Political Correctness

teodorakaze RSS / 04.12.2008. u 17:38

Ja se unapred izvinjavam ako nekoga vredja sto je tekst na engleskom, ali vec sam ga tako otkucala za jedan drugi blog, pa me mrzi da prevodim (ala sam PC, a?).

Dear V.S-G,

I do not know you, but can already make a clear profile on you. You are the pure essence of what I hate about people. Aggressive, self-righteous, politically correct, stuck-up bitches/bastards (though more often bitches, I must admit), who know nothing about anything, nor will bother to find out, yet still have an opinion on everything and call upon their right to voice it. Aaaah, you make me puke a little, and then when I think about it, you make me puke a lot.

Was it Churchill who said that you can realize all the fallacies of democracy by meeting an average voter?

The fact that such a thing as political correctness exists at all, should be a perfect illustration of how fallible democracy is. The fact that there is a social imposition that tells you specifically what should be deemed right and what frowned upon, differs in no way from any imposition of the past, be that the Spanish inquisition, Puritan aggression, racism or sexual liberation. I really truly hate it when anyone takes over the right to be the judge of this world and his/her fellow men by posing as the Pope’s superior. History teaches us that the most bigoted preachers are those most narrow-minded and mentally deficient. And this will not change.

Today, the sledge-hammer of the nations is “Political Correctness”. Just look at that term. Does it sound like 1984? Of course it does. The source of any good political or social satire is not in exaggerating the facts, but in presenting them as they are. Now think about it, if you were to read the rules of PC as a story, you would shiver and think that fantasy of that sort can luckily not happen to you.

Even the premises that would or should make sense are twisted and turned because they are accepted as rules that go without saying. No, no, make that ‘without’ thinking’ because ‘saying’ is definitely ever-present in any of today’s PC coprophagus.

In short, democracy makes us all think that we have a right to decide, right to an opinion, right to share that opinion freely. Ay, there’s the rub. Democracy, however, fails to stress that your decision ought to be good, that your opinion has to be founded and actually an opinion, and that you do not have to speak if you have nothing to say.

Just imagine your average Joe (or Jane). His life lingers from work, to his TV set, occasional sexual gratification and maybe a video game. Now imagine someone coming up to our Joe and saying: “Joe, you have a right to an opinion, you should speak your mind and decide for yourself”. Now, if poor Joe actually would have a functional mind, he wouldn’t need anyone pointing it out to him that he should in fact think. If he had ever wanted to voice something, he always had a functional vocal tract to use, yet his speech would usually retract to ‘Have you seen the game last night?’, ‘What’s for dinner’, ‘I’m horny’. His decision making aptitude was in use (eat, wank off, play, sleep, work, eat, wank off, sleep), with noticeable pleasurable variations. So, what does Joe do? He is compelled to come up with an opinion and/or a decision. He naturally feels important, and has to prove it somehow. And, tadaaah, in comes our PC guidebook. Ah, Joe, there would be nothing wrong if you had stuck with your normal routine. Heck, I don’t have an opinion on anything astro-physical, economical, or anything else incomprehensible to me. Being ignorant or stupid is not a sin, but being deliberately and aggressively so, is.

Political correctness was first introduced in relation to speech (Orwell flashback all over again). It was meant to prevent people being offended, and when I say ‘people’ I mean those who could be more or less easily offended - homosexuals, women, non-whites, the stupid, the fat or the ugly (i.e., sexually challenged, colourfully-challenged, intellectually-challenged, horizontally-challenged, visually-challenged – am I missing a point here??). Interestingly, this also reveals the originators of such a concept. And, naturally, as any concept, it did not stop at speech.

