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25 godina albuma "A Secret Wish"

Srđan Mitrović RSS / 26.07.2010. u 12:38

Sećam se  prvog singla grupe Popaganda - "Dr. Mabuse" koji me je prvo privukao zbog naslova, pa zatim muzike i na kraju fenomenalnog spota koji je radio Anton Corbijn. I odmah sam ih zavoleo.


Iako su nastali 1982. godine, trebalo im je čitave dve godine da objave ovaj singl. Postali su veliki hit u Nemačkoj i Engleskoj. Često su im govorili da su oni "Aba iz pakla".
U grupi su nastale neke turbulencije, članovi su se menjali, ali želja za prvim albumom nikad nije prestajala. Potpisali su za diskografsku kuću ZTT. I nisu imali sreće. Baš u to vreme, još jedna grupa koja je snimila album za ovu kuću, postigla je neverovatan uspeh preko noči, pa je sva pažnja bila na njima. I tako zbog grupe “Frenkie Goes to Hollywood”, Propaganda je morala da uzme drugog producenta. Umesto gurua Trevora Horna, drugi singl je producirao Stiven Lipson, i tako nastaje pop singl "Duel" koji se pojaljuje tek u aprilu 1985. Ovo je ujedno i njihova najpopularnija pesma, tako bar kažu, i sa ovom pesmom su se pojavili i u kultnoj emisiji BBC-ja "Top of the Pops"


Prvi album "Secret Wish" objavljuju u junu 1985. godine. Odmah su postali miljenici i kritike i publike. Nažalost sledeći singl a i moja najomiljenija pesma "P Machinery" nije postigla očekivani uspeh. Narvno nije prošlo mnogo vremena pre nego što se pojavio i remiks album pod nazivom "Wishfull Thinking" u novembru 1985. koji je bio namenjen za diskoteke.

Zbog veoma nepovoljnog ugovora sa ZTT, mnogi članovi benda napuštaju Propagandu. Neki se i vraćaju kada grupa 1990. potpisuje ugovor za drugi album, ali ovog puta sa “Virgin Recordsom”. U pomoć im pristiže i Hauard Džons kao i Kris Hju iz “Tears for Fears”. Nisu im pomogli, i prvi singl "Heaven Give Me Words" ne prolazi baš sjajno na top listama. Prosto nije bilo njihovo vreme. Eletronski pop polako zamenjuje haus muzika.

Krajem devedesetih bilo je pokušaja da se grupa ponovo oživi. Čak su započeli i rad na novom albumu uz mali pomoć Martina Gora iz grupe “Depeche mode”. Urađen je čak i video spot "No Return" u decembru 1998. godine. Nažalost album nikad nije objavljen. Rečeno je samo da je bilo vredno truda obnoviti grupu, ali da prosto nije išlo. Ubrzo posle toga, na netu se pojavilo devet pesama sa nesuđenog albuma.

Poslednje okupljanje Propagande je bilo u novembru 2005. godine u Vembli Areni povodom proslave rada Trevora Horna kada su izveli pesmu “Dr. Mabuse”.

Ps.ovih dana se pojavio specijalno izdanje albuma "A secret wish" koji osim remasterovanog albuma sadržii cd sa remiksima među kojima i kultni remiks pesme "Duel" u trajanju od20 minuta.

spisk pesama:

Disc: 1 1. Dream Within A Dream 2. Murder Of Love, The 3. Jewel 4. Duel 5. Frozen Faces 6. P:Machinery 7. Sorry For Laughing 8. Chase, The 9. Dr. Mabuse 10. Dream Within A Dream 11. Jewel 12. Duel 13. P:Machinery 14. Dr. Mabuse 15. Last Word (Strength To Dream), The Disc: 2 1. Do Well 2. Testament One 3. Die Tausend Augen Des Mabuse 4. Sorry For Laughing 5. Thought 6. Thought 7. P:Machinery 8. Chase, The 9. Echo Of Frozen Faces 10. P:Machinery 11. Testament Three





















 Like Yazoo a few years before them, Propaganda's recording career was painfully cut short...but they left us with a album that still generates a sense of analogue wonder with epic soundscapes .
'A Secret Wish' is timeless. It contains no gimmicky studio trickery that would betray its true age. The pop hooks still resonate and grab you between moments of breathtaking sequencing and orchestral arrangements as mighty as Holst.
Brilliantly described as 'Abba in hell' by Paul Morley when the album was first released in 1985 on cassette and vinyl, producer Steve Lipson tweaked and expanded the album for its CD some months later and all these extended versions are included on the lavish and quite brilliant deluxe edition. There are other fascinating insights provided in the linear notes of this deluxe edition including a shocking suggestion regarding possible producers when it became clear that Trevor Horn was too busy (or felt that the source material was too 'dark').

