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Disarmed and Discombobulated

Chris Farmer RSS / 08.07.2015. u 09:06

I am having something of an identity crisis.

Yesterday I woke up knowing that I would face the mountainous terrain of Serbian bureaucracy in order to finish the establishment of my branding agency. It is mountainous, full of crags, hairpin turns, and impasses due to rock slides, and while

2007-07-16 12:27:41

Alien Life Forms

Chris Farmer RSS / 16.07.2007. u 13:27


HERCEG NOVI, MONTENEGRO – There are as many Perfect Holiday Scenarios as there are people who might conceive of them. For me, observing the Alien Landings on the beaches of Montenegro is always one of the most anthropologically satisfying ways to pass the time.

You are out. You are away from the office and the daily hub-bub of whatever bub you happen to hub for a living. A few hours ago, you were disgorged from a bus or a plane onto this foreign shore. The sunlight blinds your troglodytic eyes, causing you to throw up one tote-bag-toting arm in futile self-defense. Your arms and legs gleaming white-grey the from hours of exposure to fluorescent light, sensitive translucent skin calling out to some long dormant genetic code linking you to a nocturnal amphibious haddock yearning to be free.  

But that was Saturday.


PRACTICAL TIP: In a yes or no question, the answer is almost never "it's not my ice cream."

Had I known that, I probably would not have experienced this afternoon's cerebral implosion. As it happens, I walked up to the kiosk and asked my question, anticipating a no, hoping for a yes. And that is what I got.

As far as I can tell, my humans have completely lost their minds. 

[NOTE: This message was found written in shaky handwriting on a piece of wrapping paper behind the sofa. It has been determined that it constitutes part of a longer report by Agent 836 (code named “Lav”, the cat) on human behavior, presumably to be submitted to an unknown supervisory cat. We have reproduced the text here as faithfully as possible, although some translation errors can certainly be found. Cat is an inflected language wherein the word “meow” is often repeated.]
2014-10-23 14:35:30

When the Rain Comes

Chris Farmer RSS / 23.10.2014. u 15:35
When the rain comes, they run and hide their head. You can see them. They dart and dodge and duck and make a lot of undignified noises. 

[Look there goes one now!]

The rains of finter (since we no longer have a fall season let’s merge it into winter) have now begun. As a consequence, and as if triggered by some automated response system, EVERYTHING has been cancelled.

A Play in One Act

The following is a true story...

"I want to change from Telenor to VIP."
"Can I have your licna karta?"
I give my ID card.
"Wait just a moment," he said, and he went to the back of the shop.

15 minutes later.

2015-06-27 15:55:21
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Instinct to Violence

Chris Farmer RSS / 27.06.2015. u 16:55

One phone call was all that was needed to introduce violence into our home.

We needed movers. We called a few. We agreed a deal with one. He came, he forgot the deal, and he began threatening to "beat" us when we insisted. He said that he had beaten his mother that very morning. He held the thing we had to move hostage. He added, just for information, that he was a "woman-hater."

2014-03-25 09:45:05
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Arranging to Save the World

Chris Farmer RSS / 25.03.2014. u 10:45

The universe is out of whack. We know it.

And it is all out of our control. Earthquakes quake. Weather squalls. Clouds cumulate. What can anyone do to combat this? Human fallibility on the other hand creates a whole new set of wrong-angle situations - trains derail, airplanes get lost over Malaysia, fanatics get elected to positions of power, armies roll in, and someone wears a red shirt with yellow striped pants.

True story. I have seen that guy.

2011-02-14 08:01:28
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Involuntary Acts

Chris Farmer RSS / 14.02.2011. u 09:01

When I look back, it seems I write about it every year...

Usually I am a little cynical and snide. Usually I attempt to undermine its message. On occasion I have been sappy about it. But like it or not, every year, Valentine's Day gets some sort of bloggal response from me. I have to say I am a little tired of it.

2009-06-27 11:44:11


Chris Farmer RSS / 27.06.2009. u 12:44

We are indeed kind and caring people. Aren't we?

We mourn the sad tragedy of the passing of Michael Jackson at ago 50. We celebrate the man who was a star from early childhood, an icon in the 1980s, the King of Pop, and we kindly and gently pass over the child molester, the depraved sociopath, the one who dangled his child out of a London hotel window, the one who attempted to surgically alter his skin color making him look like more like a live-action cartoon character than a human being.


Chris Farmer

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