Looking for a job in Serbia and Montenegro

finadeeva RSS / 04.08.2009. u 07:08


Let me start my story by saying that I visited Montenegro in 2008 and lost my mind ^_^

I have been to other European countries before but never have I felt so at home. Since then the only think about coming back to Balkans, visit Serbia, find job and stay there for a long time.

So now I am looking for a position of a real estate manager or agent because that's what I am good at and interested in. I know English and French (and Russian of course), constantly upgrade my knowledge of private international law and work as a legal adviser in a company in Russia. I suppose a company can benefit from hiring a young, energetic, optimistic professional with knowledge of languages and law. Learning Serbian is now in progress and I am actively looking for an interesting opportunity to come up. So, please, if you know of any positions available or have any ideas or advice on the matter I looking forward to getting your letter. Thank you in advance.


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