 On the morning that EY was blipping 'P-Machinery', we received an intriuging email with the words: 'For once in 25 years... I am prepared to answer some questions - if any..'

EY is now honoured to present an interview with Propaganda's founding member Ralf Dorper who looks back on the making of one of the greatest electronic albums ever recorded, legal fall-outs and a love for 'relentlessly marching basslines'....

EY: How did it all begin for Propaganda MK1 and how did your demos come to the attention of Paul Morley at ZTT?
Was 'A Secret Wish' already completely in demo form by the time you signed to the London label?

Ralf: A long story - starting in 1982 - I try to cut it short:
Firstly for the record: there never was a demo!

Propaganda Mk1 was a trio consisting of Susanne Freytag, Andreas Thein and myself. I started Propaganda after being ousted from Die Krupps early in 1982.
My musical vision was to give machines a female voice.
The name Propaganda actually was adapted from a track I had originally written for Die Krupps. Parts of its lyrics later re-appeared in Disziplin. Having an EP in mind we recorded 2 Tracks stemming from material which evolved during sessions I conducted with Andreas in Cologne.
The 2 tracks - included some 'dub' mixes - featured the voice of Susanne and were in German: 'Disziplin' and 'Sunde'. The former being inspired by TG's 'Discipline' without being a real cover version...
We intended to get a release in the UK possibly on the label which had re-released my weird early German solo-recordings in England (Operation Twilight Rec).
I sent a tape of these first Propaganda recordings to Chris Bohn aka Biba Kopf. He was a NME collegue of Paul Morley and actually had championed all my weird early stuff in the NME at that time (something like 3 singles of the week in a row...).
Chris informed Morley/Horn and when they signaled interest I put the negotiations about the EP on hold.
All that took place pre-ZTT in 1982.
A contract was signed in 1983 (when ZTT started to exist as a company).
Propaganda was the first band(?) signed after Art of Noise but before FGTH.

With the sudden option of recording with Trevor Horn certainly Propaganda's musical options had changed as well - the new vision was to go total pop!
That new strategy involved creating new material - and expanding the line-up to make it pop - Propaganda Mk2:
Suzanne brought in her friend Claudia - and I discovered Michael Mertens who was percussionist at the Dusseldorf Symphonic Orchestra - by the way he also had studied composition with Karl Bartos of Kraftwerk.

EY: 'Dr Mabuse' was released in 1984 but the follow-up single 'Duel' was pushed back to the following year with some citing the success of Frankie Goes To Hollywoood for the delay. Was this frustrating for you at the time and was Trevor Horn originally assigned to produce 'A Secret Wish'?

One element of frustration was the 'tightness' of ZTT/perfect songs. They did take quite a while to realize that they had to make a financial input as we needed some kind of own equipment to pre-produce and compose properly. Michael and myself spent a publishing advance on equipment (among others the legendary PPG-system). In Dusseldorf we prepared new material (took quite a while). But these demos - of 'Dream Within A Dream', 'Duel' or 'P-Machinery' - very much resembled the recorded versions. On 'Dream Within A Dream' we tried out a trombone player from the DUsseldorf Orchestra Michael worked in.

EY: Steve Lipson was choosen to produce the album and did a fantastic job with the sonics behind the mixing desk. Were these recording sessions exciting to be a part of ?
Was there a sense that you were producing a template for future electronic music that would go on to influence acts including Depeche Mode and the Pet Shop Boys?

Ralf: In the beginning I was a bit sceptical as Lipson was a guitar-player...at least Trevor came from the bass (which are often the coolest guys in a band..!)

But Lipson was essential and the perfect choice.
I do not believe that we influenced DM or PSB which were around already - and DM were surely banging on metal because of Einsturzende Neubauten (or should I say Die Krupps) not because of Propaganda.

