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Chris Farmer RSS / 11.10.2008. u 20:40

It would make perfect sense to me if he turned out to be a cop.

Over the past days, all I am reading about is a supposed vigilante who haunts Bulevar Revolucije and metes out justice against the Parking Offenders along that Belgrade thoroughfare. According to various blogs, internet forums, and RTS television reporters, he cruises down the street in a Vengeance Mobile (this is my name for it) and spray-paints the rows of double parked cars and those brilliant drivers who park in the middle of the street.

[As a note: how can someone in their right mind think it should be FEASIBLE to simply stop his car anywhere in the flow of traffic to chit-chat with a friend in the next car over? Is he related to the woman who arrives at a red light, puts on her emergency lights, and goes shopping?]

My theory is that he could be a policeman. No amount of tickets, warnings, or verbal abuse seems enough to stop drivers from doing this. Moreover, for every car that is sanctimoniously towed away, another two come to replace it. The exponential calculus required here is mind-boggling.

Questions which leap to mind: 1) Is there NO protection from Bad Parking in Belgrade? 2) Are there NO LAWS governing said parking? 3) Why do I bother each time driving around Bulevar for 53 minutes looking for a "good place" to park? 4) What about taking the bus?

The answer to the Double Jeopardy question - as you already surmised Intuitive Readers - is the key to why a vigilante should crop up in our midst. The questions themselves show how a man might be driven to take the law into his own hands and run amok with it.


The fact is that we DO have laws and there ARE legal protections against these Bad Parkers. The problem is that most people, under the circumstances, respond by throwing up their hands. They are fatalistic. They sigh and mumble under their breath and honk their horns, but they move along. Another common reaction is to say: If THEY are doing it, why shouldn't I? And they proceed to double park or block traffic fifty meters further down the road.

People do not expect justice, fair play, or the righting of wrongs when wrongdoers impinge their rights. People do not even get excessively angry about it (well, most people). Given this, can we not imagine how it is possible that someone finally gets fed up enough to play Judge and Jury with the offenders? To hit the streets and impose the sentences needed in spray paint?

Why I think he is a cop is for the key reason that a cop cannot REALLY be a vigilante as his job is to uphold the law. And furthermore, a cop is the best one to see how NO ONE IS LISTENING to him.

I applaud the vigilante! I think he should get to work in other areas in the city immediately! Hit Branko's Bridge please and stop people from merging three lanes to cut me off. Vandalize my local market for never having my brand of cigarettes!

As a final note: if they ever catch this guy, have him call me. I will do his PR!


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mikimedic mikimedic 00:25 12.10.2008

Let me be the first to say

I agree. Sometimes I have my favorite hobbies: driving new Belgrade boulevards see people waiting to cross on pedestrian crossing for minutes. I try to block both lanes 'till the last person is thru. The horning behind becomes exponential to the number of people crossing. Similarly, coming to Boulevard from Brace Nedica I just love to see those pedestrians couldn't care less to the red light for them to let cars from Brace Nedica go through. Oh yes, after 5 min of waiting I just looove to idle high the engine and keep horning 'till each of them jumps scared shitless.
simkke simkke 01:04 12.10.2008

Re: Let me be the first to say

I Oh yes, after 5 min of waiting I just loove to to idle high the engine and keep horning till each of them jumps scared shitless.

Ever tried running them over? It's sooooooooo cool!
man ray loves me man ray loves me 01:38 12.10.2008

my bet is

that it's a retired female 'serbian language and literature' highschool teacher. you know, like the monty python hooligan grannies. if she ever gets caught, she'll be getting tons of fan mail in jail, just like the italian guy who briefly stole mona lisa from the french with the explanation that it's immoral for such an important italian painting to be out of italy.
anabras anabras 16:05 12.10.2008


He or she is my hero. Oh, please go to Vojvode Stepe, and so many other streets.

But on the other, there is not enough parking space and the city should do something about it. And of course, people can try using the bus. It's so refreshing. You just sit, and ride. Contemplating about life, people, listening to music. It's stress free. Try it!
What gets me most, as I am both driver and a pedestrian, is when drivers ignore people on pedestrian crossings. On number of occasions, I was on the crossing holding my five year's old son hand and the vile driver woldn't even slow down. What is that - a game of chicken. If I'm not a chicken I might die?!
Well, that is rude, ill bred, barbarian, dangerous. And if there is no law for that then I wish Superman would come and carry these people to some other, already destroyed planet.
So due to the lack of law I must hope that Superman gets here. Who knows
shubidubi shubidubi 17:38 12.10.2008


that's why I bought a veeery small car.
one size fits all & anywhere
less is more



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