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Oh yeah. Thanks.

Chris Farmer RSS / 25.11.2010. u 16:56

Thanksgiving is a survivor holiday.

The pilgrims were happy and thankful in 1637 that America had not killed them all. The Indians were happy and thankful that the pilgrims had not killed them all (yet). They survived. As a tribute to their survival, Americans traditionally eat themselves into oblivion on this holiday.

And not everyone will survive.

I was reminded about half way through this day that today is Thanksgiving Day in America. Somehow I had forgotten what is arguably one of the most celebrated holidays back home. I was reminded about it not by a fellow American but by a Bulgarian.

With only a few hours left of Thanksgiving, it would behoove me to express my gratitude quickly - all the quicker to get back to my standard cynical posture tomorrow.

However, unlike the pilgrims, I am casting around now for things to be thankful for - aside from those immutables like family and friends, health and soundness of mind (on most days). The pilgrims were grateful for a negative: they were happy they did not die. I suppose I am happy for this too. In those terms, one may be happy for a lot of things:

- I am thankful that I did not get hit by the bus which grazed the brim of my cap while walking home today.

- I am grateful that despite the prodigious quantity consumed, I never choked on any cevapi or the attendant cabbage.

- I am grateful that the new smoking law does not reach its influence into my home.

- I am grateful and happy that no one ever calls on me to say too many polysyllabic words in Serbian.

- I am thankful that many shops have not had much milk or cheese for the past few weeks, helping me stick to my diet.

- I am thankful that there is nothing good on television in the afternoons.

- I am thankful for the return of freezing weather, lest my gloves never be used this year.

- I am thankful for merchants and shopkeepers who do not waste their time talking to me more than absolutely necessary to tell me they do not have what I want. "Nema."

- I am thankful not to have suffered a cardiac infarction on the treadmill by trying to keep up with the Serious Gym Guys.

- And I am thankful for Velcro, because, well... who isn't?

If I had remembered the holiday, I might have had a much longer list of those terrible and unspeakable things which failed to happen to me this year for which I am infinitely thankful.

And this is something for which YOU can be thankful.


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monamia monamia 19:22 25.11.2010


to start with : I am thankful to read so nice & fine & witty blog you have written.
then, i knew for Thanksgiving Day having many Americans as Facebook friends and it is the main topic on lot of profiles.
and then, to join you in celebration : - I am thankful (too !!) that I did not get hit by the bus which grazed the brim of my cap while walking home today.

wish you nice & happy evening !!
ramanyami ramanyami 23:07 25.11.2010

yeah so lovely

Your 'witty' irony makes me wonder what the hey are you doing in Serbia..
Oh, it has to be something with 'm' word...
jinks jinks 23:42 25.11.2010

If you could

live here some 170 years ago, you could find your self immersed into the wondrous world that celebrated not 4 or 5 holidays (Thanksgiving, 4th July, New Years Eve, Christmas, ...) a year, but rather more than 200.

When Knez Milos found out that this represents a major obstacle for the further modernization, or rather for the basic operation of the Principality, he announced the proclamation that declared that only several holidays (slavas and major red days) should be celebrated during a year.
Jelena Pavlović Jelena Pavlović 00:30 26.11.2010

How about burek?

Happy Thanksgiving!
mlekac mlekac 00:45 26.11.2010

Day later...

Hope you had nice holiday!
As for me - I celebrate today, it's my second son's birthday, and it's Friday, just as it was when he was born...



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