Everything you need to know about the title page of the thesis
The first page of your document is the title page. It is something like a student ID and includes:
* a cap with the name of the ministry, university, institute and department
* name (bachelor's degree of a qualified work)
* subject
• Full name of the student
* Full name and scientific degree of the supervisor
* Full name of the reviewers and the head of the department (not on all titles)
• city and year of protection
The design of the title page of the thesis may vary slightly depending on the university. The design refers to the location of the text (in the center, left or right) and some additional parameters (italicizing the name of the department, the name of the topic in capital letters). But mostly, teachers give an example of how to issue a title page for a thesis.
If you are unlucky and there is no example, then here is the title page from EssayAssistant, which is 90% universal and will completely suit you as an initial one.
Next steps: between the title and the content
After you have dealt with the first sheet of your file, it is time to be true. Namely, fill in the space between the title page and the table of contents of the document. Because, depending on the university, this range can be occupied by many different elements. Let 's list some of them:
1. Work schedule. Usually it is given as a separate document-a form that needs to be filled in with basic things: the topic, the name of the sections and the dates of delivery of individual parts of the project.
2. Summary. It contains general information about the entire work. Roughly speaking, after reading it, you can understand what the whole further document will be about.
3. Abstract. Very similar in structure to the abstract, but unlike it, it is written in two languages. Usually the university requires either an abstract or an abstract.
4. List of abbreviations. This is a set of transcripts of abbreviations that were used in the document.
The elements described above may not be included in the structure of the work at all, and after the title page, the table of contents and then the introductory fragment may immediately begin. Sometimes this happens with biology work. If you are just writing this and you see that you do not know how to make out – we will help you https://essayassistant.org/biology-help/. But most often, after the first page there is a calendar plan, an abstract and only then the rest. Therefore, next we will consider exactly the nuances of making an annotation to the project.

How to write an abstract for a thesis?
And so, if you do everything together with us, then you already have a structure in your head (as well as on paper), a plan that the teacher viewed and a completed cover page. Not a bad start, but further more.
Almost always, after the title in the thesis, it is the turn of the annotation. It is best to find it in the manual and write according to the requirements there. But if this is not given, then below we suggest some facts about it:
• is a brief description of the essence and results of the study
* placed at the beginning of the file, but written at the end of the work
* written in two languages: Latin and English. Sometimes in French.
• most often it takes 800-1200 characters (2-3 paragraphs of text)
And, of course, if all this is not clear to you and you do not understand or do not want to understand how to arrange your research work – we will help you https://essayassistant.org/write-my-research-paper/.
We hope this article was useful for you.


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