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“Anyone who's got a bass line in their music- that's dub.”Congo Natty


Dub is responsible for the whole musical revolution that we have now,… Dub is the foundation!


At the beggining there were soundsystems. Someone strang up some sound system...Some..heavily powered amplifiers and speakers, gave a low entry price at the gate, and just blast rhythm & blues all night. Sound systems were the radio stations when dub was created, during the late 60’ s!

It all started with a man called Ruddy Redwood, operator of a sound system called The Supreme Ruler of Sound, SRS. He went to Treasure lsle studio to run off some material exclusively on acetates, known in the sound system culture as “dubplates”, but the engineer forgot to put in the voice and was gonna stop it, but Ruddy said, "make it run. . . Make it play it like that. l'll take that to the dance with me on Saturday night." And that's what he did. So he played the vocal, which he already had, which everyone knew, and then he played this version, the dub version, without the vocal. And he played it ten, twenty times, over and over again.

The first cut custom version was of Duke Reid's Rock Steady hit singles, with the enginner Byron Smith. These cuts introduced the practice of the "remixes", laying the foundation for the innovations brought by King Tubby: Dubs!  

Drum and bass, thus- DUB, came in with Tubby's innovations. Tubby started opened the gateway to the dub world. “He experimented with a version, and started to do tricks to the version. Drop on certain instruments, ringing certain “reverbs” and things like that. And then started to add echo. And this became exciting. Thus, dub was born. ..”, Mad Proffesor, Dub Producer.

“What they did was to take the mixing desk and made that into an instrument. All of a sudden they pushed the bass and the drum upfront. And they began to experiment sonically with very little equipment. A lot of Lee Perry's dubs were made with two 4-tracks linked together. That was the foundation of it”, Don Letts, DJ at the Roxy club, documentarist.

l created a brain and a heart. The bass is the brain, a brain for you to listen,and the drums are the heartbeat. That gives you an idea of what the heart is saying, generally. So you put it through a bass drum and make it play. So that kind of thing gives you an idea. ..that the bass drum is a living being. A living been from the heart, that makes you want to dance, Lee Sratch Perry, Dub Producer.


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