Do our kids need it? Or they need parents...

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The CyberBully Alert software is a tool for parents to equip their children with the ability to immediately communicate and document any threats or cyberbullying their children experience when online. This unique software is the result of expert opinions and research in the field of child development and internet safety. Experts agree that the best way to address cyberbullying and online threats is to immediately communicate the incident with an adult, as well as document what the threat is. CyberBully Alert is the only software which does this for parents and their children.


The act of kids bullying one another is not a new safety concern for parents, butcyberbullying is. The internet and social networking sites have established an unsupervised arena for individuals to attack one another. A drastic difference between schoolyard bullying and cyberbullying is that there are no adults supervising in the cyberworld. In the cyberworld, kids are left alone to deal with the emotions that result from internet harassment.

FOR THE CHILD:  CyberBully Alert allows a child to immediately report and document cyberbullying to an adult. 

FOR THE PARENT:  CyberBully Alert gives parents the security of immediately being there for their kids when a threat occurs-whether they are at work, in a meeting, on the road, or simply in another room.



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