2008-02-27 14:12:57

The Lichtenstein Connection

Andrew Beaumont RSS / 27.02.2008. u 15:12

It looks like Lichtenstein is in a spot of bother. Somebody's been selling it's secrets to the German intelligence service - and to the British and Americans, and probably to a few more lower-profile receivers of stolen property.

What secrets? Just the names and bank records of about 1400 people, most of them from Germany who've had the foresight (or the criminal instincts, depending on your point of view) to invest large amounts of untaxed income in the helpfully anonymous accounts provided by Lichtenstein's banks.

Apparently, the 5 million euros paid by the German

2008-02-16 19:00:38

Too little and probably too late…

Andrew Beaumont RSS / 16.02.2008. u 20:00

What a surprise! Suddenly, some in the ‘court of international opinion' seem to be waking up to the implications of Kosovo's threatened independence declaration.

But its such a pity they waited till now. Governments who've committed themselves to supporting the creation of an ‘independent' Kosovo are unlikely to change their minds at this ‘eleventh hour', no matter how valid Serbia's arguments might be, to work for a solution within the letter and spirit of UNSC Resolution 1244. If you are a powerful wealthy nation or community of nations, apparently you need not be troubled

2008-01-22 11:26:14

…The Opium Of The People?

Andrew Beaumont RSS / 22.01.2008. u 12:26

Most mornings, I take my dog for a walk in the park.  It usually involves being pulled from tree to tree to investigate who's been where and what they've been doing.  Because I'm not very interested in the  things that fascinate my dog, his stop-start progress lets me look around and see what's happening in the world.  One morning recently, the day of the Orthodox Theophany - the Epiphany, there was a lot of religion happening in the park. 

Just for the record, it was also Timket, the feast of the epiphany in Ethiopia and the Sunni Muslim festival of Ashura, so the Americans

2007-12-28 18:20:57

May Contain Nuts

Andrew Beaumont RSS / 28.12.2007. u 19:20

It’s just like being back in the UK! In Belgrade we’re told, this week’s snowfall caused ‘traffic chaos’. The roads were gridlocked, there were accidents everywhere and the City authorities advised drivers to “…stay home unless they must make the journey, in which case they should not exceed the speeds of 60 kmph on the highways and 40 kmph on other roads, with obligatory winter equipment for their vehicles”. Good advice – I wonder if anyone takes any notice? Sadly, I didn’t see any warnings about the need to put on warm underwear and two pairs of socks, or to

2007-12-21 16:23:56

Bismarck's Principle

Andrew Beaumont RSS / 21.12.2007. u 17:23

So many people have had so much to say about the future of Kosovo, its relationship to Serbia and its place in the international community. Right or wrong, it looks like the ‘formal debate’s more-or-less over bar the shouting, and the Court of International Opinion is now going to hand down its judgement. Serbia is almost certainly going to lose Kosovo. It’s probably inevitable and both sides will have to live with it.  Whether or not it’ll be a ‘Just’ decision doesn’t really matter.

140 years ago, Germany’s ‘Iron’ Chancellor Bismarck said that “…politics


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