2012-05-18 07:13:00
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How Things Should Be

Chris Farmer RSS / 18.05.2012. u 08:13

I do like it here.

After so many years, it is still a question which I am asked repeatedly. Do you like it here? Do you like living in Serbia? Generally I continue to answer affirmatively. The fact is that I am here, after having been here for quite a long time. And having no plans to move away, I guess I must like it here...

2012-05-07 06:35:16
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Chris Farmer RSS / 07.05.2012. u 07:35

Wait until after the elections, they all said.

The implication of this cryptic phrase is that after the elections in Serbia, people will be able to make decisions and everything will get back to business as usual. So we sat through the "campaign" and through election day and night, and patiently awaited the great Results which would shape the future.

2012-05-04 11:33:38
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The Protest Hedgehog

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.05.2012. u 12:33

BELGRADE - In a popular movement which started up as a general protest to political content on Facebook, the Protest Hedgehog (written in capital letters by adherents) has become a pre-election phenomenon in Belgrade.

2012-04-04 10:30:10
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Dumbing It Down

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.04.2012. u 11:30

I wonder if I know less today that the things which I have forgotten.

I used to remember phone numbers. I also remembered birthdays, street addresses, spelling, and peoples' names (although I was NEVER very good at that). Now I no longer need to remember. My phone holds ALL the phone numbers to which I have ever been exposed. It remembers for me. Street addresses are not nearly as relevant as email addresses - and email addresses are on their way to being completely supplanted by IM, Facebook, or chat identities.

2012-02-25 11:19:53
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"This is SERBIA"

Chris Farmer RSS / 25.02.2012. u 12:19

While my memory is not the sharpest or the best in the world, I think I can manage to remember where I am. Most of the time anyway.

Still, it never ceases to amaze me at how many times, in the course of a normal month, week, day, and (on bad days) hour, people will invoke this sentence as a definitive argument and statement of fact.


This is terrible.

As much as the city is being held in the grip of Nature and the adamantine grip of her snow, so do I - after having resisted for several days - feel inexorably pulled into the Snow Trap. I have to write about the snow. I do not WANT to write about the snow! I rebel against its banality in subject matter! I push against its encroaching walls!

Yet here we are....

2012-01-14 13:35:58
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Of Women and Men

Chris Farmer RSS / 14.01.2012. u 14:35

This is the trouble with crowdsourcing.

I have been asked to write about the relationship between men and women. In order to do so, I am forced to call upon my many years experience as a male and attempt to relate the relative truths and gleanings from this experience into a form which will elucidate and provide the invaluable insight which this topic requires and deserves. The effort has been extreme, but I finally believe that I might impart this wisdom - the sum total of my understanding of the relationship between women and men.

2012-01-06 09:59:41
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Drunk and Disorderly

Chris Farmer RSS / 06.01.2012. u 10:59

There is nothing more sobering than being pulled over for walking under the influence.

According to the brain scientists and rocket surgeons whom we have elected to public office in Belgrade ("we" being loosely applied here), it is NOT enough to switch off the music early. It is NOT enough to close the bars, cafes, and restaurants by midnight. It is NOT enough to curtail the sale of alcohol after a certain hour. Now, if we have a few too many, we will have to sleep in the bars until morning.


No matter what we do, the next step is always forward.

It is a fact of our linear time-space continuum that the life in the world is a one way street. 2011 cannot be followed by 2010 (nor by 1526 as far as that goes) or anything other than 2012. Tonight we celebrate that passage in our odd and somewhat superfluous tradition marking the passage of time. Even as I write this, we could be celebrating the passage of 11.59 into 12.00...

2011-12-26 15:29:31
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Just for Show

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.12.2011. u 16:29

Strolling through the walkways of one of our illustrious shopping malls last night, I was bludgeoned on the head.

The instrument used to whack me was a nicely crafted bit of Consumer Nonsense such as often seems to happen to me. The attack was unprovoked (or not very much so) and left me in a bit of a daze for hours after. Let me explain....


Chris Farmer

Chris Farmer
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