learn the art of gathering primary and secondary resources for your research paper

Essay writing as well as research writing is technical writing but all you need to do is to not miss out on instructions and any important steps. Now, what kind of steps, one might think. The answer is, simply, the parts of the essay created through certain pre-writing, writing as well as post-writing techniques. Techniques including brainstorming, extensive research, outline formation, annotated bibliography extraction, make the most of the essay for you. Whenever I used to write my essay or a research paper, I had some very limited steps to follow to get me through the document with good academic information without distracting the reader with unnecessary details. All you need to know before writing is to be specific and hit the target!

Essay writing and writing a research paper, two of the most highly academic writing assessments, are usually assigned by professors every other day at colleges and schools. Not everyone seems to like them except a few. People prefer essay writing as a more significant and easier task to perform instead of research writing. Why? Because the general notion regarding essay writing is that it does not need to be catered to as many formal steps as a research paper might do. However, the truth is that both of the categories of writing involve highly specific steps to follow.

Research writing aims not only at explaining the personal opinions of the writer but also extensive research and adds up the views and opinions of other writers regarding that topic of discussion as well. This category of research paper often makes up the literature review of the paper. A literature review is often generated by very complex and extensive research, which some writers often perform beforehand by compiling the annotated bibliography of the document.

The discussion might have already bored you and if you are a beginner writer, it might make you more anxious even before you start to learn both standards of writing. But you don’t need to worry much if you believe you are here to learn. As a beginner essay writer, interested in writing a research paper in near future, let me help you out with a literature review compilation of your research, which is somehow similar to the body of the essay but needs a bit more detailed research. All you need to do so far is to not miss out on any instructions and only focus on working hard and smart.

The body or discussion part of a paper is specifically based on evidence to support the claim of the writer as well as to explore the work done by other researchers in that field. Research sources are formulated by the compilation of primary and secondary resources in a paper or essay to proceed with the discussion. So, what are these primary and secondary sources. Do you pile them up in your essay just as blocks of information or compose a smooth discussion from them?

Primary sources

Primary sources are basic first-hand textual information based on which a whole discussion has come into existence. The original literary piece of writing on which you have based the discussion is the primary source of your essay or paper. This information includes letters, essays, novels, interviews, short stories, survey results, research reports, or any other first-hand piece of writing based on which you started a new discussion, formulating your thesis or hypothesis simultaneously. You can also take help from an essay writer

Secondary sources

Secondary resources make the most of your pre-writing annotated bibliographic category for your research paper. As soon as you start writing, especially when it’s a research paper, you can not entirely begin and end your discussion simply with your ideas with some primary source. Secondary sources provide credibility to your discussion, support your claim and help you prove your argument. Secondary sources include discussions, research reports, evaluations, some other critic’s research related to your field, syntheses, etc. These sources have to be mentioned in the literature review of the research paper or essay utilizing them.

Ways to differentiate between primary and secondary source

One basic technique to differentiate between these two categories is to ask yourself 3 basic questions

The source that I am going to add right now, is directly involved with the claim that I have formulated or is it some other writer talking about researching the same text that I am working on?
Am I using a source or event directly to question it or am I using it as background information?
Is the text original or is it a comment on some other text?

Collecting data for your research study is an entire process based on good research techniques. Given tips and details so far might have helped you to concentrate and keep your discussion impactful, but if any of you are still confused and could not differentiate between primary and secondary sources, you can get some extensive guidance from any essay writing service as well. All you need to do is be consistent with your work but do not end up diving so deep into the research that you even lose track of what you were researching in the first place.

Research writing, somehow similar to essay writing, needs to include the ideas and research of other people as well. This first-hand evidence and second-hand information make the base for your claim to move your roller coaster of ideas effectively and mark your place in the field of research as well.

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