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It's July. I'm in Novi Sad again. EXIT has entered...our consciousness again.

Although I had first come to NS way back in 1996, it was the fact that my Hungarian band, Trottel, was invited to play at EXIT 1 that started bringing me back to NS regularly, at least once a year and sometimes even more frequently. I must admit that the first year, I had been awake a solid 48 hours, and been on the road for 15 hours, before I finally arrived in NS on that fateful Sunday in 2001. So tired was I that I decided not to go to the festival that night. My friends, however, were having none of that; after all, this was the first big EXIT up at the castle. Nine days long of pure revelry. But that is exactly why I don't need to go tonight, I said. I still have 6 more days (I arrived on Sunday and had missed the first two nights and still had six days to play with even if I didn't go on Sunday. Incredible for a festival, really. And the price at that time was so ridiculously low that I wouldn't even feel like I was wasting my money. But...) No, you must come. And besides, Roni Size is playing. Who? (This is a whole nother story in itself, this Roni Size and drum and bass story. Ask me about it sometime. Or, better, yet, find me front and center at 2 all this week. I am the black guy with dreads).

Istina je sledeća: kada negde krene ne možeš ga zaustaviti i teško ga je pratiti. Sa Exita se uvek vraća šest sati posle nas, spava do sutradan popodne, a nekad se ni ne vrati. Odgovorno tvrdim da nijednom, ma koliko želeo, nije prespavao kod neke cure već uvek završi kod nekog frika, muzičara ili slikara obično, kojeg je upoznao pola sata pre nego što će otići kod njega na doručak i sovku. Evo, upravo gleda izjavu Džordža Buša o tome kako USA mogu pobediti u Iraku i nervira se. Daću mu još jednu palačinku zapečenu u rerni.

That was me in 2001. Now, 6 years later, I'm still coming. I have often wondered what it is that keeps me coming back, both to EXIT and to NS in general. I think over the years, I have figured out why NS attracts me; it's the similarity to my own Sacramento. Ja sam iz Sacramenta. (And now you say: Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic with a big smile on your face. Then you add "Sacramento Kings" as if the team were somehow here in Serbia and not in California). Yes, as it turns out, the plants are the same, the trees are the same, the basketball players are the same; I even found a fork on a sallas which was the exact one that was my favorite fork back in Sacramento when I was a kid in the seventies. To confirm this, I brought the fork back to California and showed it to my family. Sure enough, right down to the "made in USA" etched on the back, this was the one. It's the river and the smell of the river, the fact that streets don't all have sidewalks (at least in the Telep where I spend a good deal of time), it's the fruit, it's the fact that today I had homemade strawberry ice-cream made by a grandma and the last time I had homemade ice-cream it was strawberry and made by my grandfather. Also with fresh strawberries from our garden. In the seventies.

Granted, not everything is the same; we can't make domaci rakie and not go to jail. We can't walk down the street drinking a beer. We were not bombed by you guys. We don't even really know where Serbia is. But whatever, for my purposes, NS is the sister city to Sacto. Now, as to why I come back to EXIT each year will have to be explored in a later blog J

Eto, Tod i ja ćemo narednih dana povremeno apdejtovati ovu sranicu, pod uslovom da vam ne bude dosadno i ako bude bilo hemije. Znate na koju hemiju mislim. Onu koja radi kada posmatraš, pričaš, prolaziš pored, preživljavaš i pamtiš.

Keep in touch.


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gordanac gordanac 19:27 12.07.2007

Hi Todd!

p,s. nevidimsličicunapočetku želimdavidim
gordanac gordanac 19:46 12.07.2007


Vlasta Vlasta 15:55 13.07.2007

Re: :))

Hey Gordanac! Thanks for the great pics of Vojvodina, It looks truly beautiful! Of course, I should see more of it but that is hard here in NS where even having coffee at two different friends' houses can take all day! I rarely have extra time to do anything more than just hang out and socialize, which I love of course
Vlasta Vlasta 15:56 13.07.2007

Re: :))

Oh yeah, it is me, Todd, just in case you were wondering
gordanac gordanac 16:15 13.07.2007

i allways

wonder, because I AM THE:
Vlasta Vlasta 10:58 13.07.2007

Ne vidiš?

Nije ni čudo, kako smo je stavljali...Ne može ko kanda iz ovog explorera. Nema veze, ni ja ništa ne vidim.
Atomski mrav Atomski mrav 14:16 13.07.2007

Hello Tod & welcome :)

Pozdrav za Toda Pištu & Vlastu :)
Kako je bilo na Exitu? Mene savladala teška boljka pa ležim u krevetu i kljukam se tabletama ne bih li nekako za vikend smogao snage da dođem na tvrđavu...
Vlasta Vlasta 15:47 13.07.2007

Hello Atomski

Hey atomski! Of course, I only remember half of what happened yesterday, but I did meet some interesting people, including a weight-lifter girl! Very beautiful!! Anyway, it is too bad you are ill because you missed the great fireworks and even better music! Naturally! Also, if you do get to come out to play today or tomorrow, don't forget to bring your rubber boots, or, as I call them, the Boots of Salvation!
Atomski mrav Atomski mrav 17:09 13.07.2007

Re: Hello Atomski

Hi Todd! I am glad you are having fun here :) The wieght - lifter girl, you say? Keep up the good work!
Unfortunatelly, I will probably not be there on the fortress tonight but I beleive I will be fit enough for tomorrow.

Vlasto, gde je taj atelje tačno, može li se upasti na tu žuraju onako sa strane? :)
(Odgovori na private inače će od tog ateljea začas nastati novi stage na Exitu :))
Vlasta Vlasta 14:57 13.07.2007


provodimo verovatno kao i većina vas. Vidamo rane. Gde smo sve bili? Bili smo da čujemo one klince, romske hiphopere, zbog kojih smo zapravo i otišli ranije sa tribine o blogu. Slatki su, vidi se da vežbaju i ulažu puno truda. Sreli Srđana Mitrovića, snimaju film o njima. Videli smo i Prodigy i Groove Armada i nekog frika u Areni..Mi imamo sreće što naši prijatelji imaju atelje blizu velike bine, tako da između koncerata, a nekad i tokom, pravimo žurke na 50 m od bine. Ekselente. Večeras sviraju neki dobri pankeri pa ću da miksam crno sa belim.
Hajde sad ti Tod:

I am wearing a black and white support bracelet. Where I got it, I dont know but I assume it's an anti-racist bracelet, but I can't read it so I am not sure. I also have at least three phone numbers written on various scraps of paper (how on earth did I not lose these?) and I know who two of them are, pretty good for a first day out. Later, I will end up getting a bunch of phone numbers and later I will wonder which day I got those numbers and what the circumstances were (sometimes this only comes out two years later when I run into the people again by chance). But, then, isn't this the nature of the EXIT? As I sit here trying to recuperate and glad that I had sense enough to stop drinking at 8 instead of going on to the beach, I am already thinking what today will bring. I am excited, though; today is the first day of real drum and bass for me! Afterall, this is why I came.

Atomski mrav Atomski mrav 17:26 13.07.2007

Re: Popodne

Yes, Todd, that is the nature of Exit :) I have no problem coming to the Exit all alone, 'cause I know I will run into some friends on the fortress :) Also, I know I will meet someone interesting... it's more important than who is playing on what stage...
About the phone numbers - I assume you expect women's voice on the other line :) Tell you what - you should go to Finland some time... some of my friends were there and they said that Finish ladies really appreciate men with dark hair and dark tan... I'm thinking you might have a good time there :) Plus, they say that Finish language is very similar to Hungarian so you shouldn't have any problems with that... :)



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