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NGO to persuade candidates against liquor supply
Kanchan Vasdev
Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, Himachal Pradesh, India, April 18, 2009
The Guru Gobind Singh Study Circle, an NGO here, has found a way to check distribution of liquor and narcotics for votes in the Lok Sabha elections by putting moral pressure on candidates not to supply these items.

The NGO is getting an undertaking from the candidates from all over the state that they will not serve liquor or distribute narcotics like poppy husk, opium and even psychotropic drugs to voters for votes.

With units all over the state and 17 other cities in the country, the NGO's activists are visiting candidates.

‘‘We have prepared a list of the things usually gifted to voters in elections. We will request candidates not to give away these substances to anybody,’’ said Inderpal Singh, chief secretary of the circle.

He added that though without any legal power, they would exert moral pressure.

Inderpal Singh said they started the process today at Daad village by distributing undertakings to their activists, who would go to all parts of the state and make the candidates sign these.

They also asked residents of Daad village to pledge not to vote for a candidate making people hooked to drugs or liquor.

‘‘In a survey, we found candidates supplied several substances to voters. In cities it was imported liquor, in villages it was country-made or poor brands and in most of the villages of Malwa poppy husk and opium were supplied. This time we are sure to bring about a change,’’ he said.



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