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Feeling so tired, can't  understand it

Just had a fotrtnights sleep

I'm  feeling   so  tired, I'm  so distracted

Ain't  touched a thing all week, I'm  feeling drunk ,juiced up and sloppy  .

Ain't  touched  a drink all night , I'm  feeling  hungry , can't  see the  reason.

Just ate  a horse  meat  pie.

Yeah , when you call my  name , I salivate  like a Pavlov dog,

Yeah , when yoy  lay me out

My heart is beating louder  a big bass, drum ,  allright ?


Yeah ,You  got to mix it child,

You  got to  fix it ,  but  love

It's a  bitch, alright .

Sometimes  I'm  sexy, move like a stud

Kicking  the  stall all night

Sometimes I'm  so shy , got to be  worked on

Don't  have  no bark or bite ,  allright ?

Yeah ,when you call my name, I salivate  like a Pavlov dog

Yeah ,when you lay me out , my heart is bumping  louder  than a big bass ,drum , allright ?!

I said  hey , yeah I feel allright  now

Hey ,hey,hey ,hey  ,  yeah .

M Jagger / K Richards     Rolling Stones

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