Easy Hacks to get your ESA Dog Trained with Less Efforts - Handy Guide



Depression, stress, and anxiety attacks are health problems that need to be tackled. Medication is one way of recovering but you can enhance it by getting an emotional support animal. With an adorable animal constantly by your side, taking care of it will make you heal quickly. The process of getting an ESA is very easy as well.

Why should you get an ESA?

Grooming and playing with an animal you love will be extremely beneficial for your mental health. If you possess the legal documentation, you will be entitled to take the animal with you in airplanes and keep it in an apartment, even if the landlord doesn’t allow animals. You can contact a mental health professional anytime and ask them to draft an ESA letter for housing your cat or dog. After diagnosing you, the professional will send you a hard copy of the letter that will take less than a week to arrive.

ESA training

You will be spending a lot of time with your new fluffy companions so it is wise to train them. Getting a dog is a wiser decision because they love to show affection and they can easily be trained (compared to cats, rabbits, and snakes). ESA therapy is all about your interaction with these animals so training them on command is very helpful. Carefully select the dog breed and then train them according to the provided guideline.

What breed should you get?

You should get a dog that is young and energetic. The dog breed you choose should be known for its energetic nature, intelligence, and affection. A trainable dog wants to constantly please its owner. Some breeds that crave their owner's attention, and thus are easily trainable are mentioned.

●       German Shepherd
●       Golden Retriever
●       Rottweiler
●       Poodle

How to make your dog obey

●     Treat giving

Let’s suppose your dog is in the next room and you are craving its presence. It is, therefore, necessary to train it to come towards you on command. Put your dog on a leash and pull lightly while you loudly say "come here". Do this multiple times and reward the dog with treats each time it obeys. Now try the process without a leash and hopefully your dog will listen to you to get the juicy treat.

●     Using dog whistles

On command, your dog can give you their paw for rubbing. First, sit down and play with your dog's paw by rubbing it slightly. Say 'Paw' and grab their paw with light force and then give them a treat. After that, move a little back and repeat the process but whenever your dog disobeys, blow a dog whistle. This will make them understand that they should listen to you.

●     Electronic training

Buy an E-collar and make your dog wear it. Whenever they behave in an unacceptable way use the remote control to lightly shock them. This process is fast and efficient so you won’t need to hurt your buddy for long. Do not overuse this method or your dog may suffer mental consequences.


Once your dog is trained, they can sit, stand, leave, come, fetch, and bark on command. You will find their company even more relaxing. If you don’t own an ESA, you should contact your mental health doctor and ask them to prepare an ESA Letter for you. This letter will arrive in a short time and you get your favorite animal for therapy.


The presence of an animal will help enhance your journey towards self-recovery. You should groom, train, and interact with your ESAs as much as possible. Some common methods of training include giving treats, blowing dog whistles, and providing electric shocks on bad behavior. You should get an ESA as soon as possible and train them immediately.



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