EY: How long did it take to complete the recording of 'A Secret Wish'?
Many of the track's soundscapes are immensley complex and detailed even today's standards.

Was the album actually completely and 'ready to go' in 1984?

Ralf: I do not recall exactly when we considered it 'done'. There were some deadlines - for sure. But date of completion most likely was last minute 1985. The process was speeding up after they had enabled us to do our own demo-ing.

EY: Shortly after the album's release, it was quick to gather rave reviews and admiration in the industry for its technical excellence and the album was regarded by many as being ahead of its time.Was there a sense that you had recording something special that would endure and appeal many years later?

Ralf: I always was of the opinion that you should only record/release something special - otherwise you are wasting people's time. But often what is special does not appeal.....straight away.


EY: Looking back to 1985, the year of Live Aid and the depressing return of 'stadium rock', do you think the album would have faired better commercially if released a year later?

England is an island... ....and as a matter of fact the album - as well as the singles 'Duel' and 'P-Machinery' - did tremendously well on the continent (but not so much in Germany anymore - funnily enough). It was really successful in France and French-Canada, Southern Europe and - South America!
In a lot of countries we outsold 'Pleasuredome' - so no complaints.


EY: It's difficult for the listener to see how 'A Secret Wish' could be improved musically or technically. When you look back at the recordings 25 years later, is there anything you would tweak or change?

Ralf: It's difficult for the ones involved as well.

There are some annoying Linn-sounds (the bass-chip!).
On the other hand I am happy that despite using state-of-the-art 80s sound sources we did not go for the obvious ones (roto-toms, Syncussion, F-F-F-Fairlight staccato samples etc.)

EY: Which tracks are you most proud of? Are there any tracks from the recording sessions that didn't make the final tracklisting?

The tracklisting - well, I do not like the idea of spoiling a debut with a cover version. Unless you want to make a statement. In my opinion it would have been much more of a statement to have a cover version of TG's 'Discipline' on the album instead of 'Sorry For Laughing'.
And I think that too much of Susanne somehow got lost in production.

EY: If EY could have a signature tune then it would most certainly be the final third of the original extended Dr Mabuse mix (7m.05s into the mix that was sadly ommited from the SACD release a few years back). We think that it is the greatest sequence of electronic noted and synth chords ever recorded. Do you remember much from the recording of this track and how this mix came about?

Thank you. Appreciate. And a good choice - would be mine as well.  I adore relentlessly marching basslines.
It's harking back to early stages when 'Mabuse' was much more of a track without song structure - and the original equipment used in programming 'Mabuse' were 808 and 303.

But not to forget chords: meisterworks from moodmaster Mertens.

EY: On the subject of remixes, ZTT were infamous for issuing multiple remixes of the same track within weeks of each other on different formats. Were all of these mixes ever presented to you for your approval or did you too have trouble keeping up with the sheer amount of mixes?

Ralf: These were hectic times at ZTT. And it can be so time consuming to keep the artist informed... Ever wondered about our bad hair days on the sleeve-shots for 'A Secret Wish'?

EY: 'Duel' is a spinetingly pop gem and was a modest hit whilst becoming the BBC's theme for it's RAC rally sports coverage througout 1985.
The single has gone on to be cherished by many who follow this genre and Sophie Ellis Bextor recently covered the track.
What is it like to be involved with such an iconic and highly regarded track?

Ralf: As did Mandy (you know Bill Wyman wink wink...) years ago.
In a way it was high-concept giving in to realism - an artistic failure.
Because the initial concept was to have the duel (of noise and nice) fought out within the song. Maybe a middle-part-duel between dissonance and harmony - very dialectic, brain-heavy - a song for PM.
Didn't quite work out - but luckily at that time there was still the concept of a single. So the dueling parts became A- and B-side.

EY:'A Secret Wish' is such a lush and rich recording much like Heaven 17's 'A Luxury Gap' that also used a real orchestra and only recently broke even.
How much did it cost to record 'A Secret Wish'?
Was it a hugely expensive album to record?

Ralf: This is a tricky topic as you might be aware that there was legal action back in the 80s! So I should say that it was an expensive experience recording the album...... And we recouped in the 90s. Not sure if we recovered from the experience however...

