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Dejvid Silvijan je sinoć održao koncert u Štokholmu u prepunoj sali "Kineskog teatra". Ovo je prvi koncert u nizu, na turneji koja se zove "World is everything"

Ovo je njegov prvi koncert u Švedskoj još od vremena grupe Japan. Sudeći po reakciji publike, čekanje se veoma isplatio. Silvijan je bio vidno dirnut prijemom kod publike.

U grupi pored Silvijana, su još i njegov brat Stiv Džensen, Kit Lou i Takuma Vatanabi.

Pred koncert možete kupiti majice i katalog. Katalog je ovog puta urađen sa tvrdim koricama i u njemu se nalaze uglavnom Silvijenove fotografije, kao i tekstovi za dve nove pesme. Takođe se nalazi i reklama za novi CD Stiva Džensena. Uz katalog se dobija i CD na kome su pesme World is everything, Sleepwalker, Exit/Delete, kao i jedna pesma Stiva Džensena.

Pored toga na CD-u se mogu naći i pesme izvođača iz kataloga Samadhi: Toop, Budd, Nine horses, Rebelais i Thomas Feiner & Anywhen.




Za sve nestrpljive, evo i liste pesama sa koncerta u Štokholmu:

Wonderful World
It’ll Never Happen Again
World Citizen
The Day the Earth Stole Heaven
Playground Martyrs/Transit
Fire in the Forest/Ghosts
Snow Borne Sorrow
Mother & Child
Atom & Cell
Sugar Fuel
Brilliant Trees/Fight the Bullfight/Nostalgia/Fight the Bullfight
The Librarian

(BIS 1)
Every Colour You Are/River Man

(BIS 2)

Konačno, evo i liste gradova u kojima će nastupati Silvijen:

7th Sept: Stockholm, China Theatre
8th Sept: Oslo, Sentrum Scene
9th Sept: Copenhagen, Royal Theatre
12th Sept: Dublin, Vicar Street
14th Sept: Manchester, Bridgewater Hall
15th Sept: Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall
17th Sept London, Royal Festival Hall
18th Sept: Birmingham, Symphony Hall
20th Sept: Brussels, AB
21st Sept: Paris, La Cigale
23rd Sept: Milan, Conservatorio Sala Verdi
24th Sept: Reggio, Emilia Teatro Valli
26th Sept: Conegliano Veneto, Teatro Accademia
27th Sept: Rome, Auditorium Della Conciliasione
29th Sept: Torino, Teatro Colosseo
1st Oct: Eindhoven, Music Centre Frits Phillips
2nd Oct: Amsterdam, Rai
4th Oct: Groningen, Oosterpoort
6th Oct: Berlin, Schiller Theatre
7th Oct: Offenbach, Capitol Theatre
8th Oct: Cologne, Theatre Am Tanzbrunnen
10th Oct: Prague, Broadway Theatre
13th Oct: Skopje, Universal Hall
14th Oct: Zagreb, Tvornica

15th Oct: Belgrade, Dom Sindikata
17th Oct: Moscow, B1
19th Oct: San Sebastian, Teatro Victoria Eugenia
21st Oct: Lisbon, Centro Cultural Belem
23rd Oct: Braga, Teatro Circo
24th Oct: Madrid, Teatro Albeniz
27th Oct: Hong Kong, HITEC Hall B
29th Oct: Osaka, Geijutsu Hall
30th Oct: Tokyo, Orchard Hall




 David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - World Citizen (I Won't Be Dissapointed)

"Sakamoto TOUR 2005" at Zepp Tokyo 26th July,2005 

Na promo CD-u se nalaze pemse:

David Sylvian "The world is everything"

Thomas Feiner & Anywhen "Siren song"

Harold Budd "Chrysalis nu"

Steve Jansen featuring Tim Elsenburg "Sleepyard"

David Sylvian "Sleepwalkers"

Nine Horses "Atom and cell"

Akira Rabelais "1382 wycliff gen. ii. 7"

Nine Horses "Get the hell out" remix

Masakatu Takagi featuring David Sylvian "Exit/delete"

Harold Budd "Templar"

David Toop "Heating and cooling" edit 
Foto: Oslo 07




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Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 15:52 08.09.2007

Bridget iz Stokholma je napisala:

Yes there was a gentleman with glasses and a clarinet (I think), he was standing beside Keith who made funny faces to Steve but he didn't always see it. on the left the pianoplayer wore a white shirt. (sorry forgot his name...) Couldn't really see Keith's legs! David was sitting in front of him, had two guitars, an accoustic one and electric one. Keith also had acoustic and electric bass. From left to right on stage; pianoplayer playing on a big black wing, then man with clarinet, Keith and Steve. David sitting in the front. It seemed to take ages before the gig started, I believe we were an hour late but it was so worth it! Really, we nearly broke down that Theatre with excitement when they appearred on stage!!

There was also a moment that Steve kind of seemed to mess up a bit or rather banged a Sabian cymbal the wrong way and he was really amused as were the others. I remember they also played every colour you are.
One song Steve had a kind of sambaball in his left hand and kept on playing the drums with the right hand.

