Note: All sexually involved characters in this story are Eighteen years of age or older. There is a young, gay teen first time sex gif boy, 15 year old Fernando, who's father has kicked him out (which happens way to often in real life) and CPS (Child Protective Services) place him with foster parents, a married straight couple. There is no direct, or implied, sexual activity between Fernando and any other character in this story.

In Part 29

Jamie lays a heavy decision on Anthony & Maria

M&M; share dinner with Matt's Mom

Rusty and Jamal share the yardwork at Jamal's

Fernando almost gets raped in Juvie Hall

DJ Part 29

DJ had his alarm set for 8:00 AM on Tuesday morning, the 13th of February, as he needed to be at work at 10:00 AM. Jamie got up with him, as he needed to go in early to talk with Anthony and Maria, but he was not scheduled to work until 4:00 PM.

DJ, sipping his first cup of coffee, "It seems funny, seeing you up this early on a Tuesday morning. What do you think Anthony and Maria will say?"

"I don't know, baby, I'm certain that they've never had any kids, but I don't know if it's by choice or chance. I'm hoping that they might like the idea of having a foster son around. It's not like having a baby to take care of, and Fernando is old enough to even help them in the pizzeria."

DJ cooked them both some breakfast, and Jamie left right after they ate, as he wanted to be at the pizzeria when Anthony and Maria arrived. DJ didn't plan to leave until about 9:30. When Anthony and Maria arrived at the pizzeria, about 9:20 AM, Jamie was standing at the door.

"Jamie," Anthony asked, "why are you here this early, is something wrong?"

"I hope not," Jamie replied," I wanted to discuss something of a personal nature, with both of you, before there were customers around. Can we go inside?" Anthony unlocked the door and the three of them entered, locking the door behind them.

"Okay, Jamie, what's this all about? I hope we can talk while we start our prep work straight men gay gifs."

"Sure," Jamie said, then asked, "have you and Maria ever had any children?"

"No, Jamie, but it's not by choice," Anthony replied, "Jamie, please don't publicize this, but my semen is no good, I can't make babies, that's why we've never had any children. Can I ask where this is going?" Anthonys' eyes are a little wet gif tumblr porno.

"There is a young Argentine boy, his name is Fernando, and he just turned Fifteen, and he needs a foster home, really bad. I was hoping that you and Maria might consider becoming foster parents to him," Jamie stated.

"How does that work?" Anthony asked.

"I'm not sure of all the details," Jamie explained, "but you would take him into your home, like parents, and the state would pay you to care for him. It would be a lot like having your own son living with you."

"So where is this boy living now?" Maria asked.

"He's under the care of CPS, and they're holding him in Juvie Hall, until they can find a foster home for him," Jamie explained.

"So, I would guess that he committed some type of a crime?" Anthony asked.

"Not at all," Jamie said, "It's kind of complicated, I think I need to tell you the whole story."

While Maria and Anthony (and Jamie) worked on the prep, Jamie explained the whole story.

"Jamie," Anthony stated, "taking a teenager into our home, would be a major undertaking for us, and probably turn our lives upside down. It's not something we can give you a quick yes or no answer to, we have a lot to consider, and discuss."

"We have the room," Maria said, "we have two spare bedrooms, so giving Fernando his own room is not a problem, and for us, the issue that he is best young gay boys gif, is not a concern, I think you would know that. How soon do you need an answer?"

"The sooner the better," Jamie replied, "I'm not comfortable with him being confined with a bunch of teenage thugs in Juvie Hall, I fear for his safety. I hope he's been discreet about his sexuality."

"Jamie, I can't say we'll do it, and I can't say we won't. Maria and I will give this some serious consideration, and we'll try to have an answer for you by the time you come in to work this afternoon."

"That's all I can ask," Jamie said, "see you at 4:00." Jamie then headed home.

Joe and I had risen and were just on our 2nd cups of coffee when Jamie returned to the house and came in the back door.

Good morning, Jamie," I said, "you've been out early today."

"Good morning, Dad's," Jamie said, giving us both hugs, "I needed to have a talk with Anthony and Maria, before they had customers coming in gay teen boys fuck gif."

"I hope nothing is wrong," I said.

"Well, there is something wrong," Jamie responded, "but not with DJ or me. I'll tell you about what is going on, after I get another glass of juice."

Jamie sat down and told Joe and me the whole story, including the talk that he'd had with Anthony and Maria. It was easy to see that Jamie was highly concerned about Fernando.

"What's Fernando like?" I asked.

