2008-01-15 09:57:46

Border Dashing

Chris Farmer RSS / 15.01.2008. u 10:57

My babysitter has her bags packed.

One fine day, a couple of weeks ago, I heard the announcement that if the Radicals should win the upcoming presidential elections – i.e., Smiling Tommy Nik – that she was ready to pack up and leave the country.

Hm, I told her.

2010-06-02 13:11:28
Društvo| Putovanja

Heads or Tails

Chris Farmer RSS / 02.06.2010. u 14:11

SLAVONSKI BROD, CROATIA. Life makes for bad reading. Our daily stories do not have connecting plot lines, suspense and denouements, consequential trains of thought. Aristotle said stories should have beginnings, middles, and ends.

But life has only the middle.

2009-08-06 15:04:06


Chris Farmer RSS / 06.08.2009. u 16:04

When it gets really HOT, we turn on the fans and air-conditioners and complain about the heat, and then we book holidays at places on the seaside where it is even hotter. What we do not do, as I have just begun to appreciate, is to stay in Belgrade.

There is a mixed blessing about staying behind in the White City during August. The streets are empty if you wish to drive your car, but often there is no one waiting for you at your destination. There are fewer people in lines in the supermarket, but much of what you need to buy will not be stocked until September.

2009-09-27 09:34:01

The Other

Chris Farmer RSS / 27.09.2009. u 10:34

This is a time for considered reflection.

Given the events in Belgrade of the last couple of weeks - the seemingly random attacks, the last-minute suppression of the gay parade - it does not seem a time to speak out and be heard. We should all stop and consider what we have allowed to happen here. I had not planned on writing on this subject as it has been thoroughly talked about, but I happened to find this in my reading, which I thought might be relevant.

2010-02-11 15:24:54
Društvo| Kultura| Ljubav

Valentine's Day & Co.

Chris Farmer RSS / 11.02.2010. u 16:24

The candied hearts clearly have the superior PR agency.

As we move steadily toward February 14th, the commercial behemoth which is Valentine's Day & Co. is busily cranking out the obligatory floral bouquets, chocolates, greeting cards, and fuzzy-heart pillows which are required purchasing for this most arbitrary of holidays. Dan Zaljubljenih d.o.o. is a relatively foreign thing in Serbia, and only relatively observed, but Big Advertising is still using it as much as they can.

2009-10-13 07:03:53

Individual Hunger

Chris Farmer RSS / 13.10.2009. u 08:03

On Friday, I will not be eating.

According to many, this might be a good practice for me every day, but I will be hungry on Friday because I just added my name to the Hunger Strike Against Hunger action set for Friday, October 16, 2009.

2012-10-03 15:37:20
Društvo| Ekonomija

Stone Squeezing

Chris Farmer RSS / 03.10.2012. u 16:37

There are two rules about squeezing blood from a stone. First: it does not work. Second: apply enough pressure and the stone will eventually crumble. Work gloves are recommended.

With the spate of price increases here and there of excises and specific taxes which was landed on our collective heads in Serbia this week - cigarettes, bus tickets, fuel, heating costs, and VAT which affects almost everything else - the government is showing us that they are fresh out of fresh ideas.

2014-11-12 20:11:48
Društvo| Moj grad

The Vigilante

Chris Farmer RSS / 12.11.2014. u 21:11

Just to show how really short-sighted it is possible to be, civic activist Filip Vukša was fined nearly €500 for repairing a dilapidated bus stop in Belgrade.


2009-11-11 13:32:09


Chris Farmer RSS / 11.11.2009. u 14:32

In Iceland, they have a name for it.

It is the feeling of seasonal depression when the days start getting short and nights start coming sooner. "Skamm" means short, "degi" is day, "thung" is heavy and "lyndi" means mood.


2012-04-04 10:30:10
Društvo| Filozofija

Dumbing It Down

Chris Farmer RSS / 04.04.2012. u 11:30

I wonder if I know less today that the things which I have forgotten.

I used to remember phone numbers. I also remembered birthdays, street addresses, spelling, and peoples' names (although I was NEVER very good at that). Now I no longer need to remember. My phone holds ALL the phone numbers to which I have ever been exposed. It remembers for me. Street addresses are not nearly as relevant as email addresses - and email addresses are on their way to being completely supplanted by IM, Facebook, or chat identities.


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