2011-12-09 10:50:57
Društvo| Lingvistika

Speak Warriors!

Chris Farmer RSS / 09.12.2011. u 11:50

TlhIngan maH! Kai kassai!

In my continuing quest to learn the Serbian language (a quest which is often interrupted and curtailed by intervening events, obligations, and Tuesdays), I have come to realize that I have overlooked an essential part of learning this language that has nothing to do with my six-word vocabulary, my mastery of one tense and one grammatical case, or my inability to deal with multiple declensions.


2011-11-26 09:55:19
Društvo| Ekonomija

Going Mediaeval

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.11.2011. u 10:55

When the loan officer at the bank offers you a load of carrots instead of cash, you will know that this is a Crisis.

Business is booming for the Prognosticators of Doom these days. All I am hearing from all sides is that the End is Near, speeches about the Demise of Consumerism abound, and that we are sliding into a time of feudal lords, manor houses, indentured servitude and mediaeval bartering.

2011-11-15 18:57:43
Društvo| Život

Dunbar's Number

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.11.2011. u 19:57

According to what I could discover (and I am sure there is some overly-befriended Facebooker out there who may correct me) the maximum amount of friends you can have on Facebook is five thousand. Five thousand fellow humans whom we call our friends.

5,000? Really?

2011-11-04 10:04:16
Politika| Satira

Empathy Pains

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.11.2011. u 11:04

"If I weren't the president of the republic, maybe I would be dissatisfied and embittered too."

So said Boris Tadic this week, reminding us of our obligation to vote and thereby give voice to our dissatisfaction and bitterness that we all feel because we are not president of the republic.


2011-09-20 07:38:57
Društvo| Eksperimenti u blogovanju

Popping Twinkies

Chris Farmer RSS / 20.09.2011. u 08:38

It is insidious. It is erosive. It is pervasive.

I find myself thinking in quips and quotes and bons mots. I am unable to sustain a thought for more than about three seconds before looking for new sensory inputs. I am deathly afraid that I may lose my train of thought and not even be able to finish this blog post. I might substitute a YouTube video instead. I might just encapsulate the whole thing in a three word sentence.

Facebook is slowly robbing me of my already challenged attention span.

2011-09-06 18:17:04
Društvo| Politika

Aftershocks and Lessons

Chris Farmer RSS / 06.09.2011. u 19:17

When something happens to change the world, we do not really know about it until the world changes.

Ten years ago, on 9/11, I was in Paris. I was sorting out lots of sportswear overstock and trying to place it enticingly in front of my client's eyes. My client's eyes, however, were glued to the television. I was annoyed. I had just arrived from Rome (he from Belgrade) the night before, we had one day to make this deal, and he was watching TV. I grumbled.

"Something happened in New York," he said.

2011-08-31 12:31:35
Politika| Satira

Stirring the Election Pot

Chris Farmer RSS / 31.08.2011. u 13:31

September is now upon us.

We are getting back to work after a long and protracted holiday (even if we did not take one, everyone else seems to have done so). Streets are busier. Shops are crowding up slowly again. Supermarkets may even begin to stock the shelves once more. The fall season - in a way very different from the burgeoning of spring - is all about new beginnings. Schemes

2011-07-31 12:41:30
Ekonomija| Politika| Satira

Barack's Bargain Basement

Chris Farmer RSS / 31.07.2011. u 13:41

Make me an offer!
Make me an offer!
If the United States goes bankrupt this afternoon, when will they hold the garage sale?

On the front lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, lines of Sherman tanks on each side ($120,000,000.99 or best offer), the tables have been laid out. Dolly Madison's silverware ($35,000, slightly used), Eleanor Roosevelt's collection of erotic hat pins (Never before seen! Make me an offer!), and the famous Big Stick of Theodore Roosevelt ($18.75, genuine replica) are all on display.


ow, a long time ago, in beginning of the Age of Information, there lived a boy named Vook. He had a nice shiny suit of clothes, always brushed his teeth before bed, and was very proud of the things that he could say.

Everyone across the land would smile and beam when they heard him speak. He could say "no" when most folk would have said "yes." He would not just play with anyone - and he would tell them the reasons. Vook was the apple of his Papa B.'s eye. Papa B. would send him out into the world and ask him what he saw. And Vook, proud and pleased, would come back and tell him all about it.


Clearly this is just not my week.

I really just wanted to mind my own business and get on with the summer, but then Vuk Jeremic decides he wants to censor the social media. I mean - come on, people! - how can this just be glossed over in passing?


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