"I've never met him, but I've seen his picture, he's one of those cute boys that makes you want to grab him and hug the shit out of him!" Jamie exclaimed. Joe and I grinned, having felt that emotion before.

Joe, concerned, "Juvie Hall is not the greatest place for a cute gay gifs, I hope nothing happens to him, and he gets out of there soon. At Fifteen, the kid is probably still a virgin. God, I hate it when parents can't accept their gay kids!"

"I need to call Chuck, and give him an update," Jamie stated.

Jamie placed the call and told Chuck he'd talked to Anthony and Maria, and they were considering being foster parents to Fernando, and are supposed to give him an answer when he went in to work at 4:00 PM. Chuck told him there had been no changes on that end, and he and Serena hoped that the answer from Anthony was positive.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

About 8:30 AM on that same Tuesday morning, Grandpa knocked loudly on Rusty's bedroom door and announced that breakfast was nearly ready. A signal for the boys to get their bottoms covered and make an appearance. Typically, in this household, the male residents just wore underwear to the table for breakfast, although Grandma had on a housedress.

Grandma was old school, evidently enjoyed cooking for her family, and her breakfasts were like a farmer's breakfast. She baked homemade biscuits nearly every morning, unless she made pancakes. This morning's faire was Fried Ham and Eggs, Home Fries, biscuits of course, with Redeye Gravy, and orange juice. Unlike Jamal was used to, Rusty's grandparents did not say grace before most meals.

Jamal, as the boys dug in, "I think I could get used to eating like this, breakfast at my house is usually a bowl of cold cereal, and maybe a couple of Pop Tarts."

"You young guys need more nourishment than that," Grandpa said, "if you're going to have enough energy to make it through the day, most young people today don't know how to eat properly, filling up on fast food and junk food."

"You're probably right, Grandpa," Jamal replied, "I think most people's lives are so busy that they just don't have the time to cook."

"Jamal," Grandma stated, "you make the time, turn off the TV earlier, go to bed a little earlier, get up earlier, and 'Bang!', you just found the time to cook a decent breakfast! gay work porn gif"

"I never thought of it that way," Jamal commented. Grandma leaned over and whispered something into Rusty's ear.

Rusty, whispering into Jamal's ear, "Baby, I've been informed that we are both exposed."

Both boys looked down at each other and themselves and realized they both had an inch or so of their pricks poking out of the cuffs of their boxers. They both adjusted their penises, and both had blushed faces. Grandpa was watching this exchange and grinned.

"What are your plans for today, boys?" Grandpa inquired.

"Probably knock our homework out this morning," Rusty said, "and then we're expected at Jamal's Mom's house for lunch about noonish. This afternoon, we're going to do their yard, have dinner with his parents, and spend the night, and then head to school from there in the morning."

"Do you sleep together there?" Grandpa asked free teen gay porn gif.

"We haven't, yet," Rusty replied, "but Jamal's father said that he was certain that Jamal would be willing to share his bed with me, so I guess it's cool."

"It's that time of year again," Grandpa suggested, "maybe you guys can take the tarp off the pool, and get it ready for swimming, after you get home from school on Wednesday."

Rusty, both boys glancing at each other, "Sure Grandpa, we'd be glad to." Jamal nodded, and smiled, wondering how soon he might be able to skinny dip with his boyfriend.

After the boys completed their homework, they headed into Rusty's bedroom, to get dressed, and Rusty packed a zipper bag with a change of clothes to wear to school tomorrow, including his 'good' sneakers. He dressed in a pair of old jeans, and put on an old T-shirt, and his old sneakers, dressing suitably for doing yard work.

"Jamal," Rusty commented, "have you ever worn another type of underwear, other than boxers?"

"Not since I was a little kid, and Mama always bought me those tidy white briefs," Jamal replied, "why?"

"I'm thinking," Rusty said, "that maybe something like boxer-briefs might offer more—support, especially when guys are hung—like we are."

"I'm just kinda used to my cock hanging down in my pants leg, but I always wear rather baggy pants. I've wanted some skinny jeans, and I tried some on once, but the bulge in the pants leg was just too noticeable, so I didn't buy them. Maybe with boxer-briefs, I could wear them comfortably."

"I think we should try them," Rusty said, "we should wear the same size, I'd be willing to spring for four-pack, or even a six-pack, and we could try them out. If we like them, we could buy some more."

"I'm game, baby," Jamal replied, "I'm kinda wondering what it would be like, pulling the snake out through the fly, when we have to pee, and even worse, pushing it back afterwards."

"Rusty, laughing, "Let's get some at Target, on our way to your house, and we can try them after we shower today, we're in this together, baby


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