2010-05-08 13:13:02
Društvo| Satira

Coming Soon: Dog Stew

Chris Farmer RSS / 08.05.2010. u 14:13

Courtesy of Messrs. Wong, Kim, Idibia, and Farmer, the long awaited New Belgrade opening of "Psi" shall be feted this evening. On the menu: Boshintang, or Korean Dog Meat Stew, or Guyoukgeng Minnan, otherwise known as "fragrant meat" of Taiwanese dogs. We await your pleasure, tails wagging.

New Belgrade is soon to join the list, including China, Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia, Japan, Poland, Germany, France, Tahiti, Switzerland, Ghana, Siberia, Alaska, Greenland, and many more countries across the globe who either openly and notoriously or clandestinely consume dog meat.

2009-10-31 21:50:24

Watching Baseball

Chris Farmer RSS / 31.10.2009. u 22:50

When the umpire shouts "Play Ball!" at the beginning of the game, the players react by standing still. Nine guys waiting to bat. Nine guys standing ready in the field. A lot of standing.

The World Series of Baseball is underway between the 2008 champion Philadelphia Philies and the 26-series winning New York Yankees. And while I do not think I am the only one in Serbia to be watching the Series, the club seems to be rather small...

2010-02-11 15:24:54
Društvo| Kultura| Ljubav

Valentine's Day & Co.

Chris Farmer RSS / 11.02.2010. u 16:24

The candied hearts clearly have the superior PR agency.

As we move steadily toward February 14th, the commercial behemoth which is Valentine's Day & Co. is busily cranking out the obligatory floral bouquets, chocolates, greeting cards, and fuzzy-heart pillows which are required purchasing for this most arbitrary of holidays. Dan Zaljubljenih d.o.o. is a relatively foreign thing in Serbia, and only relatively observed, but Big Advertising is still using it as much as they can.

2010-01-01 18:04:49
Društvo| Satira

The Guns at Midnight

Chris Farmer RSS / 01.01.2010. u 19:04

We can be pleased to know that Serbia's Top Cop thinks New Year's Eve 2009 went without a hitch. This does not mean that no accidents happened - we will find out about that soon enough - but "there were no injuries by firearms."

Fireworks? No, firearms.

2011-04-18 07:41:06
Društvo| Politika

The Hunger

Chris Farmer RSS / 18.04.2011. u 08:41

photo: Zivan Jovanovic
photo: Zivan Jovanovic
If I stopped eating for two days, most people would call it a DIET.

Toma Nikolic, after what seems to be 48 hours of hunger striking (although I cannot be sure of the accuracy of media reports) in an attempt to bring about early elections in Serbia, has been hospitalized. Even Dr. Atkins says that you need at least three days before the body starts feeling the effects of hunger.

2010-04-03 07:59:03

Statistics are Okay

Chris Farmer RSS / 03.04.2010. u 08:59

There are worse things to be than being a ghost in Oklahoma.

I just discovered, quite by accident, a little town in Wagoner County, Oklahoma, called Okay. Okay, OK, has 597 people and a population density of 737.3 people per square mile. By my calculation, that makes 597 humans and 140.3 ghosts in this posited square mile.

2015-02-05 09:33:35
Društvo| Moj grad| Satira

Strong Arming

Chris Farmer RSS / 05.02.2015. u 10:33

What possible crime could be more heinous and threatening to public safety than a woman who forgot to swipe her bus pass?

It is a scourge on our society. We must root it out and brutalize offenders in a very public way so as to discourage future criminal acts.

I plan to write a letter to the City of Belgrade protesting the arrest of this woman. If the point of her arrest was to demonstrate the power of the police and the weak position of our citizenry, then jail is NOT the answer.

2008-10-15 05:55:52

The Great Giraffe Caper

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.10.2008. u 06:55

Brooding in his study, the Kingpin mused over his most recent ingenious plan. What good is it to continually try to destroy Spiderman when he eludes my every effort? I must now turn my attention to a diversion...he contemplated the thought with a wry smile on his face.

"I must have a giraffe," he concluded.

2016-01-22 11:11:01
Društvo| Politika| Satira


Chris Farmer RSS / 22.01.2016. u 12:11

There is a solution to every problem.

While America is reeling and holding its head at the thought of Donald Trump as a possible 45th President of the United States, so too is Serbia biting its nails to see who will come out on top of the extraordinary one-party elections coming soon to this country.

I think you see where I am going with this...

2010-02-22 13:03:29
Društvo| Ekologija

Friends of the Beach

Chris Farmer RSS / 22.02.2010. u 14:03

Bali? Really? Come ON!

"BELGRADE, B92  -- A delegation of the Environment Ministry will be heading to Bali to attend the UN Ministerial Council forum program for environmental protection.
The delegation will be headed by Minister Oliver Dulić.  The delegation's trip will cost RSD 2mn, but Dulić said that every member of the delegation is needed, because Serbia is currently presiding over the UN Environmental Protection (UNEP) program...."

I am seriously considering getting into this environment racket.


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