Did you read the Book?

The Book is not available yet. It is the subject of conjecture and wild surmise. The Book began eight years ago. The words are written. The pages, however, are as yet unassembled, unordered, and unbound. What is the Book? Who has the Book?

And will it cure my bunions?

2015-09-12 16:20:49
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No IDEA Whatsoever

Chris Farmer RSS / 12.09.2015. u 17:20

It's a mystery. Wrapped inside a pickle. On a ham sandwich.

On sale in Aisle 7.

The mystery is that I no longer know where I am when I go to the supermarket in Belgrade. Today, for example, I started out list-in-handed on a journey to IDEA in New Belgrade. I had received in the post a special Happy Birthday coupon for a 10% discount (on almost everything except what I wanted to buy I found in the fine print).

2011-11-26 09:55:19
Društvo| Ekonomija

Going Mediaeval

Chris Farmer RSS / 26.11.2011. u 10:55

When the loan officer at the bank offers you a load of carrots instead of cash, you will know that this is a Crisis.

Business is booming for the Prognosticators of Doom these days. All I am hearing from all sides is that the End is Near, speeches about the Demise of Consumerism abound, and that we are sliding into a time of feudal lords, manor houses, indentured servitude and mediaeval bartering.

2015-04-30 11:28:05
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On the Waterfront

Chris Farmer RSS / 30.04.2015. u 12:28

Filming has started on Belgrade's last and greatest foray into the "willing suspension of disbelief," the epic saga under the working title of The Belgrade Waterfront. The avant-premier is scheduled for May 1, 2045, giving the publicists barely 30 years to get ready for the grand event. Half of the budget will be allocated in 2035.

None of the principle actors have arrived yet on the set, nor has the director - citing some unease about getting paid for half of it in 20 years - but the producers (Sheik Ali Xander & Associates) have so far put on a spectacle worthy of Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

2013-09-04 13:21:41
Društvo| Politika

Foreign Minister

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.09.2013. u 14:21

There is probably something wrong with my phone.

As soon as the announcement came last month that foreigners were wanted in the new flip-flopped Serbian government, I was on alert. Surely the call would come from Aleksandar Vučić asking me to take over a few portfolios. Not too many, enough to keep me occupied a couple days a week.

But the call never came. I should get my phone serviced.

2011-11-15 18:57:43
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Dunbar's Number

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.11.2011. u 19:57

According to what I could discover (and I am sure there is some overly-befriended Facebooker out there who may correct me) the maximum amount of friends you can have on Facebook is five thousand. Five thousand fellow humans whom we call our friends.

5,000? Really?

2010-04-24 19:55:15
Politika| Satira

Today’s Present Future of Yesterday

Chris Farmer RSS / 24.04.2010. u 20:55

Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ivica Dačić is a time traveler. Few people know this.

Speaking at Takovo, celebrating the 2nd Serbian Uprising (where they actually managed a good slap at Ali Pasha, leaving the Ottoman Turks to slowly lose interest and drift home 63 years later), the Deputy Prime Minister said:

2010-03-11 14:09:14
Društvo| Zdravlje

Appeal for Blueberries

Chris Farmer RSS / 11.03.2010. u 15:09

Blueberry pie. Blueberry juice. Blueberry jam. Blueberry tarts. Blueberry preserves. Fresh blueberries. Frozen blueberries. Wild blueberries. Dried blueberries. Blueberry yoghurt. Blueberry barbeque sauce. 

There are times when we accumulate so much information a subject that it must needs burst forth and splat onto the page like squashed blueberry. The following is not a public service announcement or message. It is just overspill.

2013-03-14 18:20:51
Društvo| Nauka| Religija


Chris Farmer RSS / 14.03.2013. u 19:20

The new pope was white-smoked in record time. The new pope comes from the new world. The new pope is a Jesuit. The new pope is a scientist.

[Moment of silent contemplation]

A scientist, chosen by the same gang that strong-armed Galileo into backsies, that poo-pooed Copernicus, and that burned Giordano Bruno for heresy in the middle of Campo dei Fiori. As a class, these are people who do not get along very well with scientists. But now...


2013-09-19 14:24:29
Politika| Satira

Economical Excerpts

Chris Farmer RSS / 19.09.2013. u 15:24

The following is a loose translation, based more on intent and intuition than actual lingustic accuracy, of Economic Adviser to the Government of Serbia Dominque Strauss-Kahn for the media at a governement press conference. 

While committed to helping develop the economic capacities of Serbia, the Adviser leaves most of these key messages as implied, focusing instead on his main areas of expertise and topics of specific interest to him in his new role.


Chris Farmer

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