JVA: Tell us about the interaction between Steve Lipson and the band in terms of the actual production and execution of the music, ie who chose the sounds and rhythms, and arranged the songs etc

It has to be said that after we were enabled to work on the material in Dusseldorf a lot of the material kept most its structure. But Lippo - and not to forget the THeam! - were essential to provide another sound dimension we would not have achieved otherwise.

EY: 'P-Machinery' boasts two impressive cameos with bleeps provided by David Sylvian and distinctive chants from Heaven 17's Glenn Gregory. How did you get them on board for this single?

Ralf: You are not referring to my distinctive 'Motor' chant at the beginning of 'P-Machinery'?
Sylvain's input was much more than a cameo - he provided much more than bleeps - we owe him, very modest man - and a genius...
But even more impressive (to some) - and also on 'P-Machinery' Beta-version:
Moritz von Oswalt on drums (who much later transformed into Maurizio, Basic Channel!) and John McGeoch on guitar.
And Glenn was around a lot - we shared the management of Heaven 17 at that time.

EY: Just months after the release of 'A Secret Wish', ZTT took the bizarre decision to release the remix album 'Wishful Thinking' against the wishes of the band.
What was the logic behind ZTT's thinking to rush release such a project and did you have any input in the remixes?

Ralf: Logic? - the only logic involved was a solid state (muso inside joke!).
How dare Morley! - It certainly was not up to the standard set by 'Love & Dancing'.

EY: As a fan I wasn't too impressed with this remix album and it seemed like a wasted opportunity and odd considering how good the ZTT remixes had been up to that point.
Was it the release of this ill-timed remix album that made you seek legal advice?

Ralf: Just imagine how it could have sounded with Mantronix at the desk.
Or even Paul Rutherford!
I did not expect that from an 'independent' label - and felt a bit like The Clash when they had their 'Complete Control' -situation with CBS.

EY: A lawyer would later advise you that Propaganda were never likely to make any money from the ZTT contract. Is this why you decided to split the band rather than carry on and had work began on a follow-up to 'A Secret Wish'?

Ralf: Might be money for some - artistic freedom for others - But I am not going to comment on that topic.The lawyer was Brian Carr who helped John Lydon to get what was due to him from Malcom MacLaren...And for the record: We had the same contract as FGTH/Holly had - and it is known how the High Court of Justice judged in that matter...
The band did not intend to split.
But what has to be understood about the post-Secret-Wish-period is that the band (but Claudia) got a court injunction by ZTT which meant frozen accounts and no possibility to work (in music) anymore - i.e. no recordings, no live activity.
Propaganda was silenced! - the singer continued.

EY: Propaganda would later surface again in 1990 with only one original member and a pleasant enough single 'Heaven Give Me Words' in 1990 that was surprisingly written by Howard Jones.
What are your thoughts now on this strange attempt to relaunch Propaganda and do you personally now have more control over the band's name and back catalogue?

Ralf: We should concentrate here on 'A Secret Wish'.
But as there are so many wrong (wikipedian)descriptions of the post-ZTT period, here are some more facts:At the end of the 80s we came to a compromise with ZTT - and exchanged back catalogue for freedom! - i.e. the injunction was lifted.After years (!) spend with legal matters we (i.e. Suzanne, Michael, and myself) were released from the ZTT contract - and kept the name.Although - in my opinion - the impetus was gone and too much energy had been spend on legal matters we wanted to continue as Propaganda - to prove that ZTT did not finish us off.So in fact a new deal with Virgin Records was signed in 1988 - by a band which consisted of three Mark 2 Propagandists, a new singer (which in a way Susanne had casted) and two Simple Minds (Brian and Derek). This new Propaganda started recording in 1988 what in the end (among the collateral Susanne and myself) became '1-2-3-4'. Do not recall how Howard Jones got involved - I was listening to LWR on the radio... Actually Suzanne does the vocals on what I consider the best track on '1234' - 'Vicious Circle'. And I got bored by nice pop during this phase and became 'Dr Acid' - and then re-joined the rhythm of machines...

EY: Were you invited by ZTT to be involved with the new 25th anniversary edition of 'A Secret Wish'?
Claudia was in touch. And the curator Ian Peel did a very good job. Respect.