There was this sound engineer at the right and shortly before the gig, he was welcomed with applause from people in the balcony. He liked that. We knew the gig was about to start when he signaled with a light to the back. Then the applause started!!!

David also used a mini megaphone for one song but don't remember which one. Steve did exchange a lot of smiles at the others. It was clear to me they were enjoying it. I'm sure I didn't know at least 6 six songs or so. The gig started almost an hour late.

The audience were so enthusiastic we just all clapped after they left the stage for the first time and didn't stop until they decided to come back and started playing. I was on row 0, front row, and I tell you, that whole row was moving. The man on my right was drumming along so it seemed, we all had a great time that's for sure! I kept on looking at all the bandmembers but as David was almost right in front of me, I was amazed to see him and kept saying to myself, it's him! it's really him!!!!!!!!!

The back of the stage was covered with a big sheet and it had the tourlogo in the middle. That logo was moving too when the audience went crazy, maybe a funny joke of the person handling that! The sheet was shaded purple. There were some visuals used. David also introduced the band and Steve also had a brief spotlight on him. David also said to the audience: you've made us feel very welcome. He smiled a lot. With one song he actually had his eyes closed while Keith was playing acoustic bass and slowly this smile developed on his face.

I really thought I was going to cry but I just couldn't stop smiling. I couldn't sleep last night. I have made a few pictures but only 3 are worth it I think, I was shaking all the time...I took some short videos like 4 or 5 but not full songs, you know, batteries.... The last one was of David smiling in the camera. If I know how to upload that I certainly will. I returned to the China Teatern around 8 I think this morning and the blue with black bus was gone. And yes, his shoes were absolutely eighties and as new. This concert was just amazing, Steve banging those drums WOW!

The audience also clapped when the female voice in Nostalgia was heard.
David didn't forget about anyone, he looked up to the people in the balcony too and ended the gig with his hands folded and bowed. Then a woman gave him flowers, he shook her hand, gave one of his most beautiful smiles again and then he and his great band left the stage.

There is a tourbook with a lot of David's pictures in it. T-shirts with the tourlogo on it in black, white and green if I'm correct. 300 kroner for the t-shirt must be around 35 euro's. I heard someone say there was a cd in the tourbook, he also had this black plastic bag with the tourlogo on it.

I will get back to you on sunday evening when I'm home if there's anything I forgot. I want to thank my parents for giving this holiday to me and want to thank David and his band for giving me the most wonderful night in my life so far. I just can't forget this smile...

It's raining a bit outside but in my heart the sun is shining.
Jelica Greganović Jelica Greganović 19:19 08.09.2007

Zdravo, druže,

samo da se javnem :)
Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 19:30 08.09.2007

Re: Zdravo, druže,

koja si ti carica

Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 19:34 08.09.2007

Barry Walker iz Stokholma je napisao:

The concert was great. David and the band were in relaxed form, even if David said they had first night nerves. The audience was very loving and appreciative, and David smiled at the warm reception they received.

Keith Lowe wore a cool leather kilt, and David’s brother Steve continues to amaze on the drums. His playing was fantastic, at times subtle and dynamic, at other times forceful, always sympathethic to the material. David sounded in fine form, sittting on a stool the entire night, a la his friend Robert Fripp.

The tour program is a full size (A4ish) book of David’s photographs and includes an 11 song sampler from his record label, Samadhisound. Featured amond the tracks are 3 unreleased Sylvian tracks, and a track from brother Steve’s soon-to-be released solo cd. (Playground Martyrs from the show is also a Jansen track). Other tracks feature Harold Budd, Akira Rabelais, David Toop, Nine Horses, and Thomas Feiner and Anywhen (who also feature on Steve’s cd).

David Sylvian’s opening track on the cd is a beautiful slice of Blemish-ish electronica called “The World is Everything” and clocks in at a mere 1.45. Track 5 is called “Sleepwalkers” and is 5+ minutes long and also reminescent of Blemish/Christian Fennesz. Sylvian’s final unreleased contribution is a track credited as Masakatu Takagi featuring David, and is a more mellow guitar ballad.

Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 14:04 09.09.2007

Izveštaj Susi iz Osla!

As a teenager in the 80's I was a fan of the British synth pop band Japan. I even bought the two first solo albums of Japan's lead figure, David Sylvian. As the years went by, I forgot about him and when a friend invited be to his concert here in Oslo, I was quite surprised to hear that he is still touring and recording.

Sylvian is still very much a synth artist although now he is definitely a jazz artist and not in the pop or rock genre. Some of the songs were more than a little experimental. Not being much of a jazz fan myself, I still enjoyed the concert a lot. Here's why:

The mesmerizing voice
David Sylvian has an absolutely wonderful voice. It is like dark velvet -- soft and smooth and brilliant. I could listen to him sing for hours and hours. Since the Japan days, his voice has matured and seemingly without effort he paints detailed, sombre, fascinating pictures with his song.

The mood
David Sylvian is melancholic. This is no secret, no surprise. Most of his songs are blue. He carries this mood without apology or ironiy and without self pity. He lyrics are mostly meditative, introspective, and he performs them with a lot of heart. I repect that and I cherished the pensive, tender mood that I brought with me from the concert.
Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 15:55 09.09.2007

photo by Yuka Fuji

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