First of all, you cannot be insulted unless the insult is pointing out something that you dislike. If you are fat and content with it, why would it offend you if someone called you fat? And if it does offend you, then loose the bloody weight. Why would you be offended if you were marked as the weaker sex? Because you actually want to lift weights, fix the car and carry a ton of groceries all by yourself to the 5th floor just because you can? Riiight. That must be what emancipation is all about Second of all, if you belong to a category of sexually or racially/nationally oppressed, your right to equality can only go so far – namely, to equality. In other words, if your nation is generally lazy, it is not up to someone else to shut up about it, but up to you to either rectify it or be proud of it (and btw, I am talking about my own nation here). So, yes, you should not be at a disadvantage for being gay, a woman, black, gipsy, Serbian etc, but this can also not be an advantage either. Most of the disadvantage comes from the same type of thought that inspires PC in the first place, i.e. the laziness to think, but rather opt for ready-made phrases and concepts. Feminism had a purpose, and still has in some parts of the planet, sexual rights movements as well. I stress ‘had’ here. It cannot go to the opposite extreme. Male is NOT the same as female, gay is NOT the same as heterosexual, any two out there are NOT the same. Modern social pressures are no different from any past ones – as you were once expected to be prude, you are today expected to be libido-ed, as you were once expected to be obedient, you are now expected to be masterful. Same bull, different tip of the scale. Or, perhaps it’s me. I do not need to feel compelled to operate heavy machinery or fuck a corpse because it is ‘hip’ or ‘now’ or liberating. Quite frankly, for me it is much more liberating when my male figure carries my heavy boxes for me. I happily make him dinner for it every night ;)

If you can’t be bothered to think, or, more to the point, are unable to, you don’t have equal rights, you don’t have equal capacities, you do not need to speak every time you are asked for an opinion. I so wish that I would for once meet someone who would say ‘I do not know’/’I have not thought about it’/’It does not interest me and I therefore have no opinion on it’. I have only ever met one such person (who is btw, surprisingly, female).

PC is an oppressive concept that sets out to do exactly the opposite of what it proclaims to be meant for. And, anyway, whenever a concept, be it good or bad, falls into the hands of ‘populos’ it is doomed, for at least 50% of this planet is inhabited with the inapt, retarded, lazy and ill-willed. And there goes ‘demos’ for you.

Let it be good intention or personal emotion that prevents you from calling someone fat or ugly, let it be reason that prevents you from being bigoted, and always always always tell people that they are stupid when they are, but better make sure that you know better.

So, in the spirit of the letter to V.S-G. – Dear V., you are stupid and please please shut up. Your time spent speaking would be much more usefully spent in cleaning the toilet.

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NNN NNN 02:01 05.12.2008


...jebiga Teodora, prvi pa na stranskom (je znaš ti, bre, da mi na engleskom treba duplo više vremena da pročitam (da je bar ćirilica), a na drugim jezicima i mnoooogo više), tako da evo tebi jedna preporuka na (još) neviđeno!
Kad pročitam, javnu ću se neću da zaboravim (kao što ovdi neki zaboravljaju maternji jezik иф ииоу кновв ввхат И меан).
papaja papaja 14:07 05.12.2008


UH ,trebace mi nekoliko dana da procitam
Da znam bolje engleski ne bi mi ti pisala domace...
Dobro da nisi na holandjanskom pisala
NNN NNN 18:15 05.12.2008

Happy meal

I would happily make dinner every night for my heavylifter and HE IS GOING LIKE IT!
NNN NNN 18:24 05.12.2008


Ko je
I have only ever met one such person
i ko je V.S-G.?
A punchline
Dear V., you are stupid and please please shut up. Your time spent speaking would be much more usefully spent in cleaning the toilet.
je tako u tvom stilu
A je l' ima tamo ta PC?
teodorakaze teodorakaze 19:31 06.12.2008

Re: huizhu

V.S.G je neka riba na Facebook-u, koju ni ne poznajem, al je mnogo glupo komentarisala posle mene. Samo me je nervirala kao tip zene, pa mi je posluzila kao.

Nego sta, nego ima PC, zato me i nerviiiiira.

A English bas da bi vezbao Papajica Mislim, ne bih ja inace...
papaja papaja 19:51 06.12.2008

Re: huizhu

A English bas da bi vezbao Papajica Mislim, ne bih ja inace...




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