooms and visited schools as Honda's ambassador. But this is the first time it's being used in science classes as part of the official school curriculum, Honda said.



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