7 Mistakes to Avoid in Writing Annotated Bibliographies

At school and college, students and researchers are required to write annotated bibliographies, but many find it difficult and boring. However, a good annotated bibliography means good grades which every student wants. In this post, you’ll find some mistakes students make while writing annotated bibliographies that are not difficult to avoid.

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Given below are 7 mistakes that you should avoid while writing annotated bibliographies.

1) Disorganized Annotations

One of the first things that you should avoid while writing an annotated bibliography is disorganized annotations or references. Annotations are not written randomly rather they have a proper pattern that should be followed.

Students usually have no know-how that they are supposed to write it in an organized manner. Annotations may be organized by the name of the author, publication date, title, or subject. Make sure to organize your annotations in one of these ways.

2) Too Long Annotations

Most of the students write long annotations, usually more than a single paragraph. This should be avoided. One annotation should be given in one paragraph which is the standard practice, however, exceptions exist.

You should try to present one reference in a single paragraph and all the required information about the source. Thus, you should avoid writing too long annotations. You can contact a professional essay writer for assistance if you get stuck at any stage.

3) Poor Research

It is another mistake students make while writing an annotated bibliography. They don’t conduct in-depth research and annotate every reference they find on the Internet that is relevant to the topic anyway, and sometimes not relevant also. You should conduct thorough research before writing annotations. Annotate only those references that are most closely relevant to the topic and help you in your research.
4) Incorrect Citations

Citations go hand in hand with annotations. While writing annotated bibliography you are required to cite each source you are annotating. This is where students make mistakes. They don’t know how to cite a source correctly.

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Sometimes they are required to cite them in a specific format i.e MLA, APA, Chicago, which they may not know. So you should avoid giving incorrect citations and learn the proper format to cite a source before writing an annotated bibliography.

5) Disorganized Citations

Students also make mistakes while writing the citations at the end of the document. All the citations should be given in alphabetical and chronological order.

This is what students don’t keep in mind. If you see an annotated bibliography example written by a professional writer, you’ll find that there is virtually no mistake in citations that will be properly organized and formatted. Thus, you should avoid making this mistake while writing an annotated bibliography.

6) Poor Planning

Writing an annotated bibliography is not something you can carry out randomly. It requires proper planning. You should have a proper and organized approach before embarking on writing annotations. You should plan how you should be organizing your annotations, which citation style you should be using, and how you should be organizing your references at the end. Thus, poor planning should be avoided. Planning is something students aren’t good at.

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7) No Relation Between Annotations

While writing an annotated bibliography, what most students do is write an annotation without relating it to other annotations in the study. This is what they are required to do, but they write all annotations separately. You should avoid this mistake and try to develop connections between the annotations.

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These were some mistakes that students make while writing an annotated bibliography. You should avoid all of them if you want to write a good annotated bibliography. Best.


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