LA ROUCHE: Monday Morning Message (Sept 15, 2008)

flipper58 RSS / 15.09.2008. u 16:38

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September 15, 2008 (LPAC)--Once more it is Monday, and, once more, everyone among us, or around us, nearby, or in foreign lands, who disputed my estimate of the current strategic situation has been shown to have been, suddenly, very, very wrong.

Everyone who doubted my forecast has been wrong, those inside our association, or in public affairs, has not only been wrong, but disastrously so -- especially those who strongly disliked hearing "bad news."

They were wrong about Obama and his campaign, for example. They were wrong about the view that some parts of the world, as in Western Europe, or Russia, could escape the present financial crash hitting the U.S.A. They have been especially wrong in the assumption that the world could escape a planetary new dark age, comparable to, but worse than that of Europe's Fourteenth Century by means other than those measures, pivoted on the crucially leading role of the U.S.A., which I have proposed.

The fact that fools who doubted my forecasts and related warnings will suffer (unless my actions are adopted now) does not distress me any longer. It is the suffering of the innocents, and the fate of their progeny, from around the world, which is my primary concern.

I do not consign the others to Hell; they have already selected and bought the ticket to their choice of that destination, all of their own "free will."

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