2011-12-09 10:50:57
Društvo| Lingvistika

Speak Warriors!

Chris Farmer RSS / 09.12.2011. u 11:50

TlhIngan maH! Kai kassai!

In my continuing quest to learn the Serbian language (a quest which is often interrupted and curtailed by intervening events, obligations, and Tuesdays), I have come to realize that I have overlooked an essential part of learning this language that has nothing to do with my six-word vocabulary, my mastery of one tense and one grammatical case, or my inability to deal with multiple declensions.


2013-07-07 18:17:16
Društvo| Ekonomija| Umetnost

Moving Pictures, Shifting Sands

Chris Farmer RSS / 07.07.2013. u 19:17

Just when I thought nothing more could surprise me, I have just been rather unpleasantly surprised.

In Paracin for the weekend among in-laws and ancient ancestors, at one point we were at a loss for something to do that did not involve mounds of food, liters of rakija, and hours of nostalgia. Always the resourceful sort, I come up with a perfect plan for a Sunday night.

Let's go see a movie, I said.

2011-03-09 17:46:13
Eksperimenti u blogovanju| Životni stil

Think Purple

Chris Farmer RSS / 09.03.2011. u 18:46

Purple cars and purple phones and purple plums. Smell the purple orchids and lisianthus. Breathe in the purple mountains and stand in purple rain. I am immersed in the deep purple that falls over sleepy garden walls.

Purple is amethyst and eggplant. It is indigo, lavender, lilac, mauve, mulberry, blueberry, orchid, plum, pomegranate, puce, royal, thistle, and violet.

2015-05-26 15:33:39
Društvo| Satira

The Lost

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.05.2015. u 16:33

Given the proper conditions, I am sure that I could get lost in my own flat.

There are people who are born with an innate sense of orientation. These people always know which way is True North, how to get from here to there without circumnavigating the globe and discovering the West Indies, and do not refer to "right" as the "other left."

What is True North anyway? Is there a Fake North?


Clearly this is just not my week.

I really just wanted to mind my own business and get on with the summer, but then Vuk Jeremic decides he wants to censor the social media. I mean - come on, people! - how can this just be glossed over in passing?

2012-01-14 13:35:58
Društvo| Sex| Život

Of Women and Men

Chris Farmer RSS / 14.01.2012. u 14:35

This is the trouble with crowdsourcing.

I have been asked to write about the relationship between men and women. In order to do so, I am forced to call upon my many years experience as a male and attempt to relate the relative truths and gleanings from this experience into a form which will elucidate and provide the invaluable insight which this topic requires and deserves. The effort has been extreme, but I finally believe that I might impart this wisdom - the sum total of my understanding of the relationship between women and men.

2010-04-17 07:22:19
Ekonomija| Nauka| Satira

Eyjafjallajokull Smoke Screen

Chris Farmer RSS / 17.04.2010. u 08:22

Is it really a coincidence?

Only two days after a shocking report on the banking crash in Iceland, wherein many senior members of the Icelandic government were indicted, accused, and the Iceland central bank chairman, the former prime minister, and others sundry were formally charged with "mistakes or negligence" by the Truth Commission - is it really a coincidence that Eyjafjallajokull chose this moment to spit up fire and lava?

2015-02-26 10:36:56
Društvo| Kultura| Životni stil

The Call

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.02.2015. u 11:36

In the old days, we used to happy when the phone would ring.

In the old days, the phone was a fixed object in some corner of the house, usually next to a comfortable chair, so you could sit and chat with whoever was on the other side of the receiver. When the phone would ring, we usually knew who it might be - a friend, your Aunt Wendy, your sister in Chicago.

Or Bob.

But that was then. Today Bob never calls. You read his Facebook updates. You might occasionally exchange "likes," possibly the odd instant message chat. And in the end, you know pretty much what Bob has been doing and what he likes and what is happening around him. The same for your sister and Aunt Wendy. The virtual nature of our communications today means that we have the impression of talking to people all the time. We open some social media site with our morning coffee or tea and instantly know what our thousands of friends are doing. Especially the friends we never met.


No matter what we do, the next step is always forward.

It is a fact of our linear time-space continuum that the life in the world is a one way street. 2011 cannot be followed by 2010 (nor by 1526 as far as that goes) or anything other than 2012. Tonight we celebrate that passage in our odd and somewhat superfluous tradition marking the passage of time. Even as I write this, we could be celebrating the passage of 11.59 into 12.00...


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