Intercultural Parking

Chris Farmer RSS / 22.01.2010. u 23:22


 Man walks up to pay station at Sava Centar to pay for his parking. He puts in a folded 100 dinar note.

"Currency not accepted"

The notice says in English. Man unfolds the bill and smoothes it on his hand. Drops it. Damn. Picks it up, smoothes it out, and tries again.

"Uzmite Vaš kusur"

The notice says in Serbian. Man walks out in contemplation.... 


  • 1. Only foreigners will put folded currency into a machine and expect it to be straightened out for them.
  • 2. Serbs do not mistreat their money.


  • 3. Foreigners will always wait for change
  • 4. Serbs will try to tip the machine.




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libkonz libkonz 12:37 23.01.2010


Aleksandra Mitrovic Aleksandra Mitrovic 15:51 23.01.2010

Re: haha

U should C situations with different nationalities here on ATM exchange machines Somebody could film that. I have noticed that especially Egyptians had developed special tricks. Then they R moonlighting next 2 the same machines offering help 2 puzzled tourists expecting tips in the end of transaction That's the proof that U CAN tip machine.....I mean.....the man next 2 it
myredneckself myredneckself 18:01 23.01.2010

Re: haha

Serbs will try to tip the machine.

Yeap, possibly... Serbs are very generous and decent folks
sometimes waiting for "kusur" can go wrong



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