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U Amsterdamu, u internet kafeu cekam  rezultate predsednickih izbora u Americi...nisam sama, kafe je pun stranaca pre svega.  Prikrivena nervoza kao na svetskoj berzi: zatisje. Godine 2004. sedela sam u internet kafeu u Parizu kad je Bus pobedio: ljuti vlasnik nas je izbacio napolje kao amerikance koji su usput prolili kafu od nervoze. Izasli smo na kisu i surfovali pod kisobranom, rizikujuci smrt of our best friend,  Mr  Mac. Secam se naslovne stranice nekih engleskih novina mislim da je bio Guardian: nesto ala milioni idiota glasali za Busa. Tada sam napisala "Letter to my  Imaginary American Friend" ( Stop the Next War Now, Code Pink 2005,)

Dobila sam ovaj mejl iz Kalifornije:
 When Obama is declared the winner of this election Tuesday night
go out to your street and dance.

Forward to all you know.

Pisite sta znate i ocekujete

Belgrade, November 22, 2004


Four years ago, I wrote in my first letter to my virtual friend from

Baghdad, Nuha al Radi: We should be enemies. You are a Muslim, I am a

Christian. You are dark, I am white. But we both are women, we both


diaries, we both are pacifists....


Unfortunately, Nuha died and we never managed to meet, we never managed


touch. Our love and understanding was virtual, transnational and


more intensive and valuable than relationships with most of our


allies based on everyday commonalities. We shared 200 pages of


emotions and insights, unveiling the universality of militarism and

patriarchy. We called our correspondence ³The Globalization of Evil.²


survived it...we grew.


Our common enemy should have been USA: sanctions, bombings. At one

 point she

wrote, ³I could never live in USA². And I said, ³I could never, ever

 fall in

love with an American.² We both had to eat our words. Nuha had to be


in the USA and I must admit that I now love Americans. Ever since Bush


for the second time (notwithstanding his obvious aggressive and


militarism), ever since their economy went to pieces and threatened


disorder, ever since their raving antiterrorism measures have turned


whole world into an internment camp, I have a feeling that the ³decent

people² from the USA who raised or want to raise their voices against


interior enemy, need the world¹s support in order to set us all free.


As I said to Nuha, I am saying it now to you, my Imaginary American

friend: We should be enemies. Your country bombed us and killed

innocent people with sanctions, but I know it was not You who did it.


know because it happened to me, too. My country also bombed and killed

innocent people and it was not Me doing it.  It is easy to be against


Other, to be against the obvious Enemy. But it is not only wrong but

dangerous to fail to see the real Enemy, the universal enemy who is in


home and sometimes inside ourselves: militarism and nationalism. They


killers, killers without faces or names or races. They are invisible

individually but lethal as a system.


At the 2003 international conference of Women in Black in Italy, when


16 years of international growth we managed to cover nearly all


I declared: World beware, Women in Black are everywhere. They don't

 have to

be women, they don't even have to wear black. We are all Women in



We who say: Not in our names, not with our money. We who are not fooled


our own, we who are labelled traitors, we who are building confidence,


who are anti-patriots, we who are spreading the politics of women¹s

solidarity, we who accept the mark of social shame, we who transform


sense of guilt into acts of responsibility, we who support the


objectors, we who transgress ethnical walls and barriers, we who


every war, we who support victims of war, we who demand accountability


war and war crimes, we are all Women in Black. And we are building an

alternative world that is not only possible but already there.


When I think of the United States, I don¹t think of Bush, of frenetic

militarism, of global warming, of racism. I think of my editor and


Steph. I think of my young friend Violeta, half Serbian half Albanian,


married an American and has an American child, I think of Indira, who


with a Croatian man, both as American citizens. I think of Andy Warhol,

Laurie Anderson, Patti Smith, bel hooks. I think of rock music, of


of my dreams, dreams of freedom and multiculturalism for which so many

people died there. I think of a new continent that was always there for


of us who decided not to belong to the trenches of national history. I


of all those American friends (and there were many) who sent me


mail and books during our dark times of Milosevic.


And I want to tell them now, because I found it out myself, written in


all over my body: Nobody can save you, lead you or destroy you but

yourselves. We are never alone but only lonely.



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Budimac Budimac 13:43 04.11.2008


Aleksandar Stosic Aleksandar Stosic 13:55 04.11.2008

ko rano rani

U Amsterdamu, u internet kafeu cekam rezultate predsednickih izbora u Americi...

da nisi malo poranila :) plasim se da se ne ucrvljas:)
ps. 'de si Budimac :)
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 14:11 04.11.2008

Re: ko rano rani

pa neke drzave vec odglasale svoje
frka je ipak
Budimac Budimac 15:22 04.11.2008

Re: ko rano rani

Jasmina Tesanovic
pa neke drzave vec odglasale svoje
frka je ipak

Na istočnoj obali je sada 9:15 ujutro, u Čikagu 8:15 (takođe ujutro), a u L.A. 6:15 (ujutro), pa bez obzira na early voting mogućnost, teško da je ijedna država odglasala svoje. Da, neke izborne jedinice od par desetina glasače jesu odglasale, ali države!?
Načekaćeš se :)
Aleksandar Stosic Aleksandar Stosic 17:13 04.11.2008

Re: ko rano rani

frka je ipak

ah, da, ona dva seoceta s ukupno 21+27=48 glasova :)
Jasmina Tesanovic Jasmina Tesanovic 18:02 04.11.2008

I am

i vec je frka bar u komentarima
i stranim cekaonicama
evo vec sam dala dva intervjua bog te pita zasto
najcrnji najcrnji 15:11 04.11.2008

let's wank

U selu kraj sela pored Mladenovca. U sobi. I'm having a wank to Hillary Swank's perfect figure. Poljoprivrednici dizu tenziju. Prikrivena nervoza. Godine 2004 sedeo sam u sobi u selu kraj Bijeljine RS. I was having a wank to J Lo's big ass. Poljoprivrednici su dizali tenziju. Poljoprivrednici nemaju osecaj za nijanse. I am both alone and lonely.
man ray loves me man ray loves me 16:51 04.11.2008

Re: let's wank

cheer up with some music.
Aleksandar Stosic Aleksandar Stosic 17:16 04.11.2008

Re: let's wank

Na naslovnoj strani Irish examinera ova slika
skyspoter skyspoter 15:22 04.11.2008

pogledaj margin of error

Source: Gallup
Date McCain Obama Sample size Margin of error
11/03/2008 44% 46% 4372 3%
16/03/2008 46% 44% 4390 3%
21/03/2008 46% 44% 4376 3%
27/03/2008 46% 44% 4398 3%
04/04/2008 46% 44% 4431 3%
06/04/2008 45% 45% 4380 3%
11/04/2008 43% 46% 4400 3%
16/04/2008 44% 46% 4380 3%

ps: ja bih otisla u buldog. prave divne kolace ;-)
Ribozom Ribozom 16:04 04.11.2008

let's dance

Ja se osecam krivim zbog Iraka.
Zalim te ljude.
dolybell92 dolybell92 16:20 04.11.2008


al' se nesto zanosite.... u atmosferuuuu !
Jel očekujete nešto ? - posle
Covek u belom Covek u belom 16:57 04.11.2008

Re: Svasta

al' se nesto zanosite.... u atmosferuuuu !
Jel očekujete nešto ? - posle
Zurku na ulicama, popust pod fenjerima vlasnicima pasosa US&A? :)
ponekadponesto ponekadponesto 19:07 04.11.2008

all american breakfast low fi

Overtoom 301, Amsterdam, 5th nov, 7-9 am, bagels, coffee, video beam live results...



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