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Lou and Laurie

Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson performed a poetry session in Kosmopolis Barcelona. She was big on the screen from somewhere in US, while he was small and live in front of us, on the black and red stage, with a bunch of loose sheets of paper from which he was reading verses.

It was a weird session from this recently married couple, who have always had a huge audience all over the world. They were not singing but speaking of Catalonia, to the Catalans, using the words of Catalonian poets. Transgressive, brave, underground. angry verses of poor, gay, wronged, talented, wild personas -- translated into English. The verses rang around the packed crowd as an electric wave on the spine.

The sleepy spoiled bourgeoisie of the new mainstream, who came to see a celebrity punk dancing and singing, were shaken to their bones. Some applauded, some left, but the emotive response was visible.

in his press conference Lou Reed said he was fed up with being asked about his darkness, about his bad boy attitudes. The Velvet Underground rockstar was fed up with the press, but the press is not dismissing him or his new book, just published in Spain.

Barcelona is the center of Spanish publishing, it is multicultural and leftist, and yet it is also separatist and nationalist, as proud and touch as right-winged poor illiterate cities . The Catalans claim their own language, their own culture and they want to split away from the rest of the Spain.

Kosmopolis is a Barcelona festival of literature, new media and politics: it invites prominent artists, writers and political activists from all over the world. The city is proud of their culture and of their literary guests. The streets outside the venue are full of tourists, street artists, Catholic beggars, pick pockets , transvestites, émigrés, music bands, cafes, young desperadoes and old jet setters. Lou and Laurie performed their "Made in Catalonia" show as gypsy jet setters -- a crowd who make Catalonia a nationalist region with cosmopolitan principles. The new nationalism smells of cosmopolitan elitism -- splendid separatist islands, eluding a world in decay. If you don't want to be with them, you will have to do without them.


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AlexDunja AlexDunja 12:10 30.10.2008

sjajno !

imas neku pesmu?
Transgressive, brave, underground. angry verses of poor, gay, wronged, talented, wild personas -- translated into English.
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 12:14 30.10.2008

Re: sjajno !

bas nemam
jbg nisu nam dali u silnom materijalu st nam dadose na kosmoplisu
AlexDunja AlexDunja 12:21 30.10.2008

Re: sjajno !

steta, probacu kasnije da izguglam,
mozda ima negde kod lua i lori,
ako nadjem, okacicu.
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 12:25 30.10.2008

Re: sjajno !

vazi, ja odoh da sljakam, necu biti on line
AlexDunja AlexDunja 12:59 30.10.2008


dunjica dunjica 22:05 30.10.2008

Re: :))

evo ga ceo snimak :))

Jaooo, AD, uljepša mi veče! Thx, hvala, danke, merci, ....!

(Vidim, draga Laurie se još uvijek sama šiša...)
AlexDunja AlexDunja 08:31 31.10.2008

Re: :))

(Vidim, draga Laurie se još uvijek sama šiša...)

:))) dobro je, dok je tako:)

negde sam procitala da je ozbiljno bolesna,
meni izgleda dobro i lepo, bice da je sada sve u redu!!!
Filip2412 Filip2412 01:15 31.10.2008


Prosle godine sam provalio Lori Anderson i bio sam odusevljen...
nisam znao da je sa Lu Ridom, e bas su se nasli nisu mogli bolje

sacu natenane da pogledam snimak
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 09:52 31.10.2008

ej pokusala sam da stavim you tube

u body ali mi ne uspeva...nemam vremena da se time sada bavim al sam zato stavila boingboing link za one koji en citaju komentare
hvala AD, ja slusam iznova verses, jos su mi sada bolji nego dok sam ih uzivo slusala
AlexDunja AlexDunja 21:16 01.11.2008

Re: ej pokusala sam da stavim you tube

hvala AD, ja slusam iznova verses, jos su mi sada bolji nego dok sam ih uzivo slusala

lepo je:)
verujem da je uzivo bilo adrenalinije
dunjica dunjica 11:31 31.10.2008

Laurie Anderson

mali troll:
Laurie Anderson je također uključena u multimedijalni projekt o Tesli, pokrenut od Bulaja Naklade iz Zagreba. Mislim da se uključila kroz suradnju s Marinom Abramović. LINK

Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 11:51 31.10.2008

Re: Laurie Anderson

takodje aktivistkinja Global Business Network-a among other things



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