As it turns out, China may be one of the only places in the known universe where you can hide from Facebook.

For the next several days, I will be ensconced behind the Great Firewall of China and untouchable by Facebook, Google, YouTube, and 2,700 other websites which the People's Censor has deemed to be unbrowseable.

Iran, Vietnam, and North Korea are also on the list of blockers, but I think it is just me-too-ism.

2010-08-30 14:57:48
Društvo| Satira

"Did you hear....?"

Chris Farmer RSS / 30.08.2010. u 15:57

This is going to be tricky.

The thing is about rumors: all you need is the vaguest and most oblique insinuation of something for it to begin passing along great unseen chains of whispers and embellishments until everyone directly interested and indirectly uninterested - and some people quite frankly exasperated - suddenly knows. It passes into common knowledge. And suddenly, in the blink of an eye, the best rumors are then apotheosized into the greatest of all possible forms of human knowledge.

They become the TRUTH.

2014-05-21 12:59:40

Humanitarians All

Chris Farmer RSS / 21.05.2014. u 13:59

In times of crisis, we are called upon to become humanitarians.

The ongoing crisis in Serbia, the devastating effects of flooding on countless homes, buildings, people, and animals over a very large part of the country, seems to have brought the humanitarians out in droves. More than 3,000 able-bodied men and women marched on Sabac to shore up the floodwalls. Humanitarian aid to the victims of the floods poured in from around the country and from abroad. People have donated their time, their money, their clothes, their food, and their Facebook pages to the humanitarian effort.

2011-07-31 12:41:30
Ekonomija| Politika| Satira

Barack's Bargain Basement

Chris Farmer RSS / 31.07.2011. u 13:41

Make me an offer!
Make me an offer!
If the United States goes bankrupt this afternoon, when will they hold the garage sale?

On the front lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, lines of Sherman tanks on each side ($120,000,000.99 or best offer), the tables have been laid out. Dolly Madison's silverware ($35,000, slightly used), Eleanor Roosevelt's collection of erotic hat pins (Never before seen! Make me an offer!), and the famous Big Stick of Theodore Roosevelt ($18.75, genuine replica) are all on display.

2013-11-28 11:22:16
Društvo| Istorija| Satira

The Second Thanksgiving

Chris Farmer RSS / 28.11.2013. u 12:22

The Pilgrims, at Thanksgiving 1.0, were outnumbered almost two to one.

After washing up on Plymouth Rock in December of 1620, the 102 passengers of the Mayflower set about the task of conquering North America in the name of Puritanism. Religious fanaticism not being sufficient protection against Cold and Hunger, 46 of the original sinners died in the first winter.

2014-12-05 08:52:41
Društvo| Eksperimenti u blogovanju| Putovanja

4 a.m.

Chris Farmer RSS / 05.12.2014. u 09:52

the_persistence_of_memory.jpgIn many ways, we are at the height of our cleverness at 4 a.m. So many brilliant ideas occur to us at four in the morning but as a rule they are gone by the time the alarm goes off a few hours later.

Not so today.

While my body and mind are still responding to Chinese time cues, making me think four a.m. is a darn good time to get up and start the day, I happen to be awake and aware of the pre-down cleverness which most of us sleep through.

2011-06-05 09:54:23
Društvo| Satira| Umetnost| Životinjski svet

Cows Around Town

Chris Farmer RSS / 05.06.2011. u 10:54

We've all seen them. We pass by. We do not speak to them.

The cows around town, on Trg Republike, on Knez Mihajlova, generally mind their own business. They accost no one for theatre subscriptions, tissues, or wilted flowers. They do not ask the time or directions to Delta City. They look straight ahead into their forward progression or innocuously feed on the weeds growing from cracks in the paving.

2014-11-12 20:11:48
Društvo| Moj grad

The Vigilante

Chris Farmer RSS / 12.11.2014. u 21:11

Just to show how really short-sighted it is possible to be, civic activist Filip Vukša was fined nearly €500 for repairing a dilapidated bus stop in Belgrade.


2013-12-30 13:41:47
Budućnost| Društvo| Život

Reverse Backsliding

Chris Farmer RSS / 30.12.2013. u 14:41

Time for a change. Again.

At the moment of the transition from one year into the next one, I am always confronted by a Troubling Paradox. The Christmas and New Year's (or New Year's and Christmas in orthodox juxtaposition) holidays always urge me to Observe Tradition and Incite Revolution.

2009-03-13 18:39:34

Freddy Friday

Chris Farmer RSS / 13.03.2009. u 19:39

Friday the 13th...

As it happens, I was born on a Monday the 13th, at seven ante meridiem no less. As if I was born ready for school (or work).

Each time I brush with traditional bad luck omens, like black cats or walking under ladders or my unlucky watch (of which etc cetera), I am constantly confronting my conditioned reactions to them an assessing what they make me feel and sometimes do.


Chris Farmer

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