EY: In the late 90s, the original line-up began to record demos that including guitar parts from Martin Gore who was a big fan of 'A Secret Wish' with Claudia back on vocals.
What went wrong with these sessions and why did it all fall apart so quickly?

I am not in a position to answer that as I was not involved. But maybe this is an answer as well.

EY: What are relations like now with former band members? You reformed briefly for two live appearences, one for German TV and a superb rendition of 'Dr Mabuse' at Wembley Arena for a Trevor Horn celebration in 2004. Is there any chance of future live outings for the original line-up?

 Did we reform? We got together and waved...
But unlike Abba, Ace of Base or Fleedwood Mac we didn't have any interband-fiddling around. So relations are fine and we leave the attorneys at home when we meet.

EY: Many acts from the 80's are suddenly announcing tours and performing concerts for 'classic' albums which is becoming a bit worrying as some of these albums were never regarded as 'classics' anyway (UB40 etc).
With its dramatic orchestration and filmic soundscapes, will we ever see a time when you will perform 'A Secret Wish' in full? We can imagine a sold-out gig in the South Bank arts center ;)

As we are German we can imagine a sold out Olympiastadion.
With regard to that concept : I do not get it and frankly I consider it to be quite pretentious.An album is an album and a live-show is a live show in my opinion. The dynamics of an LP (2-sides, no more than 45 min) differs from the needs of a live performance - unless you have a song-cycle.
So - for Lou Reed's 'Berlin' it worked. But when for example Bowie played all the instrumentals from 'Low'...But I enjoyed John Foxx doing 'Metamatic' recently in London - or Heaven 17 when they played 'Penthouse & Pavement' in Cologne. On the other hand Throbbing Gristle playing totally new material in Berlin I found also exiting. But coming back to your question: it could never happen - I would refuse to play 'Sorry For Laughing'.

EY: Electronic music has seen something of a chart revival lately with a move back to 'traditional' analogue synths and big hooks. Are there any acts that have impressed you lately?

That must have been the British charts...I love CLIENT who delivered their best works maybe a bit too early to get well deserved chart recognition. And wonderful (as always) is Arthur Baker's programming for Hurts 'Wonderful Life'

EY: Who are your biggest influences in electronic music and what do you personally consider to be the greatest electronic album of all time?

Ralf: The big influences would be
- RuckZuck on the radio
- 'A Clockwork Orange' and 'Assault on Precint 13' in the cinema
- Keith Emerson stabbing his Moog on stage

All that happened in the 70s but didn´t really make me start making electronic noises.

That trigger definitely was Daniel Miller's 'Warm Leatherette'.

The greatest album? Any of these:

- Wendy Carlos Soundtrack of 'A Clockwork Orange'
- John Foxx - Metamatic
- Kraftwerk - Computerwelt
- AUX 88 - Alien FM
- DAF 'Alles ist Gut'
- Martin Rev - Stigmata


Intervju preuzet sa sajta http://www.league-online.com/

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Rejlem Rejlem 12:54 26.07.2010

Prvi? malo morgen

Prosto neverovatno da se neko seca ovog albuma. Eno mi je ploca kod kuce. Vrtelo se to dosta kod Slobe Konjovica na Studiju B, "Duel" bio i prvi nedelju-dve na Diskomeru, i cini mi se peti npr. na godisnjoj listi. Album je na godisnjoj listi Parade Albuma bio cca 25.
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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Prosto neverovatno da se neko seca ovog albuma.

pa evo ja i meni je među top 20 albuma ever.
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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Prosto neverovatno da se neko seca ovog albuma. Eno mi je ploca kod kuce. Vrtelo se to dosta kod Slobe Konjovica na Studiju B, "Duel" bio i prvi nedelju-dve na Diskomeru, i cini mi se peti npr. na godisnjoj listi. Album je na godisnjoj listi Parade Albuma bio cca 25.

Hehe, a ko je taj album doneo Slobi za radio i to vruc ispod prese? A?

Obozavao sam prve dve pesme - Dream Within a Dream i The Murder of Love

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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Hehe, a ko je taj album doneo Slobi za radio i to vruc ispod prese? A?

ja nekako volim ceo album, baš onako
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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Odlican intervju btw. Ja sam bas bio ZTT fan, nabavljajuci i njihova manje poznata izdanja kao sto su Anne Pigalle ili Andrew Poppy. Kako je to onda bio svez, snazan, novi zvuk....

