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"Read not these words" A. Pope
"Read not these words" A. Pope
I have been interested in trying this experiment for several weeks. [Kosovo] The fact is that I would like to write about a number of things this afternoon. I have about 36 topics sitting in the in-tray waiting to bespatter with my curmudgeonly opinions and complaints. [Kosovo]

Of those topics, four are about the traffic on the highways which has become a nightmare IN ANTICIPATION of the much hyped road works. [Kosovo] Seven of the topics relate to government – but how boring is that?  [Kosovo] Our new government has not triggered the much anticipated scandal-mongering spree from our glorious Yellow Press yet, and far be it for me to change the diapers of that particular tar baby. [Kosovo] Thirteen touch on the subject of customer service – sparked by thirteen different and sui generis indignations which I suffered recently at the hands of the Commercial Class. [Kosovo] Three topics were on the idea of including more Latin phrases in one’s everyday speech and/or blogging. Pros and Cons. Discuss.


That makes twenty-seven so far. The remaining nine are about banking. [Kosovo] Why do ATMs always run out of money two minutes before you arrive? Why do bank tellers feel that they hold the power of life and death over the poor people standing in their lines for days at a time? [Kosovo] What business has the security guard in the bank to ask me why I am in the bank in the first place? Is he secretly the bank manager, slipping in amongst the common folk like King Henry among his soldiers? Did he study advanced economics at Harvard and then receive a gun and a blue tie with his diploma?

I have a lot of questions along those lines. [Kosovo]

But this short blog (you’re welcome! [Kosovo]) is really a different sort of exercise altogether. You may have noticed that there is a certain key repetition throughout this text.  A single idea whose name has been raised but whose nature has not been touched. It is a topic about which much has been said thus far [Kosovo] elsewhere, but one that in these few lines has yet to be broached, approached, accosted, or into-delved. [Kosovo]

I certainly would not like to insult the intelligence of the average reader of these pages by spelling it out [Kosovo] in bold letters. But I believe that it is now time [Kosovo] to reveal the true intent of this incessant rambling. Alexander Pope, clever bugger that he was (is the word “bugger” going to alert the civil authorities to me?), writes:

   Words are like leaves/ And where they most abound/ Much fruit of sense [Kosovo] beneath/ Is rarely found.

Seek ye not, dear reader, the fruit of [Kosovo] sense. There are indeed far too many words here to make the effort worth your time [Kosovo]. But I would like to make clear my intent to all and sundry (except you, Mr. Pullen, who already know) in sitting down to waste your time with the foregoing 2,863 characters with spaces. From my perspective, it is very clear. But I may have my judgment clouded by my own predilection for the topic itself.

[Kosovo] [Kosovo] [Kosovo]

The point is, to any of you who have bothered to read this far down the page, precisely this:


[            ]

Thank you for your indulgence.



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gagonja gagonja 19:24 17.10.2007

i dont get it cause im stupid

but why havent you thrown one of those about banking, customer service and security guard's inner world?
we could talk about those topics that by far much more affect our lives than taking another glance in [ ].
I am sure that you will have some nice things and ideas to share. so please be so kind and share with us how in the countries of western civilization trip to the bank could be a pleasent experience?
how employees would rather go to their supervisors, and hence shift their responsibilities, than being in charge of everything?
come on lets fully use all of your resources and generosity and make a difference.
Soylent Green Soylent Green 19:32 17.10.2007

Global Pacifier Trends

It is a primary duty of any self-respecting regime to ensure adequate supply of pacifiers for its subjects. Gagged with pacifiers, subjects perform duties more efficiently and scream far less.

I think that home-brewn pacifiers, like Kosovo, are far more humane (and ethical if you will) than the industrial variety used in the west.

Take terrorism, for example, the #1 selling brand in US of A. Average american has better chances of being hit by a meteorite than seeing a terrorist. This tragic alienation from one's own pacifier is cause of immense suffering and psychiatric problems.

On the other hand, an average Serb can at least point to Kosovo on the map, maybe even drive over there, or see some Albanians in Serbia. It's so much more intimate and natural, almost organic, the way pacifiers should be.

I think that serbs should cherish the Kosovo(tm) brand pacifiers - soon they will have to wean off them and switch to some plastic shit from which they will never be able to wean from, as it will be something abstract, remote, impossible to touch or deal with. As Serbia sinks into precarity of global capital servitude, many will become nostalgic about times when they were sucking Kosovo(tm) pacifiers.

Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 20:17 17.10.2007

Re: Global Pacifier Trends

I prefer Georgia to Kosovo, on my mind. It is soothing, especially when the late Rey Charles sings it.
codex_casti codex_casti 22:38 17.10.2007

well.. this topic deserves a poem..


Šinu munja, ču se škrgut rebra
Crne zemlje. Gavran uvis štuče.
A kad kobno zapištaše sebra
Perne strele, grom nad Šarom puče
I s nebesa teška suza kanu.
Oluj rinu niz mračnu poljanu...

Krst zablista... Bledi, tužni, bosi
S pesmom koju nikad nisu znali,
Po kosački kad se polje kosi,
Kretoše se. Krv im noge zali,
Munja lije iz tavnog oblaka,
A krv peni s krstatih balčaka.

Tama... Strava.. A kad podne pade
Kraj derviša i carskih jedeka,
Crn kaludjer Bogu dušu dade -
Krst potamne.. Presta bojna jeka,
samo poljem studen smrti reže,
Gde čestiti carski sebri leže...
codex_casti codex_casti 00:09 18.10.2007

Re: well.. this topic deserves a poem..


Blast of lightning, hear the ribs are grindin’
Darkned lands. Sky got rip by raven
And the moment serbs got doomed in fightnin’
Feather arrows, thunder hit the mountain
And hard tear drops down straight from heaven
Storm is comin’ and it’s dark and howlin’

Cross Is dazzelin…barefoot, pail, in sorrow
Humming poem never knew or follow
Like the reaper when the grass is yellow
They moved forward, and blood burst their feet
Lightening’s pouring from the darkned heaven
Blood is foaming on their saber-hilt.

Darknes.. Horror.. and noon came in sudden
Near the turk czar and his monks and servents,
Priest in black lay his soul to rest -
Cross got darknin.. battle screams got stoppin’
Only death cold’s cuttin’ air in meadow
Where the honorable czar’s serbs are lyin’..
tnosugar tnosugar 04:12 18.10.2007

Re: well.. this topic deserves a poem..

hej, ako je ovo tvoj prepev, svaka cast...skroz je u beat fazonu :)
jinks jinks 09:44 18.10.2007

Halting problem

This may not the case of repetiotion per se (i.e.making a point or statement solely through repetition, without any actual sense to support it). This may be an even harder case, the case of Halting problem.

The first time I have heard the word, I was in my early elem. school years. Did not understand to much, but got a very strong feeling (that did not fade away too much so far) that this is the case of some very serious stuff that goes far above something that a single generation of even single state can solve. Heard zillions of stories about it, how it all came to life, how somebody planned it for decades, how millions were brought from some other country and settled there (something of this may even be truth, the rest urban legends or else). As said before, feeling is still here, the problem is still here (did not evolute too much, despite the years, lifes, wars, billions that flew from pockets to the pocket).

The second point is that, maybe, the sheer facing with the magnitude of this problem, made, in a sense, the previous federation obsolete, and made others run away from the problem as far as they could.
blejach blejach 17:51 18.10.2007


Yeah, well, old story... politicians will always use such distractions: big problems and grave dangers to avoid dealing with some simpler problems that they can but wont solve. Serbia is not unique there, you have that in all countries. USA politicians have long history of using such important, powerfull words, like: communism, russians, 9/11, terrorism... such words can justify anything... sadly...
m.agrippa m.agrippa 04:06 19.10.2007

Yarrrrr! I be here to plunder! Savvy?

Did he seriously ask you what you were doing there (at the bank)? LOL! That's hilarious.
shubidubi shubidubi 13:25 08.10.2008

...incessant rambling....

Dear Chris,

I very much enjoyed reading your witty text.
Among many other topics that I would like to write about, I'm going to single out only one - my deep and utmost respect for the democratisation and humanitarian efforts of the US Government at global level.

[$oil$world$dominance$] Except, on second thought, don't you think that the US [$oil$world$dominance$]Government would be making a much bigger & better [$oil$world$dominance$] point if those efforts were accompanied by precisely this: [ ] ?

Thank you for your indulgence.
shubidubi shubidubi 18:18 08.10.2008

sui generis - penis bonus

oh, and....Serbian [KOSOVO] Resolution on Kosovo [KOSOVO] just won the backing of the UN GA [KOSOVO]

...where would we be now if it wasn't [KOSOVO] [KOSOVO] [KOSOVO] but merely [ ] ??




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