Teodor White
It is often that men claim to be focused on the certain attributes of women, but there seem to be fewer of us that claim to be obsessed with specific areas of a woman's body that is not below the waist. I could also say this (hesitantly) about the right partial or full-time lesbian woman. I'll admit that this statement is based on supposition and I will not claim to understand everyone's ideals, although I will continue this article based on my male perspectives (girls, feel free to educate me and set me right). Every heterosexual man is proficient in his ability to understand his appreciation to the woman he desires, but those of us that have a one-directional approach to what we find sexually exciting become lost in a world of all-encompassing female sexual worship. Words are words, but what I'm trying to say is that some of us don't need the sexual experience as a whole to complete what we need to be sexually satisfied.

To put this into simple terms, my obsession is boobs. On the outside, it seems to be ridiculously basic, but to me, it is the crux of my sexual psyche. Boobs, or if you prefer, breasts, big tits milfs or fun-bags (the last of which I find unattractive on many levels - but the word 'Boobs' is very attractive to me) encapsulates my thoughts on every level and drives my sexuality.

My history with boobs is something I am very proud of (or swap the word 'proud' with 'ecstatic') and that history remains as some of the greatest sexual memories I have to this date. Over the many years that I have been sexually active, my exclusive 'breast' related experiences remain as some of my greatest memories. Don't get me wrong. I love pussy as much as the next man, but for some reason, I can be happily engaged with a beautiful pair of boobs exclusively as a sexual experience. And I really mean it. I can spend hours or days enthralled by any experience I have with boobs and be 100% sexually satisfied.

I can't really explain why I'm so obsessed with breasts, but sometimes it's best not to analyse these things. How do you explain that which you find supremely beautiful?

My parents were always quite liberal, so I remember quite distinctly when my father gave me my first 'Big Boobs' magazine when I turned 18 years old i found here - It was a major turning point in my life and it set me up for a long career in breast appreciation. I quickly realised that I was supremely attracted to busty porn brunettes, but I still don't know why. There is just something about dark hair and big boobs that gets me very excited. Voluptuousness is a main attraction to me, and so I'm willing to admit that if you are busty and brunette (no matter your measurements), I will be attracted to you.

Over the many years I've been sexually active there was one girl I dated when I was 24 years old {she was 23 at the time} who was just as obsessed with boobs as I was. I must admit that I didn't even realise that such a situation was possible, but as I learned, it may be more common than I thought. I'm assuming that you guys out there in Literotica-land find this unsurprising. You just need to meet the right person (easier said than done). She was my perfect match. She was a very busty brunette who had a passion for boobs that rivalled my own and wasn't afraid to admit it. Here's the story of how we met and our first encounter together.

I was living in an art-deco apartment in Melbourne's (Australia) southern suburbs in the mid-nighties and across the road from my apartment was a convenience store. I'd been there many times but on this occasion there was a girl behind the counter I had not seen before. Normally store attendants don't catch my attention, but this girl was radiating in such a way that I could not ignore her. I'd never seen her at this store before so I was thrilled to know that she had recently taken the position and would be working there for some time to come.

What really got my attention was that she was a pretty brunette with a massive pair of boobs that were easily well above the DD range! She was wearing an open-fronted tee-shirt that portrayed the most amazing vision of cleavage I'd ever seen. And I truly mean "the best I'd ever seen." In fact, I was so enamoured by this vision of beauty, I had forgotten my manners and stared longingly into the deepest cleavage I had ever dreamt about. All I had in my head was how much I wanted to be in the middle of those amazing boobs.

I nodded. Lisa put the soda can down, turned and got up on her knees on the couch. With her right hand, she slowly lifted up her skirt. My heart almost stopped as the fabric gradually revealed her big, beautiful, perfect ass.

Finally, after what seemed like hours, her skirt rested on her lower back and her butt was right in front of me. She was wearing little pale pink panties that nestled wonderfully between her cheeks.

I was enthralled and my dick felt like it was about to rip a hole through my pants. I just stared at her big ass porn. It was like the supermodel or actress you masturbate to was suddenly nearly naked almost in your lap. It was amazing.

"You can touch it if you want," Lisa said, breaking me out of my trance.

I slowly raised my right hand and with my index finger, just caressed her right cheek. I started at the top and traveled all the way down. I did the same with her left cheek and eventually grabbed both of them with both hands.

I was in heaven. I squeezed her cheeks, softly and then a little harder. I pulled them a part a little and jiggled them. It was exactly what I'd imagined. But I wanted more.

"Lisa, can I take your panties off?"

Since she had told me I could touch her butt, Lisa hadn't said a word. "Yes," she now said breathlessly .

I took my hands off her cheeks and grabbed the waistband of her panties. Slowly I pulled them down. They stuck a little between her cheeks and I could tell why: Lisa's pussy was very wet. She seemed to be enjoying this as much as me.

When the panties were finally off her butt, I pulled them all the way down and off her legs. I couldn't help myself and raised them to my noise. I took a long whiff of her moistness and damn near ejaculated in my pants.

I'm glad I didn't because now before me was an amazing naked round ass, and it was time to explore.

I didn't waste any time. I put my hands back on her cheeks and spread them open. There, in all their glory, were my sister's pussy and butthole. Her pussy was sort of a dark pink and her butthole was almost the same color but a little darker. From this angle I didn't see any hair.

I didn't know how far Lisa was going to let me go - we'd already gone pretty far - but before she could put a stop to things, I thrust my face between her cheeks.

I heard her gasp and her butt reflexively tightened a little, but other than that, she didn't move. My mouth was right on her pussy and my nose was practically in her ass. I shifted a little and brought my nose down to tickle her pussy and then back up to her butthole. She smelled amazing. There were trances of whatever body gel she'd showered with as well as her natural arousal.

This may sound silly, but I didn't know what to do at that point. In my fantasies, once I put my face in her big ass, I always came. I didn't even know if I really wanted to have sex with Lisa; I was just mesmerized by her butt.


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