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The Fall of an Empire - cont.

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LaRouche: Dummies Don't Understand It--THIS IS NOT A CRASH!

October 20, 2008 (LPAC)--Lyndon LaRouche today strongly criticized those who claim that the worst of the "financial crash is over,'' declaring that what the world is going through is not a financial crash, at all, but a far more devastating disintegration of the entire global financial system.



William Langewisch: "Ramush had to be acquitted because of the nature of the prosecution, which was inadequate... Whether he was as criminal or not is largely a definitional issue. The question is: according to whose laws?" Langewiesche is currently working on a book about the slow erosion of the nation-state as an organizing principle in the world.(sic)

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Наш пријатељ на врху

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28 ОКТОБАР, ЂОРЂЕ СОРОШ "A much larger and more flexible package is needed to reassure markets. The central banks at the centre should open large swap lines with the central banks of qualifying countries at the periphery and countries with large foreign currency reserves, notably China, Japan, Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, ought to put up a supplemental fund that could be dispersed more flexibly. There is also an urgent need for short-term and longer-term credit to enable countries with sound fiscal positions to engage in Keynesian


``The tectonic plates beneath the world financial system are shifting, and there is going to be a new financial world order that will be born of this,'' said Peter Kenny, managing director at Knight Capital Group Inc., the Jersey City, New Jersey-based brokerage that handles about $1 trillion worth of stock transactions a quarter. ``It's an ugly and painful process.''

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a fairly plain vanilla mortgage-backed facility

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Q1170 Chairman: We have heard of CDOs-squared and CDOs-cubed. Lord Aldington, can you explain to me what a CDO-squared or CDO-cubed is?

Lord Aldington (Chairman of Deutsche Bank): I have not come before this Committee as an expert on CDOs.

Q1171 Chairman: But your organisation is involved in collateralised debt obligations?

Lord Aldington: That is true. My organisation is involved in a very broad range of products and I would not claim to be an expert on all of them.


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September 15, 2008 (LPAC)--Once more it is Monday, and, once more, everyone among us, or around us, nearby, or in foreign lands, who disputed my estimate of the current strategic situation has been shown to have been, suddenly, very, very wrong.

Everyone who doubted my forecast has been wrong, those inside our association, or in public affairs, has not only been wrong, but disastrously so -- especially those who strongly disliked hearing "bad news."

They were wrong about Obama and his campaign,

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SOROS (nastavak)

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Obratite pažnju na Sorosov tekst (prvi link). Razumećete koliko je njegova analiza neadekvatna situaciji u sledećem periodu dok se odvija svetski ekonomski kolaps.

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