Evo malo Anne...ovo je lepo (mada nije umela da peva ni za lek)

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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

za propagandu

meni se,recimo, ovo tada uopste nije dopadalo. sad mi je super

Bili Piton Bili Piton 19:45 26.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

mmmmm, scritti

oughta hear da b side...

Doctor Wu Doctor Wu 20:13 26.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Kako je to onda bio svez, snazan, novi zvuk....

Kao i Yello sa Solid Pleasure 1980. Ali danas zvuci isprazno.
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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Doctor Wu
Kako je to onda bio svez, snazan, novi zvuk....

Kao i Yello sa Solid Pleasure 1980. Ali danas zvuci isprazno.

Pa dobro, tad su jos bili mali. Meni i Stela i (narocito) One Second mnogo bolje, ova druga cak izvrsna, nema ni jedan filler, sve su ozbiljne pesme.

Inace Klaudija (ova nosata iz propagande, zena Pola Morlija) je snimila jedan vrlo zgodan pop album pocetkom devedesetih, bas simpa, ali nije nesto prosao.
Doctor Wu Doctor Wu 22:39 26.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

ova nosata iz propagande, zena Pola Morlija

Nisam znao. Mora da je zato stalno onako prljav i musav.

Inace, glede kraut roka i svih njegovih derivata, sa setom se secam 1981. i pobozne poslusnosti sa kojom smo slusali sasavog Madjara i Persian love song, na primer.
Bili Piton Bili Piton 22:47 26.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Da da, bili su definitivno zajedno, ne znam da li jos uvek.

Odlican je Holger, znam ovo
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Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Meni i Stela i (narocito) One Second mnogo bolje, ova druga cak izvrsna, nema ni jedan filler, sve su ozbiljne pesme.

Ja sam One Second vrteo do imbecilnosti.
Nešto neće direktno pa moram ovako link
Bili Piton Bili Piton 23:59 26.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen


Ja sam One Second vrteo do imbecilnosti.
Nešto neće direktno pa moram ovako link

Ah, Moon On Ice i Bili Mekenzi kao vokal....i dan danas zvuci skupo.
BebaOdLonchara BebaOdLonchara 00:58 27.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

mmmmm, scritti

Rejlem Rejlem 08:23 27.07.2010


Jos malo Skritija. E, Diskomere 80ih...
docsumann docsumann 10:23 27.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Kao i Yello sa Solid Pleasure 1980. Ali danas zvuci isprazno.

Zebra iz 1994 je bila po meni njihov najbolji album

docsumann docsumann 10:29 27.07.2010

Re: Prvi? malo morgen

Inace Klaudija (ova nosata iz propagande, zena Pola Morlija) je snimila jedan vrlo zgodan pop album pocetkom devedesetih, bas simpa, ali nije nesto prosao.

super izgleda, nepravilna ljepota, takve su me uvijek intrigirale.
docsumann docsumann 13:08 26.07.2010

Prva dva spota

su uklonjeni sa Youtube.
Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 13:09 26.07.2010

Re: Prva dva spota

hvala. kad pre... sad ću da zamenim
Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 13:16 26.07.2010

Propaganda - Dr Mabuse (Version 2)

Filip2412 Filip2412 15:54 26.07.2010


e srki hvala, eto ja nisam ovo nikad slusao, super je
Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 15:58 26.07.2010

Re: ...

e srki hvala, eto ja nisam ovo nikad slusao, super je

np, i drugi put...
docsumann docsumann 20:57 26.07.2010

meni su iz tih vremena dragi ovi

docsumann docsumann 21:04 26.07.2010

i ovi

jedan od najgenijalnijih omota uopšte
Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 21:19 26.07.2010

Re: i ovi

a bogami i ovi....

crossover crossover 16:33 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Rip Rig + Panic

Онда је скоро немогуће да ниси слушао The Pop Group и Mark Stewart & Maffia. Узгред, кад си стиг’о да слушаш Rip Rig & Panic, зар ниси био мали тада?
docsumann docsumann 17:15 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Узгред, кад си стиг’о да слушаш Rip Rig & Panic, зар ниси био мали тада?

Imao sam jednog (dosta) starijeg prijatelj koji me je uveo u taj svijet "malo manje obične" muzike.
On mi je prvi pustio ove bendove i da, i The Pop GRoup, ali i Snakefingera, Residents, Suicide , NEU! i mnoge druge.

Nisam baš sve slušao upravo kad se pojavilo
Ali sjećam se da sam One Step Beyond od Madness kupio sa 11 godina, odmah kad je objavljen kod nas. Yazoo, takođe...

Ove bendove koje sam okačio, ponekad, slušam i danas.

EDIT: Nisam ja baš tako mlad

A jedni od najomiljenijih iz 80-tih su mi Tuxedomoon.
crossover crossover 17:35 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Ove bendove koje sam okačio, ponekad, slušam i danas.

Онда, ако налетиш негде на овај документарац обавезно погледај, мислим да ће ти се свидети.
Овако звучи Gareth Sager (Pop Group, Rip Rig & Panic) данас.
docsumann docsumann 17:45 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Hvala cross
Bili Piton Bili Piton 18:50 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi


A jedni od najomiljenijih iz 90-tih su mi Tuxedomoon.

Pa bilo je njih i ranije, osamdesetih.

I super je bilo, secam se sedim s profom iz kompozicije u kabinetu i umesto da radimo orkestraciju Sumanovih kinder-scena (smrtno dosadan posao, a i muzika dosadna - nesto kao obavezna lektira, kako se kalio celik) - slusamo Tuxedo Moon.

(da, tako je - film "ziveti kao sav normalan svet" je totalna budalastina).
docsumann docsumann 18:57 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi

A jedni od najomiljenijih iz 90-tih su mi Tuxedomoon.

Pa bilo je njih i ranije, osamdesetih.

lapsus, linkovana stvar je iz 1981. Prepravljeno.
Bili Piton Bili Piton 19:00 27.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Neko pomenu Rezidente - pacijente....i relentlessly marching basslines

Bili Piton Bili Piton 22:05 28.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Srđan Mitrović
a bogami i ovi....

Ako ima Moments in Love onda mora i Kamilica da se metne pod obvezatno

Srđan Mitrović Srđan Mitrović 23:36 28.07.2010

Re: i ovi

Ako ima Moments in Love onda mora i Kamilica da se metne pod obvezatno

kao što rekoh na fejsu - manemoj!
docsumann docsumann 21:35 26.07.2010

i ovi ...

Bili Piton Bili Piton 22:14 26.07.2010

Re: i ovi ...

Uz ovo se izravno secam kako se iz sve snage treskalo na nekom davnom zuru na Banovom brdu (u onim soliterima sto se stepenasto spustaju)...ovo i El Que su bili hitovi...

Vlasta92 Vlasta92 16:45 27.07.2010

AJAO DAF čoveče....

kakva glupost je to bila, majko mila...ali popaljiva

get up. shake your hips. clap your hands. and dance
the mussolini. dance the adolf hitler. move your
ass. and dance the jesus christ
Vlasta92 Vlasta92 16:48 27.07.2010

Srki, ĆoveĆe

obriši mi ovaj jedan a ja ti dam ovo:

docsumann docsumann 21:48 26.07.2010

a ovo mi je najveći hit

EDIT: poslije sam se primio na hard core i više nije bilo nazad
Vlasta92 Vlasta92 16:39 27.07.2010

Re: a ovo mi je najveći hit

Baš si skrenuo...Jel ti ovo i fotka iz tog vremena?
docsumann docsumann 17:41 27.07.2010

Re: a ovo mi je najveći hit

Baš si skrenuo...Jel ti ovo i fotka iz tog vremena?

Skrenuo skroz, adrenalinska muzika je teška droga.

A fotka je odavde
docsumann docsumann 10:55 27.07.2010

eh, uspomene

Neke sadržaje osamdesetih sam povatao u trenutku kad su bile aktuelni ska, dosta toga od new vawe, postpunka ,a sa nekima sam se suočio retroaktivno, npr. rep, prije svega public enemy i naravno

tad sam definitivo provalio da mi heavy zvuk baaaš prija.
Vlasta92 Vlasta92 16:38 27.07.2010


gde si se njih setio?! Secret wish..zjueee....



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